Will Commenting Harm Your Blogging Success?

Man, I love it when comments lead you to a new post. Most people seem to miss that when they sit wondering what to write about next. Analyze your comments and those of your peers folks as you are bound to find some inspiration for a post.

Anyway I digress. The other day I wrote the post Why I No Longer Link To The Likes Of ProBlogger And John Chow,  that seems to have created quite a stir. One of my commentators added David Risley to the bunch which happened to get him involved in the discussion.

In their defense he came up with the following post, When Comments Begin To Hurt Your Blogging Success! (Unfortunately I had to remove that link because David has decided to delete that post) This would only be true if you spent every single moment of  your time commenting, leaving no time for marketing and such. I can’t see anybody doing that.

I personally believe that taking the time to comment can only enhance your presence, especially when others are found lacking in this area. It’s all about time management, and taking the time to interact with people is as important, if not more so, as focusing on ways of increasing your blogs revenue.

If you consider your commentators as customers how much more likely are they going to send people your way if you show them, by replying to their comments, that you value their input?

Sound like a good time for a poll. I think a simple yes or no will do the trick.

Can Commenting Harm Your Blogging Success

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I would also love you to weigh in on the discussion. Who knows, if we make our feeling known, perhaps we can change the way some of the big boys think. Don’t forget to Tweet, Stumble or whatever all posts involved, and it would be great to get as much feedback as possible.

A Whole Lot Of Link Luvin Going On

For those newbie bloggers out there who may be wondering as to why so many bloggers insist on their link luv feasts where they, sometimes weekly, link to a whole heap of blogs, well I hope the following three points may clear things up a bit.

  1. To reward their commentators:  There are many who feel, and rightly so, that this is a great way to reward those commentators who come back time and time again to add their contribution to their posts.
  2. Sharing a great find: We’re all mates right? So if we come across a great post, that has inspired us, why wouldn’t you want to share it?
  3. Hoping for some reciprocation: I’m sure that even though most bloggers do not actually say outright that they want some link luvin in return, they hope that some of the luv that went out will actually come back in one form or another. Sort of like the old, ‘you scratch my back and I will scratch your back’ mentality.

I would like to point out that point three hardly every occurs when commenting on the so called ‘Pro Blogger’ bloggers. It seems that bloggers like John Chow and Darren Rowse just don’t seem to have the time to reciprocate any favors, heck they don’t even have the time to reply to some of their commentators. Sure they’re blogs are a whole lot busier than ours, but then their pros who have made it to the stage that their blog is their job, whereas many other bloggers have to hold down a job as well has maintaining their blogs.

Still, this post isn’t about a rant at all, I just got side tracked there a bit, it’s about sharing some link luv with those of you out there who have either commented on my blog, or whose blog I have read that had struck a chord in me leading to some link luvin.

Most of you who visit my blog know of Kristi of Kikolani fame, but rather than link to her post about Google Trends :innocent1_tb: I want to tell you about her new venture. It’s her DoFollow Blog Directory and Compendium where you

will find out everything you want to know about DoFollow, and where to find DoFollow friendly sites.

If yours is a dofollow blog and you want to advertise the fact you should check it out, as Kristi plans to make this the best DoFollow resource center on the net, one that goes beyond the normal dofollow posts you will find as it also allows you to mention any addition features your blog may offer, such as CommentLuv, whether or not Keywords are allowed and the presence of the  Top Commentator plugin etc. The fact that she also won Doug’s professional Custom Banner Giveaway Package will ensure that her new site will stand out from the rest.

Trey’s post at Swollen Thumb Entertainment have always been an interesting read, but his A Better Approach To Leaving Comments I found to be a par above the rest. You all know how important I believe commenting is to a blogs sustainability, I’ve been on about it long enough, well Trey has managed to put it in such a way that everyone reading the post will leave a wiser commetator, and if they don’t, well there may be something wrong with them.

Mitch of I’m Just Sharing is an excellent blogger and I am constantly astounded that he is not up there with the big boys. He writes extremely well and is always willing to try something new. Not one to give up, if after giving an idea a good run for it’s money, if it’s not working the way it should be he is willing to change as can be seen from his post, Post#500 Something New For Me.

Now, not everyone is a fan of becoming a dofollow blog, because it sometimes does lead to people leaving stupid nonsensical comments just so they can get a link back to their site. Don’t they realize that there is a spammers hell waiting for them? :devil_tb: Luckily Todd of Todd’s Tips has found a plugin that will enable you to Reward  Only Your Blogging Friends With DoFollow Links.

Ever since moving from Blogger to WordPress, on her own domain not that free WordPress.org thingy, I reckon it’s safe to say that Ching Ya has never looked back, as can be seen from the amount of comments she’s getting from her happy readers on 16 Social Bookmarking Plugins to Promote Your Posts.

Ever wondered how to create  a One Page Adsense Site for your niche? Well that link I’ve just provided will take you to Brian’s Exreme Ezine which is full of marketing tips and other little tid bits.

Last but not least I best not leave out Cheryl who’s ‘Marketing Help Blog’ is a treat, especially her post on how to Get Backlinks Indexed Faster. Also, if you haven’t had Sheryl comment on one of your posts, you don’t know what your missing. When Sheryl leaves a comment you just know what your going to get and I always read them with some trepidation :laugh_tb:

Well, I reckon that’s enough link luvin for one post, and I know you must be tired from examining all those links, so I would like to leave you with a little video. I may have spatterings of the ‘F’ word so don’t watch it if you find it offensive.


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Radio 2FU, Sire And The John Chow Confrontation

G’day listeners, welcome to Radio 2FU, this is Bazza and I’m exited to say that we have a great line up for you today, everything from the hottest penile extension on the market to Women & The All About Me Syndrome, but first I want to welcome Sire to the Studio.

G’day Sire, hows it going?

Not too shabby Bazza, how’s it going listeners, thanks for having me on the show.

No worries at all Sire, I’ve been trying to get you on here for yonks. For those of you who aren’t with the times, Sire is one of Adelaides celebrated bloggers. Tell me Sire, I heard you had a bit of a run in with that Yank John Chow.

Actually Bazza, the blokes a Canadian.

Stone the flamin’ crows, I could have sworn he was a damn Yank.

She’s apples Bazza I thought the very same thing. Anyways, I was taking a gander at Johnno’s blog when I came across his post on The Number One Reason I Don’t Live On Cash. It seems that the post got on this other blokes goat and so he did his own post saying that Johnno couldn’t organize a root in a brothel.

Cripes, I reckon that would have gone down real well with Chow.

Too right Bazza, I reckon he musta gone flat out like a lizard drinking because before I could open a tinny he had a rebuttal up.

So, tell me Sire, how did you get involved in all this muck.

Shit Bazza, you know me mate, if there’s a barney happening then I just have to get in the thick of it. Anyways, I tell Johnno how he was full of shit when he said that “people with credit cards have higher income than people who don’t”. I knew that couldn’t be true because I know a lot of yobbos who don’t have a brass razzoo and yet they carry around a bit of plastic with them.

Must be something to do with being Canadian.

Bang on, so that stuff we see on South Park must be true then. Nah, not Johnno, he’s as cunning as a shithouse rat. Anyhow mate, after we chewed the fat for a bit longer I went over to Tim’s blog to see what was happenin at his neck of the woods.

Hang on a sec Sire, we gotta go to a commercial break.

Welcome back listeners, this is Bazza at Radio2F U and we are talking to Sire, blogger extraordinaire. So Sire, tell is what happened next.

Well, it seems that Tim was baggin Johnno because he didn’t agree with him about how some people could actually make money with a credit card.  So I tells him how he’s wrong because I’m also one of the cluey ones that makes the credit card work for them. Bugger me dead if he didn’t say I was wrong.

Fair Dinkum?

Bloody oath mate, and there’s me being bloody nice and all. Then he goes and lists all these points to prove me wrong, but I was having none of it so I let him have it with a comment that made his look as if some dingbat wrote it.

What did he have to say about that?

Not a damn thing, in fact he actually deleted my comment. I reckon he didn’t like the fact that I shot all his points down.

Maybe it went into moderation.

Nah, I saw it in black and white…..still I reckon if it suddenly appears again I will have to suck it up and do a public apology.

You Sire?

Fair go mate, I’m big enough to admit when I am wrong.

So you must have gone berko.

Well, I thought about it, but then I remembered something Todd told me about how, whenever I was aggro, I should sit back and say to myself, What’s Good About This, and it would bring it all into perspective, and it worked, thanks Todd.

So, where exactly is Tim’s blog.

Are you Bananas Bazza, you got Buckley’s chance of me giving him the satisfaction of a link back to his blog. If your listeners really want to see it they can go via Johnno’s rebuttal post.

No worries Sire, thanks for being on the show. We should do it again sometime.

Sure Bazza, next time that I find that I am as busy as a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest, I will be sure to give you a call.

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