Easter, It’s More Than Just A Public Holiday

Today is Good Friday and for those who believe in the religious meaning of Easter it is the day that Jesus died for us. He died so that our sins could be forgiven and so that all who believe in Him would be saved. What I find remarkable is not that he died for us, but that He endured so much for us. He was literally on death row but unlike criminals who have it forced on them He did it by choice. Even though He could have walked away from it anytime He wanted to, He chose not to.

Although they spat on Him, ridiculed Him, tormented Him and told all manner of lies just so He could be falsely accused, He bore it all, silently and with great humility. Surely His words while on the cross, “My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me!” must show the desperation He must have felt, and yet He never strayed from making the ultimate sacrifice.

Jesus On A Cross

There are many forms of self sacrifice
Most of them coming at a price
There is nothing a mother won’t give
So a better life her children would live

A soldier in the middle of a fight
Sees his comrade in a dire plight
Without a moments thought, a decision made
He throws himself onto a hand grenade

What better sacrifice in this world exists
Than to give ones life so another isn’t missed
There was a time when a man with a choice
Chose not to defend himself with his voice

One of his own, with a kiss was he betrayed
Though His soul tortured, His path was not swayed
To the high priest was He taken
Denied three time, ones faith was shaken

Upon a cross was He crucified
Suffering for all had this man died
What greater sacrifice can a man give
So that those who believe in Him may live

On the third day Jesus rose from the dead
Some did not believe until they saw where He bled
The Holy Spirit upon them he bestowed
To give them strength so that seeds may be sewed

So those who believe know their sins are forgiven
So to pass on the Word they are driven
So everyone learns of God’s gift of grace
And upon the strength of the Word they build their base

A Happy Easter To All.

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A Blogger’s Christmas Wish, Love And Peace To All

Hey guys it’s almost Christmas and I wanted this post to reflect a little about this most special time of the year. I was going to post a copy of a Christmas poem that I wrote on Helium but then I remembered that I did that last year. As there was no point in posting it again I though it best to write another Christmas poem, one that I hope will strike a chord with some of my readers.

Yeah, I know some of you guys aren’t into poetry but I figure there’s no reason why you shouldn’t attempt to broaden your horizons a little every once in awhile. :wink_ee: I know how Christmas can mean different things to different people and so it would be pointless for me to try and fulfill all those individual needs with this one poem, so I thought it best to portray a little of what it means to me.

Nativity scene

Christmas comes but once a year
And to many one thing is very clear
For many it’s all about the shopping spree
Or even decorating the Christmas tree

The Christmas lights many a house adorn
Whilst a few Scrooges walk by looking forlorn
But there is more to Christmas than meets the eye
A lot more than just eating some fruit mince pie

It’s a story about a child born in a manger
Born there because his parents fled the danger
For King Herod made the decree all baby boys to die
Scared was he that the birth of Jesus meant his time was nigh

It’s a story of the love of our Father
For He Loved us so much that he’d rather
Sacrifice his Son so that all who believed
The real reason why Jesus was conceived

For He is our Savior and our teacher too
For he taught us all that we must do
To be as He was while on this Earth
For we must follow him for all we are worth

The path may not be easy that is true
But better the hardships than hell to queue
The rewards are great and so we strive
To reach the end to be truly alive

So this Christmas when loved ones are near
Remember the true reason for the Christmas cheer
It’s that we all get together to celebrate
That love is so much more important than hate

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a great time and that it’s a special one for each and every one of you.

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Of Easter, PR Updates And Other Things

First off I would like to wish everybody a Happy Easter. I’ve been listening to the radio a lot, as I am wont to do, and I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining how they are tired of us Christians forcing our ways onto them, how they are going to eat meat on Good Friday and they hope the smell coming from their barbies are going to make us jealous. :lol_tb:

Firstly, as a Christian I’m not at all fussed whether you eat meat on Good Friday or not. I decide not to and as it’s a choice that I’ve made, so the whiff of steak sizzling on a barbie has no effect whatsoever. I also don’t push my ideals onto others so if you choose to not believe in Jesus and all that he’s done for us, that being that He died on the cross so that those who believed could be saved, then that is fine also.

I know that nothing I can say can make a person a believer, only God can do that, and so I don’t try. I remember Saul of Tarsus who hated Christians, doing all that he could to persecute them, who one day became the strongest of believers. I reckon when God finds someone who has it in them to be a good Christian He will send them a sign, but then it’s up to that person to do with it as he will.

So, if you don’t believe in God, that’s fine, at least use the Easter period to spend some time with your family.

As to PR updates it seems that once again I’ve been given the Google Nod as Google has lifted this evil dofollow blog to a PR 4, once again reaffirming my post The Myth That DoFollow Leaches Your PR! Having said that it could be that it also has a lot to do that I heavily moderate my comments deleting those that I feel do not add something to the post. Yes it’s more work, and yes some people may not like it, especially those that get deleted, but then all they have to do is try a little harder and their comment will be accepted to the benefit of all.

I would also like to thank Jannie for selecting me as one of the 18 reasons why people should subscribe to her blog :devil_tb:   If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like spending a whole lifetime of chasing hogs, ropin’ wild turkeys and jumpin’ nekkid into the cement-pond at night you will want to read her blog.

Anyway, the family is starting to wake up, the wife’s made me a coffee and once I’ve had that we’re off to Church to celebrate Easter and then off to some family get togethers to celebrate our the closeness of our family and our faith in our Saviour, Jesus the Son of God.

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