How To Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A Web App

I used to have a plugin that converted this blogs format so that mobile users could see it on their mobile device, whether it was an iPhone or even a mobile device using Android. I uninstalled that plugin because I didn’t like the way it portrayed my blog. As far as I was concerned I much preferred the way it looked on  safari or my  mobile’s web browser. All that withstanding I’m not so narrow minded that I can’t see the positives for displaying my blogs to the millions upon millions of mobile devises out there. I’m merely waiting for the right WordPress plugin to come around. Well, I got an email today from JVZoo that introduced me to what seems to be a revolutionary WordPress plugin. Turn Your Blog Into An Installable Web App I have to admit I was pretty surprised to find that someone had actually come up with…

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11-Inch MacBook Air Review

I am writing this post on my brand spanking new 11-inch MacBook Air. I’m not the sort of person who just goes out and buys things either, I have to have a need for it. Ever since selling the business last week I’ve been working around the house fitting in a bit of blogging when I could squeeze it in. I’ve also been buying and selling shares to earn a bit of income but this has kept me tied to the computer so I needed something portable that wasn’t too big that I could have used my iTouch but that’s a bit small and flash won’t work on it so I wouldn’t be able to check the interactive charts. I was thought about buying the iPad as I’ve played around with a mates but decided against it as I wasn’t comfortable with the touch screen keyboard. While looking around JB…

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Does Your Blog Provide Value To Your Readers?

I’ve read a lot of blogs in my day and I’ve learned that I only return to those that have provided me something of value. I reckon that’s why I don’t bother returning to those blogs, and there are quite a few of them out there, whose sole intention is to try to separate me from my hard earned money. What I find extremely amusing is that the way they are trying to do it is by selling me their secret to making a fortune and it usually turns out that I have to do the same to someone else in order to secure my own fortune. Nope, as far as I am concerned there is nothing there of value to me and so I don’t pander to their over inflated egos by commenting on them. So, what constitutes value? I suppose it means different things for different people and…

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