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How To Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A Web App

I used to have a plugin that converted this blogs format so that mobile users could see it on their mobile device, whether it was an iPhone or even a mobile device using Android. I uninstalled that plugin because I didn’t like the way it portrayed my blog. As far as I was concerned I much preferred the way it looked on ITouch safari or my HTC mobile’s web browser.

All that withstanding I’m not so narrow minded that I can’t see the positives for displaying my blogs to the millions upon millions of mobile devises out there. I’m merely waiting for the right WordPress plugin to come around. Well, I got an email today from JVZoo that introduced me to what seems to be a revolutionary WordPress plugin.

Turn Your Blog Into An Installable Web App

I have to admit I was pretty surprised to find that someone had actually come up with a

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plugin that  would give visitors to a blog the opportunity to intall the entire blog directly onto their iDevice! Now, that sounded pretty amazing.

The plugin is called the One Click Mobile Web App and clicking on that link, and yes it is an affiliate link, will tell you all about the plugin. As of yet I personally haven’t purchased it yet because I haven’t been able to work out how I can utilize it for this blog. It seems to me that it would lend itself more to those specialised niche blog who have a service to sell. Sites that come to mind include;

  1. Law firms
  2. Take Away Foods
  3. Mechanics
  4. Real Estate
  5. Restaurants
  6. Pubs
  7. Plumbers
  8. Electricians

Pretty well anyone that is offering a service that people are interested in and would therefore love to install an app that would give users easy access to it. Do you offer such a service, or can you think of a way that a normal blogger such as myself would be able to use such a plugin? If so I would love for you to leave a comment. If you’re one of those lucky bloggers who can make use of such a plugin you should get your hands on it now before the price goes up.

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11-Inch MacBook Air Review

I am writing this post on my brand spanking new 11-inch MacBook Air. I’m not the sort of person who just goes out and buys things either, I have to have a need for it. Ever since selling the business last week I’ve been working around the house fitting in a bit of blogging when I could squeeze it in. I’ve also been buying and selling shares to earn a bit of income but this has kept me tied to the computer so I needed something portable that wasn’t too big that I could have used my iTouch but that’s a bit small and flash won’t work on it so I wouldn’t be able to check the interactive charts.

I was thought about buying the iPad as I’ve played around with a mates but decided against it as I wasn’t comfortable with the touch screen keyboard. While looking around JB Hi-Fi I saw the MacBook Air and it looked like it would do the trick. The price for the 64GB version was $1199, decided against the 128GB one because I thought an extra $300 was a bit much for the extra memory, especially when you consider the price of memory chips these days. I know I probably could have got the Apple MacBook Air MC505LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop
cheaper on Amazon, but like I said, I didn’t want to wait, I wanted it now!

Parra Wallpaper

I didn’t go online because I wanted it now so I went down to David Jones, one of our major department stores, where I knew I would get 10% discount as my son worked there. I paid my $1080 dollars and rushed on home. Now for the review.

I Love It! Now that’s something coming from a bloke who’s always used a PC. The fact that I’ve only just unpacked it and played around with it for an hour or so just goes to show how easy it is to use. There was no problem configuring it for my homes Wi-Fi, all I had to do was input the password. Once I got that working I drove down to McDonald’s to see if it would pick up their Wi-Fi. While I was in line waiting to order my burgers I opened it up and I saw a little box asking if I wanted to connect to Macca’s Wi-Fi to which I said yes and there was an instant connection. How cool is that? That solves that problem.

The trouble is there aren’t all that many places around here that offer free Wi-Fi so I bought a mobile wireless broadband package. Once again setting it up was easy and I can now connect to the Internet and do my trades even when I am out of the house. I have to admit that having everything go right without any hiccups is not something that I am used to so I’m sure that is one of the reason why I love my new toy.

Sure there are some things that I have to get used to, like finding out that opening a new tab in Safari meant using the Command + T shortcut keys and opening a new page is as simple as Command + N, so a two key shortcut is pretty good in my book.

Another thing I like about the Mac is purely cosmetics and may be personal preference. What I’m talking about is the way pages open and minimize. Instead of just disappearing like they do in XP they sort of fold up collapsing into the menu bar along the bottom and pop up the same way. Sort of like a genie popping in and out of it’s magic lamp.

There is so much more new things that I haven’t sussed out yet and maybe I should read the manual, but then that may ruin my sense of discovery. One thing to keep in mind is I would not recommend this as your main computer, it just does not have the power for it. But if you want something that is light, compact and easy to use you won’t go wrong with the MacBook Air. Hell I can now take it with me anywhere with the knowledge that not only can I follow the shares on the stock market, I can even whip up a post no matter where I am.

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Does Your Blog Provide Value To Your Readers?

I’ve read a lot of blogs in my day and I’ve learned that I only return to those that have provided me something of value. I reckon that’s why I don’t bother returning to those blogs, and there are quite a few of them out there, whose sole intention is to try to separate me from my hard earned money. What I find extremely amusing is that the way they are trying to do it is by selling me their secret to making a fortune and it usually turns out that I have to do the same to someone else in order to secure my own fortune. :ponder_tb:

Nope, as far as I am concerned there is nothing there of value to me and so I don’t pander to their over inflated egos by commenting on them. So, what constitutes value? I suppose it means different things for different people and there is no way you can please everybody so there is no use in trying.

Providing A Solution To A Problem

Many people search the Internet in the hope of finding a solution to their problems and if you can provide that solution they will be more than grateful, they may not part with any of their cash but you still get a nice feeling from the knowledge that you helped someone out.

One particular post that highlights this is the one I did explaining how I finally got Safari to work on my iPod Touch.  That particular post received more comments than any other post on that blog and it’s interesting to note that the majority of the commentators did not own a blog or website.

Providing Useful Information

There are many blogs that would fall under this umbrella and I reckon I should give a bit of link luv to demonstrate this.

Worthy tips did a nice post describing 9 hacks you could try on your WordPress blog one of which I may consider adding to one of my blogs, just for fun’s sake. Another good example would be Ching Ya who always provides post of great value to a lot of people, her most recent one discussing 5 ways to promote your FaceBook Page on a personal account.

Providing Answers To Questions

Another reason many people resort to Google is to find out whether things that they’ve heard is true or not. That’s probably the main reason why most of the hits I get on my Load Of Bullshit blog are from search engines. I like the fact that some of the posts on that blog have saved people from making what could be potentially costly mistakes, like to post I did on the Acai Berry scam. There was even one post that got someone so upset they threatened to sue me if I didn’t remove the post. The post is still there.

Pure Entertainment Value

Then there are those blogs whose sole reason for being there is to entertain the masses, and lets face it people love to be entertained and if this wasn’t true there wouldn’t be so many people sitting in front of the box.

Me, I try to incorporate a bit of all of these into my blogs. Truth be told though, this is only a small example of what people may consider to be of value, and it’s not for me to list them all here. That’s what I have you guys for, so that you can work those brain cells a little by leaving a comment as to what sort of things you find of value, perhaps even going so far as to tell us what value your blog provides to it’s readers.

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