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Funny Images And Videos Friday Funnies #252

Funny Images That Make You Laugh For today’s Friday Funnies I thought I would post some funny images and videos. Some of the funny images were put together with the aid of The Creator. The first of the funny images is one of Myla the Mini Dachshund, my daughter and her partners little baby. The photo was taken yesterday during the Australia Day celebrations. Luckily for Myla they hadn’t actually fired up the barbie yet. Myla is the funniest pup out there. If you love dachshunds you should visit Myla’s Instagram page by clicking the link above. The next of my funny images is a little late as far as Christmas is concerned but I love it because it has a go at our politicians and has a lot of truth to it. I had a funny thing happen to me today. I was sitting on a bench next to…

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Friday Funnies #53 The Smart School Kid & More

Anyone reading last weeks Friday Funnies and noticing the low amount of comments would assume that it wasn’t all that popular when in reality it was extremely popular. The reason for the low comment count was because I had to delete the majority of the comments as people did not follow the one rule set at the end of the post. All they had to do to get their comment accepted was to like my Facebook fan page. This is extremely easy to do, just follow the bouncing link, which is only possible with the SoreThumb plugin, to my page and click the Like button. Or you could click on the Gift Giving Jokes tab to view some really funny gift giving jokes, which will only be revealed if you have liked the pageĀ  Once you’ve done that feel free to leave a comment. Now, it’s time for this weeks…

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Putting The Fun Back Into Your Posts

Damn if things aren’t getting a little too serious around here lately. We’ve had the post My Blog Was Hacked And What I Did About It where I told you all about getting hacked and how I got around it.Then almost immediately I was forced to do a followup post called Put A Firewall Up To Protect Your Blog From Attacks something that I urge everyone to read, nay not just read but to follow my lead and to tell everyone else about it as well. Then there was the 11-Inch MacBook Air Review and before that I divulged what Affiliates I was using to make money in What Affiliates To Promote To Blog For Money. Well I think that is just about enough, and I’ve come to the conclusion that all work and no play makes Sire a boring old blogger. So for this post I want to do…

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