Funny Random Jokes Friday Funnies #356

Todays Friday Funnies is a collection of funny random jokes. These funny random jokes are a collection of funny jokes I’ve received that don’t really fit into a particular category. I’m going to start my funny random jokes post with my latest YouTube video, Funniest Greek Joke.

Funny Random Jokes That Will Crack You Up

Have you ever had a teacher or professor who was so dull he would put you to sleep? Well, maybe it wasn’t his fault, perhaps you just weren’t in the right mood to absorb his dialogue. Take the following episode as an example.

The Professor was telling his early morning class, “I’ve found that the best way to start the day is to exercise for five minutes, take a deep breath of fresh air and then have a bowl of delicious cereal with raisins and almonds and a cup of green tea and finish with a cold shower. Then I feel rosy all over.”

A sleepy voice from the back of the room said, “Tell us more about Rosy”.

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There are quite a few redneck jokes out there that are pretty funny and I reckon this one is up there with the best of them.

Redneck Funny Random Jokes

A redneck’s wife went into labour in the middle of the night, and a Doctor was called to assist in the delivery. Since there was no electricity, the Doctor handed the father to be a lantern and said “here you hold this high so I can see what I’m doing.” Soon a baby son was brought into the world. “Whoa there,” said the Doctor. “Don’t be in a rush to put the lantern down….. 

I think there’s yet another one to come”. Sure enough, within minutes the doctor had delivered a baby girl. “No no don’t be in a great hurry to put down that lantern… It seems there is yet another one in there!” Cried the Doctor. The redneck scratched his head in bewilderment and asked the Doctor “do you think it’s the light that’s attractin’ ’em” ??

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