Another Avenue For Making Money With Your Blog

There is many a blogger who has gone online with hopeful dreams of one day being able to tell their boss to shove it because they can finally live off their blog's income. While not many actually achieve this status many can claim that their blogging efforts does bring in a substantial income. I've tried many ways of using my blog to add to my general income and I always share anything that I have learned from those experiences with my readers. This post is yet another weapon in my money making arsenal. They say that the one way you can make money on the net is for you to create a product and then sell it to your list. Well, I don't have a product to sell and I can't see myself creating one anytime soon, so I can't go down that route. They also say that you can make money from selling other people's product as an affiliate and while I am making some money doing that it's not quite enough. Then there are  those who say you can make money by selling a service online. :ponder_tb: That got me thinking as to what services I could possibly offer that others would be willing to pay for. Then it hit me! The thing that I do best online is blogging and it's a well known fact that heaps of people are venturing into the blogging world every day, and perhaps some of them would consider hiring me to set up…

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Do You Know Who Is Really Commenting On Your Blog?

You all know how important comments are to me and how much I value them, and I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. We instal plugins to help us delete spam and we moderate the ones that get through deleting them if they don't come up to scratch. The problem is that I've now discovered some of those commentators who leave comments on our blogs are not who they say they are. You may recall the post I did on My Experience With Real Writing Jobs where I mentioned joining Freelancer. As it happens they offer a wide range of jobs and some of them are from people who will pay others to leave comments on blogs. The obvious reason for getting someone else to comment in their place would be they don't have the time, or couldn't be bothered to do it themselves, That or perhaps their English isn't all that crash hot. Here is a copy of one such task found on Freelancer. We need 100 high PR (PR3+) blog commenting for 7 of our sites, the comments with our anchor text backlinks must be coming from PR3+ sites from the pages it self and not the domain name. Heres what to follow: 1) Must have your own list with 100 sites - All must be dofollow blog. 2) No Spam comment - quality only so the post/comment sticks 3) No blackhat method. 4) Must have the page rank of 3 plus 5) the page's outbound link can't…

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My Experience With Real Writing Jobs

I hardly ever post two days in a row, but after yesterdays post,  Do You Want To Earn Money Writing? I thought I should make an exception. You see while writing yesterdays post I got so excited that I joined the company I was promoting. As it turns out it was a real disappointment. It seems in my excitement I forgot the golden rule, 'If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!' While their promise that I could make up to $315 a day sounded too good to be true I thought that it was achievable as I've written 200 word posts where I was paid $20 so I figured writing 15 articles a day, while tedious, was doable. Now for the facts. Real Writing Jobs!: I assumed that they were a company that supplied all the jobs, where in essence they don't, the bulk of their jobs were sourced from other sites, something that Allan Douglas from The Write Stuff mentioned in his comment on that very post. That being the case why would I want to pay $47 per month when most of the jobs were available off site. Pitiful Pay Rates: As I mentioned earlier I would do a 200 word paid post for $20 which works out to 10 cents a word. Most of the jobs on offer were only paying half a cent a word and only a few offered one cent a word. As most articles requested were to be 500 words…

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