Creating An Online Shopping Store

For me creating an online shopping store is part of my making money online plan. I've tried for some time now using Amazon and promoting some products as an affiliate but that hasn't worked out all that well. While I have made some money on Amazon their commission rates are pretty pitiful to say the least. As for promoting products as an affiliate, well keeping track and the constant updating of affiliate links is, as I'm sure you will all agree, pretty damn tiresome. That's why I've decided to give AliExpress a go! Like eBay, these guys have a huge range of products and most of them are at discounted prices. Truthfully I've never heard of AliExpress before. They only came to my attention when I came along the Xpress Stores Pro plugin. OK, before going any further you need to join the AliExpress Portal as an affiliate before you even consider creating an online shopping store. Once you've done that you can buy your Xpress Stores Pro plugin. At the moment it's selling for a very low $47 but they say that price is limited. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee but the truth is you can't judge this type of plugin in only 30 days. Why? Because generally it will take you way longer than that to direct traffic after creating an online shopping store. I'm hoping to cut that time back by attaching my online stores to existing sites. So far I've created 4 online stores! Creating An Online Shopping Store…

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Blogging For Money? Practice Makes Perfect

Blogging like everything in life can be improved, but only if you don't give up and strive to get better. Most bloggers who have given up saying that blogging for money is a myth and can't be done failed because they more than likely did not persist long enough with their blog and they probably made several mistakes along the way. I know when I first started blogging I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I have to admit I am bloody embarrassed when I look over those initial posts all those years ago. But then, I didn't know what I was doing and who I was actually writing for. In those days all I wanted to do was to pump the material out because I though that was what Google wanted. There wasn't much thought given to what the readers wanted and that was a very important factor. Blogging For Money The Professional Way In those days it was all about doing it on the cheap, not because I couldn't afford to outlay the money, it's just that I didn't think it was necessary. That was a bad call, and I should have known better but I was still learning and I was making a lot of mistakes along the way. Toyota Hilux Precision Driving Team Take the guys in the following video. They're professional drivers and, as you can see, they're very good at what they do. Still, you don't think they were just able to get into these cars and…

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The Ramblings Of A Professional Blogger

Do you ever get those days when your mind just wanders all over the place and you can't focus on any particular topic? Well, that's what's happening to me today and rather than just waste all that rambling I thought I would just jot them down here to see if you guys can make some sense of it all  :tongue_laugh_ee: Funnily enough, the title of this particular post added to the ramblings as I struggled with whether or not I was a professional blogger. In the long run I decided I was because over the years I've learned enough about what makes a good blogger, I do it well and I actually make money from doing it. Not to mention that people actually get in touch with me, and pay me money, to write articles for them. :thumbup_ee: Why Do I Blog? Originally I got into blogging purely for SEO reasons because I wanted to increase the rankings of a website I had just started, but now I do it for a lot of reasons. I Love Blogging: Who would have thought that a guy who hated English when he was at school would develop the love of writing blog posts?  :drunk_tb: Truth be told, I can't think of anything better. Easier Than Setting Up A Website: Man, it took me ages and ages to set up that original website and it still looks far from professional. If I had only known then about how easy it was to get a blog up and…

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