FlexSqueeze Latest Update Can Make Your Posts Rock

I’ve just installed the latest update for FlexSqueeze, and while I’m still playing with it I can’t help but tell you how exited I am. Honestly Ryan has really done a remarkable job with this latest update.

With this update he has enabled certain features that used to only work in the squeeze page part of the theme so they now work in your every day post. Features that will make your post stand out from the rest. All that is required is to add a small code snippet when writing your post.

I would like to show you some of the things that you can do with the latest FlexSqueeze update. naturally you probably wouldn’t want to use all of them with each post you do, although you may be tempted :tongue_rolleye_ee: as that would be silly.

[testimonial]What you’re seeing now is one version of his “testimonial” code which is meant to be used when showing your readers testimonials you’ve received from people who have tried your products, or perhaps you could use it simply when quoting text that you’ve copied from another site.[/testimonial]

The next one you would only use for actual testimonials. This is the blue one, yes they can have different colors.
[testimonialbox color=blue]I just want everybody to know that I have never looked back ever since using FlexSqueeze. It’s the best out of the box theme I’ve ever bought and worth ever cent.

Sire – Photos2Blog.com [/testimonialbox]

[redbox]Or, perhaps you would like to highlight a portion of your post because it’s important and you want it to stand out. There are four colors that could be used.[/redbox]

[shadow width=450]Heck, Just to be a little different you may even want to apply a little shadow effect. You can use it above or below a paragraph, or even above and below as I have done.[shadow width=450]

Imagine, you get all this for free, just for buying FlexSqueeze! But there is more :smile2_ee:

You can even highlight parts of your text. [highlight]This is really important so I want to draw your attention to it so that you don’t miss what I’m trying to say here. :thumbup_tb: [/highlight]

Do you like doing lists? Well you should because they have been proven to be a winner. Well how would you like yours to stand out from the rest?

  • Impress your readers
  • Show them your different
  • Stand out from the rest

Or perhaps this would look better?

  • Make your points stand out
  • Graphics captures people’s attention
  • Use your theme’s attributes to your advantage

There are really quite a few to choose from as these are only a small sample.

  • Great for when creating a sales page
  • People will remember you for what you do
  • People will come back if you offer them something they can’t get somewhere else


I could go on but I don’t want to bore you, so why don’t I finish off with my guarantee.

[guarantee color=blue]

OK, that’s it, I now give you my iron clad guarantee that you will absolutely love the latest FlexSqueeze update. It will absolutely change the way you blog and your blog will stand out from the rest if you use it.

What’s that you’re not using FlexSqueeze? Well, then perhaps you should make a life blog changing choice by getting your very own FlexSqueeze, a decision you will not regret.[/guarantee]

Oh, I haven’t really got a money back guarantee, that’s simply another shortcode you could use on a squeeze page or if you were offering one on a product you were selling.  :thumbup_ee:

Just leave a comment if you’ve any questions or have anything to say. If you really liked the post perhaps you would share it with your friends.

EDIT: And since writing this post there has been another update which really makes this theme rock!

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