I did a post a little while ago about Changing The Header On Your WordPress Blog and I mentioned several reasons why we would like to do that including individuality. By that I mean we want our blogs to stand out from the rest and the only way to really do that is by using an individual header rather than the ones that come with our current theme. I then wrote a post telling my readers how to design their own header.

The problem with headers is that your visitors see the same image no matter what page they are on. I’ve often wondered if there was a way to display different headers depending on what page a person was currently viewing?

Individual Page Headers Are Great

So, what’s so great about having individual page headers? Well, for one thing it makes the page stand out from the rest of the blog and that can be really important, especially if that page is trying to get their attention. Like my Advertise Page for example. I’ve also changed the header on my Contact page. So, apart from individualise your blog it also accentuates whatever your page is trying to sell your reader, from a product to mere content. We all know how an image captures a persons attention so why not use that knowledge to your advantage.

Luckily for me FlexSqueeze not only makes this possible it’s also very easy to do and as is my want lately I’ve put a video together for you to show you just how easy it is to change the header on individual pages.

In case you’re wondering, yes I did design both those headers and yes, I used the method outlined in the post about designing headers. You see, I actually do use the methods outlined in my posts :wink_ee:


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