Wassupblog April Statistics Still Pretty Good

It’s great when you have friends that remind you that there are things that need to be done, not that Mitch reminded me directly in so much as his post on April’s Income Statistics jogged me into action. Mind you, if I asked Mitch to keep tabs on my posting habits I am sure that he would. Just like he is constantly making me aware of my spelling errors that he finds in my posts. Honestly, if I had the spare cash I would do away with those damn spell checking software and employ Mitch full time to spell check my posts for me. Wait a minute, he’s doing it now and for free too! Now that is the sign of true friendship. But I digress, it’s time to look at my April’s income.

  • Adsense: $36.38
  • Voxsant: $0.12
  • Kontera: $0.33
  • Project Wonderful: $0.13
  • Clix Galore: $0.26
  • Chitika: $3.09
  • Infolinks: $0.68
  • Advertisers: $4
  • E-Junkie: $21
  • Paid Posts $71.50
  • Commission Monster $9.05
  • RegNow $22.57

TOTAL: $169.11

Overall it was down a bit from last month but the bulk of that was from E-Junkie which is the affiliate that promotes the FlexSqueeze Theme. There was only one sale last month as compared to three the month before. It’s all good though as I have already made a sale this month.

Google although lower than last month is still a lot higher than what I am used to and so I have no complaints in that area. Chitika was up a little and that is comforting.

I don’t really have any plans for doing anything different this month except perhaps changing the videos on the sidebar from Google to Voxant, and having a look at some new places to stick Chitika to see if I can boost that up a little.

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