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Traffic Sources For 2014

My Traffic Sources

The most important factor of any blog or website is traffic. Without traffic you’re like a ship in dead water. You just don’t get anywhere. That being the case, if you want to be more successful in 2014 you need to consolidate your traffic sources. Which ones are the most popular ones and which ones bring you the most traffic.

The best way to see what your best traffic sources are for your site is to check your stats. Take my first post of the year, DEA Friday Funnies #97 which just happened to go viral, and all because of one site. Check out the image below. I’ve never had a post that went crazy like that before. I’m writing this post in the morning and already I’ve had more traffic than any day in the past month! Read the rest of this entry

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My Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough

I have to admit I don’t go on Facebook all that often and I regret it every time I do. The reason has nothing to do with some of the crap that’s posted on there either. My apologies to all of you who do actually post interesting stuff. Nope, it all has to do with this stupid game called Candy Crush Saga. It is so bloody addictive and I’ve been stuck on level 147 of the Candy Crush Saga for weeks now. It’s not that I spend so much time on there playing Candy Crush Saga either. Nope, the game itself is an interesting diversion. The problem is trying to get through level 147.

 Candy Crush Saga Cheat

So, I figured, maybe I could find a cheat online that would help me to get through the Read the rest of this entry

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Review Of WP4FB2.0 Is It As Good As They Say

facebook likes

You guys may have noticed that over the last few posts I’ve only been accepting comments from people who have liked my brand new, first ever Facebook fanpage. A fan page that I constructed specifically to promote my latest blog, The Gifts Guru. Now they tell me that the more likes you get on your Facebook fan page the better off you are. That’s why I thought up the idea of only accepting comments from people who have ‘liked’ my fan page.

From the low comment count on my last Friday Funnies post, which was bloody hilarious I might add, it seems that asking them to ‘like‘ my fan page was too much to ask. Even the fact that I have a dofollow PR3 blog wasn’t enough to entice them. Then again, that’s not counting the 20 or so comments that I deleted because they didn’t do what I asked them to at the end of the post. Just goes to show that they’re were only commenting for the link juice and couldn’t even bother reading the post itself. As far as I’m concerned they deserved to be deleted. Read the rest of this entry

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