A Collaboration Of Bloggers, The Synergy Of Blogging And Business

For the life of me I never thought that I would be included in an eBook. I figure this is the next best thing to writing your own with the added benefit that it includes a whole heap of articles from up and coming and respected bloggers, which is why you’ll find me in there :wink_ee:

The book is called The Synergy Of Blogging And Business and it’s the brainchild of Michele Welch of NewBiz Blogger fame. It’s a fairly sizable eBook and it’s filled with amazing content. I was really impressed with the quality of the eBook itself and how it was all put  together.

There was one condition to being included in the eBook and that was that we were to offer it to our readers with absolutely no strings attached! This means  that apart from it being absolutely free we could not use it to entice people to subscribe to a list or anything like that. That wasn’t unreasonable at all to my way of thinking and so I submitted an article, with a little prodding from friends, and was thrilled when it was approved.

Usually when you’re offered an eBook you’re presented with the views of one particular author and it’s pretty well covers a single topic. Not with this eBook! No sirree, not with this baby, and that’s simply because, as stated at the beginning of the post, it’s offers articles from a collaboration  of bloggers and we all know how diversified they can be. This is just a small list of some of the things you’ll find in this eBook.

  • Establishing business goals
  • Social networking tips
  • Link building techniques
  • Traffic generating strategies
  • Blogging for business
  • Keyword research

And there is so much more. Clicking on the image in this post will take you to Michele’s landing page. I thought it only fitting that I should be sending traffic her way considering all the hard work shes put into developing a truly wonderful eBook. If there’s ever an eBook you should be reading in 2011, this is the one.

Speaking of lists, I’m happy to report my list is slowly growing. If you haven’t joined yet and you would like join you’ll find the form in the sidebar. As a member you’ll only get an email when I post a new article in this blog. You’ll also be included in My List page and you’ll never know when I will include a link to one of your posts, which means that it will be distributed to the rest of the list.

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My Spin On The Squeeze Page And Email Lists

I would dare to suggest that almost everyone who surfs the net regularly has been exposed to a Squeeze Page at one time or another, even though they may not have known at the time that was what it was called. I remember the first time I was ever exposed to a Squeeze Page was also the first time I got sucked into a scam. That was the time I paid good money for what was supposed to be an extensive list of companies who were willing to pay me for taking surveys. A lot of the stuff on that list was either duplicated or pure BS, and what really pissed me of was that it was all available on the net for Free!

For those of you who are not sure what a Squeeze Page is, it’s usually a single web page designed solely for one purpose, to squeeze something out of you. While sometimes they will try to sell you a system that will make you an almost instant millionaire, normally all they want is your email address so they can add you to their email list.

You could almost liken the Squeeze Page to that annoying salesman who has his foot in the door, or to those ads on TV that always promise, ‘and there is more!’ Some of these pages seem to never end. They are filled with so many sales pitches and promises that’s it’s no wonder that many people fall for them. These email lists are so important to the internet marketer that a lot of the time they will give away free eBooks and the like just so they can get you on their email list.

Why all the hype about having your email as part of their list? It’s so they can target you later for something that they have to sell. Something that will show you how to grow your own list, or perhaps even a tasty morsel that is proven to get you thousands of good quality backlinks.  Here’s a snippet of one I got today.

Hey Sire,

Do you want to know what the quickest way to make money online is?”

I’ve got the answer here: (followed be a link)

Where did it take me? To another Squeeze Page of course.  I don’t have any problem with Squeeze Pages if all they are used for is to sell a particular product. I’m sure that most people believe that by committing their email address it’s just so they can get their hands on that product. I wonder how many people realize that by subscribing they are opening up their doors to all sorts of offers, perhaps not even related to the product they signed up for in the first place.

I wonder if perhaps they should expand the FTC Guidelines to include a disclaimer on Squeeze Pages. Perhaps something along these lines.

I hereby swear that by subscribing to this course, webinar, free eBook or whatever, I realize that I have opened up Pandora’s box and you can freely send me any scheme or offer that you so wish and as often as you like.

OK, OK, that may be a bit over the top, but don’t you think it would be nice if they were to tell you exactly what you were in for when you subscribe to something? Would you still take up the offer of the free eBook if you knew it didn’t stop there and that there would be more sales pitches to sell you a product?

I know that a lot of internet marketers out there are doing the right thing but I bet that there a just as many who aren’t. I also know that a lot of people know exactly what they’re in for when subscribing, but I bet you there are just as many who don’t. I know I didn’t. All I’m saying is that it would be nice if every Squeeze Page came with a little disclosure explaining exactly what you are up for when you hit that submit button.

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Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool

I was lucky enough to get hold of an eBook written by Mitch, a well known blogger who amongst other blogs runs the popular I’m Just Sharing Blog, and I thought only fitting that I write a review of it.

In Mitch’s eBook, Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool, he outlines the importance a website can play as part of any marketing campaign and how as a small business you could be missing out on the huge potential by not having one.  Mitch also stresses that while it is important to have a website you don’t want one that is poorly designed or looks cheap, for obvious reasons.

Unlike some eBooks that I’ve read that tells you to do something but doesn’t tell you why you should do it this eBook states reasons for why things should be done, starting off with the reasons as to why you should have a website. I find that this will be more acceptable to the average reader as the reason for getting any book is to learn all the ins and outs.

Mitch then asks the same question but states that perhaps some people shouldn’t have a website. At first I found this a little unusual, but once I started reading I understood what Mitch was getting at. There’s a fair bit involved with having a good website and that perhaps some people could not afford to have a professionally designed one. Rather than opt for a cheesy cheap one they’d be better off not having one at all.

The eBook then goes on to explain everything that’s involved in owning and maintaining a good website. Something that everyone who is thinking of starting one should know. You will learn about domains and their relative costs, hosting and even the importance of design, with some samples thrown in for good measure.

Considering it’s just over 50 pages long Mitch has managed to put a fair bit of information into the eBook, including simple HTML coding, discussing CSS, SEO, Keywords, just about everything you need to know if you were thinking of starting your own website.

What this book doesn’t do is to show you how to actually build a website from scratch. What it does do is show you what’s involved in having a website and how a good website can help your marketing strategy. Armed with this book you will have a better idea as to what avenue to follow when the time comes for you to have your own website.

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