The Importance Of Honesty In Blogging

Some time ago I did a post Defending A Blogger’s Right To Review A Product where I gave an example of a well renowned blogger who got it completely wrong when dealing with some negative feedback from a fellow blogger, his customer, who bought a reviewed one of his products. That posts showed my reasoning as to why his reactions were totally wrong and how he should of reacted.

This post will be dealing with another important subject for bloggers whether they are blogging for money or for the pure enjoyment of it all, something that is also true in the real world, that subject being honesty.

Most people already know how important it is to be absolutely honest when writing a post, especially when promoting an affiliate or a product. You don’t want to be telling people how good something is when you know it’s really crap, no matter how much commission it’s earning you. This is because once you are found out your credibility is shot all to hell and once people find out you will find that your online career will be short lived.

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Now, while most people tend to behave when on their own blogs they tend to forget themselves, as in the above example, when commenting on other blogs. These are those brown nosing commentators who leave you lies just so do not delete their comment or to win some misconstrued brownie points. You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about so I’ll give you some examples.

  • Social Networking Liar: These are the ones that rave on about how much they love your post that they’re going to Tweet or Stumble it but never do. Would you say liar is too harsh a term? Perhaps it’s just a lapse of memory?
  • Affiliate Liars: As above these guys tell you how they’re going to join an affiliate you’re promoting but never do.
  • RSS Feed Liars: Yeah, they love your blog so much they’re going to subscribe to your feed. While you can check up on the former two, it’s harder to see if these actually subscribe or not. You can usually pick them out though because their comments usually suck big time.

I reckon you get where I’m going by now, and what these people are forgetting is that they’re only kidding themselves and there is every possibility that they may be ruining their online reputation. Personally I believe their actions may go beyond pissing off the blogger whose blog their commenting on. Say in the first example another blogger who tweeted a post and noticed that the person who said he tweeted it actually didn’t, what would they think of them. People talk and as word get’s around reputations get tarnished.

There is a very easy way not to get caught in this trap and that is to be completely honest when commenting on a blog. Don’t bullshit to people. If you’re telling people you’re going to Tweet a post, join an affiliate, subscribe to a blog or whatever do it! Whatever you do don’t promise you’re going to go through with any particular action if you have no intention of following through.

So, what do you do when you come across these guys? Personally, depending on the mood I’m in at the time, I reckon I’ll just delete the comment. What about you, does this sort of thing bother you and if it does what’s your method of punishment for the perpetrators.

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Membership Drive For Where Bloggers Meet

I had hoped that my post introducing my new forum Where Bloggers Meet, would entice some of my readers to join, but unfortunately most people did not take up the offer. To those of you who did join I thank you, to those others I wish to point out some important points as to why you should join.

This Forum Is DoFollow

Yep, after checking both the signature links and links left within the posts I am satisfied that the forum is a DoFollow forum which, as you know, is very important if you’re interested in building the amount of links to your blog.

More Than Just A Forum

I  want it’s members to get something more than just important and useful information. I also want them to be able to use it to increase the value of their blogs, and the way to do this is to be able to use it to construct posts that are keyword rich that point to any particular post.

This is pretty well unheard of in forums but like I said I want to be different, and so if you’re into getting free backlinks then this forum is for you.

Just as an example I’d like you to look at Using Emails As A Source For Blog Topics, a post I did that linked to three of my posts as well as another of my blogs. As you can see the post provides relevant information and the links within the post are provided as examples that highlight points in the post. This builds the value of the forum as well as providing important backlinks to the author.

I will be monitoring all posts to ensure that people do not take advantage of my generosity by posting spammy articles that provide no value to the forum. I will not be accepting any affiliate links! If you want to link to a post that is promoting an affiliate, that is fine as long as that post provides value to the forum.

Providing value is essential as this will build the popularity of the forum as well as it’s importance in Google’s eyes.

What the forum need is a membership where it’s members help to build the forum so that all it’s member benefit. As I can’t build the membership all on my own I ask all members to help in a membership drive. Perhaps you know of someone who would like to join or, even better, you could write a post about it asking your readers if they would like to join a growing community.

One thing I would like you to keep in mind is that I only want members who are willing to contribute. I know how busy everybody is so all I’m asking is at least one post per fortnight. I will be deleting anyone that joins but does not contribute as it would not be fair to those who are.

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Cool Blog Links Now Live

What is Cool Blog Links? Put simply Cool Blog Links is my latest venture, one in which I hope a lot of my fellow bloggers will take advantage of. By joining this free site bloggers will have the opportunity to see how their blogs stack up against fellow bloggers. This is easily done as members get to display a tiny button on their blogs which allows visitors to vote for them. The code also keeps track of various statistics including page views, and in case you are wondering the code isn’t a script and so will not slow down the speed of of page loads.

Those members who are in the top ten also get to display their banner and will obviously get more exposure. It may be just the incentive needed to push your blog to the next level. As I hope to get the site to a PR4 status I would hope that this would also pass onto members. It hasn’t been a week since it’s been live and ‘cool blog links’ is already no1 on Google. I don’t know if it is the selection of key words or not, but the thing is that if someone is looking for ‘Cool Blog Links’ they are going to find my Cool Blog Links right at the top of page one on Google. Not bad huh? And if you are a member you will be right there when they click to check it out.

The reason for having another site started the day I was looking for a new domain to register. I decided to host it with Web Hosting Pad because apart from having one of the best deals around, they also included a free domain for life. I could see the savings in that fact alone and so I was quick to sign up. It’s a pretty specific name that I thought was great for SEO purposes and so Cool Blog Links came to fruition.