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Yep, it’s time for another Friday Funnies and I know you guys are loving it because of all the feedback I’m getting.  :clap_tb: As to all those requests asking for me to do another YouTube video, don’t worry, I will be including more of those in future Fridays Funnies, as soon as I get time to film them. For today I have a great joke and a really funny video, but before we get into that I want to spend a little time talking about women.

Let’s face it, women are a really important part of a man’s life, at least most of them anyway. :drunk_tb: Even though I’ve done a lot of posts that involve women, most of them making fun of them, like the one about what it would be like If Women Controlled The Earth? which turned out to be really popular with my readers. The problem is as much as we love women there are times when they can be really frustrating. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could invent a remote control that we could use in those situations when women rub us the wrong way? Read the rest of this entry

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Those Who Enjoy Blogging Make Better Bloggers

Ok, this is the second Sunday in a row that I’ve done a post that’s only because I’ve been so busy working during the week. Originally I was only supposed to work 15 to 20 hours a week but they’ve been working me 40+ hours. Oh well, at least the money will come in handy :smile:

Anyway, after he last few posts where I introduced you to the best ever WordPress comment system, a brand new Social Network system and a plugin that improved the quality of comments that you’ve been getting I’ve decided to make this post a fun one, one that will entertain you and hopefully put a smile on your face.

For The Love Of Mrs. Brown Video

Now this video really cracked me up, but I have to warn you it does use the F word as well talk about stuff of a sexual nature but given all that it is bloody hilarious. :lol_tb:

Have you calmed down yet? Perhaps you would be interested to know what the world was like when you were born? Obviously it was vastly different from what we’re experiencing today, This link will show you what the world was like on the year you were born. Speaking about days gone by, here’s a joke about dating way back in 1958, the year that I was born!

Peggy Sue In 1958

Dating in 1958

It was a hot Saturday evening in the summer of 1958 and Fred had a date with Peggy Sue.  He arrived at her house and rang the bell.

“Oh, come on in!” Peggy Sue’s mother said as she welcomed Fred in.   “Have a seat in the living room.  Would you like something to drink?  Lemonade?   Iced tea?”

“Iced tea, please,” Fred said.  Mom brought the iced tea.

“So, what are you and Peggy planning to do tonight?” she asked.

“Oh, probably catch a movie, and then maybe grab a bite to eat at the malt shop, maybe take a walk on the beach…”

“Peggy likes to screw, you know,” Mom informed him.

“Uh…really?” Fred replied, with raised eyebrows.

“Oh, yes!” the mother continued.  “When she goes out with her friends, that’s all they do!”

“Is that so?” asked Fred, incredulous.

“Yes,” said the mother.  “As a matter of fact, she’d screw all night if we let her!”

“Well, thanks for the tip,” Fred said as he began thinking about alternate plans for the evening.

A moment later, Peggy Sue came down the stairs looking pretty as a picture wearing a pink blouse and hoop skirt, and with her hair tied back in a bouncy ponytail.  She greeted Fred.

“Have fun, kids,” the mother said as they left.

Half an hour later, a completely disheveled Peggy Sue burst into the house and slammed the front door behind her.

“The Twist, Mom!” she angrily yelled to her mother in the kitchen.  “The damned dance is called the Twist!

Now it’s something for the boys. I’ve done several post taking the mickey out of women, like Women & The All About Me Syndrome and maybe even the time when I rewrote the Lyrics to Roy Orbison’s Mean Woman Blues calling It Wassup’s Mean Woman’s Blues. You may even remember the funny video I made of the best ever pick-up line? Well, this next video is for all those blokes who find their eyes straying to a woman’s ample cleavage when they should be making eye contact. Come on guys I know you’ve all been caught doing that at one time or another.

What To Do When Caught Staring At A Woman’s Breasts

The problem is that in real life it doesn’t matter how accurate the logic is you use to make a point it just won’t wash when used against a woman  :wallbash_tb: Just kidding ladies, you know I luvs ya  :day_dreaming:

I sometimes try to relate my posts to blogging in some way, whether it’s a blogging tip or simply by means of highlighting a particular point. Not this time though. This time it’s just for the sheer joy of presenting it to you in the hope that you will get some enjoyment from it. If you should take anything at all from it I hope its that you enjoy your blogging because everyone knows it’s those who enjoy what they do who do well at it.  :cool:

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My Venture Into Becoming A YouTube Star

If you haven’t worked it out yet let me just tell you that I love jokes. I love them so much that when I hear a good one I just have to tell all my mates about it. You’ve obviously read a lot of them on this very blog and you’ve even watched me tell one ages ago. That particular one was a little crude but I loved telling it, especially to my female friends. In case you haven’t seen it you can view it, and see the comments of what people thought of it, by visiting my Sire’s ‘Ice Breaker’ Pick Up Line post.

That post is nearly three years old which means this next video has been a long time coming. Before we get to that I want to tell you that I plan to do a whole series of these videos. Why do you ask? That’s a fair question and basically it’s because I want to see if I can gain a YouTube following. I’ve already got a small following when it comes to blogging, something that continues to amaze me and I’m just wondering if I can do the same thing with YouTube.

Naturally if that turns out to be successful it will have a natural flow on effect that will build my online presence. To achieve that I’m planning a series of me telling different jokes. They say when blogging you should choose a subject that you’re passionate about and I see no reason why YouTube should be any different. I love telling jokes, I’ve learnt a fair few of them over the years and it seems only natural that I share them with people using YouTube as the medium.

The Old Man, The Ferrari And The Maserati

This particular joke goes way back to when I used to be in high school, that’s some thirty-five years ago. I’m hoping it is so old that many of you have forgotten and the rest of you haven’t heard of it. :smile2_ee:

Somethings you should know.

  • I did it in one take
  • I ad-libbed some of it because I did the whole thing on the fly, no preparation whatsoever as I wanted it to be as natural as possible.

OK, without further ado here is the video.

The thing with YouTube videos is that unless you promote them they will pretty well go unnoticed. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to go and promote every video that I do which is why I am going to rely on you, my loyal readers to help me. After you’ve watched the video I’d appreciate it if you would head on over there and give it the thumbs up. If you liked it you could even leave a comment.

I’ve always believed in the you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours philosophy so I’ll be more than happy to do the same for you’re video if you have one. Just leave a link to your video in the comments section of this post with your YouTube name, for verification purposes, and I’ll return the favour. Any other promotional methods you could use such as a tweet, google + or whatever would also be really appreciated. :thumbup_tb:


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There may have been at least one time in a person’s life when they looked at a particular given situation and just thought “It should have been me.” This is normally said by someone who has either left something undone until it was too late or perhaps even never started but felt that they could have been that person if only they pulled their finger out and had gotten on with it.

I’m sure that there are some bloggers out there who feel that they could have been part of the Pro Blogger group if only they had been given the chance. Truth is that we’ve all got potential to be more than what we are but we don’t all utilize that potential.

I found a video that sums all this up really well and I hope you all get a real kick out of it.

If you haven’t seen any of the Vicar Of Dibley Series you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Here are a couple of DVD’s to get you started.

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