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You certainly don’t have to be Tom Cruise to have a need for speed! Nope, you just have to be a blogger who wants to supply his readers with the ultimate experience. Sure, we all know that content is king but, people may not hang around long enough to see how good your content really is if your blog takes too long to load.  That’s bad and what’s worse is that if you’re blog is all about making money then having a slow blog may be costing you sales.

I’ve done a couple of posts on how to increase your blog speed, the last one being Taking The Time To Increase Your Blog’s Speed., but this one is going to show you ways that won’t just make your blog faster it will also make Google happier, and we all want to do that don’t we?  :tongue_laugh_ee:

I’ve put up with this blog loading too slowly for way too long and because I didn’t want to Read the rest of this entry

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What Is A Bloggers Biggest Cost?

You want to become a blogger but not sure whether or not you can afford it? Well, unless you go the free platform route, which would be a grave mistake, you’re biggest expense would be your hosting costs. Even though hosting a blog on your own domain is one of the few recurring costs as far as owing your very own prospective business it is so cheap it’s laughable.

Those who know me know I own a fair few blogs, 10 to be exact, more if you were to count my other websites. I used to host all my blogs with the same host but I learned the hard way how the error of my ways. You see, if for whatever reason one of those sites uses too much of the host’s CPU resources they will pull the plug on you meaning that all your sites go offline. That is unless you use BlueHost which uses CPU Throttling.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Not putting all your eggs in one basket is a very wise saying and one you should remember when having multiple blog sites, especially if they are business related. To date I use BlueHost, WebHostingPad, HostGator, Lunar Pages and most recently Green Geeks, more about that in another post.

The reason for this post is to let my readers now that as an affilate of the above hosts I occasionally get notified when they’re offering a great deal. When they do I like to let you guys know, partly because I hope to make a sale or two but also because I know there are those who are waiting for a great deal. Well wait no longer, because have I got a deal for you?  :thumbup_tb:

Host Gator 40% Coupon

Yep, you read that right! HostGator is offering 40% off on all of their shared

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Both Linux and Windows Hosting are included! This is the largest special they’ve offered this year and the reason why I’m actually writing this post.

Yeah, yeah, I know you’re all waiting for that coupon code, but honestly, haven’t you noticed little Abigail holding it up for you over there on the right. That’s right the coupon code to use is 40OFF. So, if you’ve been waiting all this time to host your own site now would be a good time to take your online business to the next level.

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The Products You Can Promote On Your Blogs

Out of all the emails I get from my readers the one question that comes up the most is a variation of the following; “Sire, everywhere I go I read that if I want to make money on my blog I really need a product of my own to promote. The problem is I don’t have one and so I really need some advice as to what products I actually can promote.”

Naturally, all the emails were different but that quote portrays the general gist of the emails. Its safe to say that this problem is one that many bloggers struggle with and it is in fact one that I struggled with for a few years myself. The obvious reason is that bloggers, like myself, don’t have our own product to promote and probably never will have. That being the case we join sites like Commission Junction, Clickbank and the like to promote their products by placing links in our post or somewhere else on our blogs. They may get the occasional click but rarely generate a sale and the main reason for this is because there’s usually no relation between the product and what we’re writing about. Even when there is there’s nothing to substantiate our reference to the product unless we’ve shown in some way that we’re actually using the product in question.

The Right Product Will Create Sales

Even though I was making quite a bit of money from doing paid posts it wasn’t until I actually started to invest in my blog that they started to produce income on a more regular basis. How does one invest in their blog? Read the rest of this entry

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Of Good Hosts And Bad Hosts, Beware The Bad Hosts

Over a year ago I wrote a post about how I moved this blog from one host to another. That post was called WassupBlog Alive And Kicking After Transferring to BlueHost. If you’re looking for a good host you can’t go past BlueHost and their CPU Throttling would have to be one of their best features.

Over a year later it’s happened to that host again. The first time it happened I thought it wasn’t really the host’s fault, it was just that Wassup had outgrown it, especially as I had three other blogs hosted under the one domain. Let that be a warning to people, although many hosting packages give you unlimited domains you have to remember the more domains you have on the same host the more strain you’re putting on your CPU and the more likely you’ll get your account suspended. Once I moved WassupBlog I left behind three other blogs, my Scenic Adelaide, Photos2Blog and my Load Of Bullshit blog.

Web Hosting Servers
Image by ivanpw via Flickr

I left those blogs there because it was an Aussie host and I wanted to support an Australian company. It turns out that was a big mistake. I woke up one morning to find that my account was suspended yet again. The turkeys at HostSmart, yeah I’m naming them as others should know what to expect from this host, didn’t take the time to find out which blog was causing the problem and suspending that blog, nope, they suspended the whole account. I couldn’t even access my CPanel or use my FTP program to access my blogs to check things out. Shit, I couldn’t even receive emails linked to those accounts.

No damn support. No phone numbers listed on the site. I finally found a phone number but do you think anyone would answer it? I left a support ticket and when I got a reply some 24 hours later it was to say that my account was suspended due to it was overloading the server and it wouldn’t be restored until I confirmed I would do something about it.

There was so many things that could have been done that they failed to do and in the end they’ve lost me as a customer. Not only that but I will no longer be sending people to them, an average of some 200 – 300 per month! What a waste that proved to be, they couldn’t even convert one of them. Perhaps those people were just smarter than I was.

Once I got access I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. While I was waiting to get access I searched the web for another host as I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket by using the same host. I settled on HostGator as they seemed to have a great reputation. Once access was restored I started moving everything over and it all went through without a hitch. As it turns out HostGator has a 24hr Live Chat which I used a few times, both before and during the transfer, so that I could clear up a few things. Every time I used it they were quick to respond and they were able to answer all my queries. Now that is what I call service, something my previous host knew nothing about.

Here are some tips for those looking for good Web Host.

  • Ask other bloggers who they use and what they think of them.
  • Check the forums, most good hosts have them, to see what the reaction from members are. Do they resolve problems quickly?
  • Check to see that they a phone number so that you can contact them quickly in an emergency. Leaving a support ticket is OK but can be time consuming.
  • Do they have Live Chat available? I’ve found this to be an indispensable feature and both BlueHost and HostGator have it.

If there are any other important features that you require or recommend when choosing a host I’m sure others would like to read about it in the comment section.

Mitch, if you’re reading this post, yes you did warn me about staying with them, and yes as it turns out I should have listened to you. Again. Let that be a lesson to me huh?

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