Why You Should Not Refuse Being Interviewed

During my life as a blogger I’ve been approached many times to give an interview but unfortunately, due to lack of time, I’ve had to decline most of them. Emmanuel of Income Scene was the latest to approach me and luckily for him I not only had the time but the inclination to answer all the questions he provided. This resulted in Peter Pelliccia Interview – Founder Of Wassupblog.com. So, if you would like to learn a little more about me and what makes me tick why don’t you head on over to Emmanuel’s post and don’t forget to leave a comment  :thumbup_ee:

Truth be told I was crazy to refuse all those other interviews and I really should have made the time because those interviews would have had great SEO as well as great marketing potential. There are many reasons why you should not make the same mistakes I did and Im going to list them here for you.

Why You Should Do Interviews

  • Exposure: You’re a blogger right? Well something that all bloggers crave for is exposure and what better way than to answer a few questions in the knowledge that the interviewee will link to your blog in return.
  • Backlinks: Yep, something else that all bloggers crave are backlinks and just in case that first point slipped past you an interview can lead to several links back to your blog.
  • Personal Brand: A well answered interview will show the reader that you know what you’re talking about, that you’re a blogger to be reckoned with and that it would be in their best interest to head on over to your blog so as to learn more about what you have to share.
  • Helping Others: Usually, depending on the questions asked, an interview can help the reader to learn something new about certain topics and once you’ve wet their thirst for knowledge guess where there going to go to learn more?  :smoke_tb:

So, you see there are many positives for doing an interview, so the next time someone contacts you about doing one, get out of your comfort zone and jump at the chance You won’t regret it.

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