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Affiliate Products What Is Their Failing

I’m sure you’ve read on more than one blog how the best way to make money is to have something to sell. They will then go on to tell you that even though you don’t have a product of your own, you can promote other peoples products as an affiliate. All true but while you can make money promoting other people’s products the amount of money you can make from promoting an affiliate product is very limited! Let’s look at an affiliate marketer who has a list with a thousand subscribers. He’s just started using a new theme and he excitedly emails his subscribers telling them how great his new theme is. Let’s say that 10% of his subscribers click on the link. That means 100 people are now checking out his affiliate product. Now let’s say that 10% of those follow through and buy the theme. So out of…

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The Best Affiliates To Join

What Are The Best Affiliates? Everybody wants to know the best affiliates to join. I can’t blame them either because it’s only natural that those who join the best affiliates make the most money. This isn’t necessarily true though because even if you join one of the so called “best affiliate” you’re not going to make much unless your SEO attracts the right traffic. Another problem is that not all traffic is the same. The good traffic is the one that converts. Unfortunately most traffic does not convert. What you need is targeted traffic. Traffic that landed on your site because they’ve searched for a particular word or string of words. This is the sort of traffic that is more likely to convert. Getting targeted traffic is the reason why niche blogs are more successful than non niche blogs, I found that to be true when I started my niche blogs….

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Blogging For Money How To Make Money With Your Blog

There are a lot of bloggers who blog simply for the joy of it but more often than not bloggers appear because they’ve read somewhere how easy it is to make money online blogging. Unfortunately, regardless of what they’ve read blogging for money is not that easy. If this is true why are there so many blogs out that that tell you otherwise? Because they have something to sell. Let’s face it, people bullshit when money is to be made. The Money Is In The List? How often have you read that the money is in the list? Quite a few times I bet. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014

How Every Blogger Can Finally Monetize Their Blogs

You know me guys, how I am always on the lookout to find ways to monetize our blogs. You also know that when I find them I always share it with my readers. Well, I reckon I’ve found a site that will enable every blogger to finally monetize their blog. What’s better is these guys even have their own WordPress plugin, which only works once you join them. Like most bloggers I have joined a lot of affiliates but the problem with most of them, like Commission Junction etc., is that once a member you still have to apply to become an affiliate of the merchants they have on offer. Not with these guys, once you join you instantly have access to 1800 retail merchants! Oh, what’s that. I haven’t told you who they are yet? Don’t worry, I’m getting there.  Drum roll please. The site you can’t afford not…

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Getting The Most Out Of CommentLuv Premium

Most people who think of CommentLuv think of it as a way to get more comments on their blogs and the reason why so many people have CommentLuv enabled blogs just goes to show how well it works. When Andy brought out CommentLuv Premium almost a year ago everyone who got a hold of it at the introductory price, like yours truly  , were more than ecstatic. Those that missed out, well lets just say, they were a little disappointed  As you know I’ve written a few posts promoting it including CommentLuv Premium Adding To Revenue Stream amongst several others. Sure I wrote those because I was making money as an affiliate but that was only a part of the reason. I was also promoting it because I really believed in everything it offered and I wanted others to share in it’s benefits. Increase Traffic With CommentLuv Premium I’ve just uploaded a…

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Is There An Alternative To ClickBank?

Since my post on Giving ClickBank The Flick I’ve had quite a few emails asking me whether or not there was an alternative to ClickBank? Truth be told I had found an alternative a little while ago but I hadn’t done a post on them because I was still sussing them out. I think that the time has come to introduce you guys not only to an alternative to ClickBank, but to a site that is a lot friendlier to their affiliates. By this I mean they do not place unfair expectations on their affiliates before paying them the commissions they so rightfully deserve. Before I tell you all about this ClickBank alternative I’ve going to tell you how I came across them. Do you remember the post I did about the Covert Messenger plugin? Well, I was so impressed with that plugin that I wanted to promote it as an affiliate and it…

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The Day I Gave ClickBank The Flick

Most people would have heard of ClickBank by now and it’s probably safe to say that the majority of the associate ClickBank as a way to make money online. Unfortunately I’m not one of them and today I have decided that I will no longer be associated with them. Before you get any wrong ideas I want to be upfront by saying it’s not them it’s me. Heck, it’s not their fault that they have come cockamamy crap written into their client contract, one that I failed to read properly before signing up, now is it? I’ve only ever promoted one product successfully using ClickBank, by successfully I mean I actually made a sale  Having made that sale I was under the impression that the commission from said sale belonged to me. Imagine my surprise when if found the proceeds from the commission was steadily decreasing. Just take a look…

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A Recap Of 2011 And Best Wishes For 2012

The year is almost up and I feel it’s time for a little reflection on all that has transpired over the last 365 days. I started the year with my post Are Your Goals For 2011 Achievable?, the first of 115 posts for the year. That particular post outlined why I believed so many people were failing in their objectives to making an online income and what they should do to maximize their online income potential. The first money making post for the year goes to How To Make Money Off A Popular Post where I introduced you guys to MediaPass, a site that allows you to turn those popular posts into virtual income generating articles. I am happy to report that there are some who have signed up under me who are doing very well through it adding even more to my source of passive income and for that…

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