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Review Of AdClickMedia

A month ago I did a post about a Google Adsense Alternative I was trialling. The month is up and it’s time to do a review of AdClickMedia to see whether it is a Google Adsense alternative. As you know for the test period I removed all Adsense Ads replacing them with AdClickMedia ones. The question is, did it perform as well as Google Adsense ads. This may not be as important to those who are not allowed to run Adsense ads but it is very important to anyone considering dropping Adsnese for something else. Ergo, this review of Adclickmeida. Review Of AdClickMedia They say a picture is worth a thousand words and so I’m going to answer the question with the following image. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2013

The Art Of Writing A Paid Post

I’ve been doing paid posts for many years now and in that time I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers who are also doing them are going about it all wrong. While their post may be good enough to be accepted by the advertiser it’s probably not adding any value to their blog and they probably won’t be approached by the advertiser again. Most bloggers who refuse to do paid posts do so because they feel it is unethical or because they feel they may lose their regular readers. I touched on the ethical side of it when I wrote the post called Is It Ethical For Bloggers To Do Paid Posts?¬†That post revealed that most people thought there was nothing wrong with doing paid posts as long as certain criteria were met. Will Paid Posts Cost You Readers The answer to this is no it won’t, as long as…

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Top 5 Reasons Why No-One Is Advertising On Your Blog

I know that not every blogger wants to monetize their blog, but I believe there are far more who do. And why shouldn’t they, there’s nothing wrong with making a little money while doing the thing you love. Those who do decide to monetize their blogs normally just place Google Adsense or Chango ads on their blog and they then sit back while waiting for that elusive click. Others will set up a spot on the sidebar with an ‘Advertise Here’ heading but all you see are empty spaces. They sit there scratching their heads while crying rivers of tears over their keyboards because no-one’s buying any ads. Well cry no more guys because I’m here to tell you the top 5 reasons why no-one is advertising on your blogs. Your Blog hasn’t been around long enough! Honestly, if you’ve just started your blog you really shouldn’t monetize it straight…

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5 Killer Tips for Your Discount Marketing Strategy

As bloggers we hear quite a bit about marketing strategies, largely because most bloggers have something to market, if not their blog then it’s a product, an affiliate or even a service. As you would know there are many ways that people may use to get their product or service where it can be seen by others in the hope that they will eventually become customers. Just the other day I was approached by a charming Aussie lass who asked if I would kindly help to promote her very unique marketing strategy. Seeing as how I’m not one to turn a pretty lady down I surprised myself by saying I would but only after I had a look at what she was offering. She kindly pointed me in the right direction and after giving it the once over I decided that I would succumb to her charms, and it’s to…

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How A Woman Made Me Change My Evil Ways

Hey guys, do you notice anything different about the blog? No? Well if you look again you may noticed that I have removed most of the ads. You know, I’ve lost track of the amount of people who have told me that my blog looked crappy because of the amount of ads I had placed on it. I reckon that if I had a dollar for every snide remark I could easily have purchased a carton of cold beer. I’ve had them all, from newbies to A Listers, one A Lister even comparing Wassup to a Christmas tree. I’m not going to mention his name because I don’t want to be accused of link dropping for the sole purpose of getting traffic. Yep, I was actually accused of that when I wrote my post on why I no longer link to the likes of Problogger and John Chow, a post…

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Why Does Sex In Advertising Sell?

[NOCSEADS]Sex sells. I don’t think anyone out there would argue the point that sex sells. If it wasn’t true advertising companies wouldn’t be spending millions of dollar making sexy ads. Yet even though it’s true you would have to admit that people who buy a product merely because some semi naked woman or man is draped over or seen using it would have to be at the best pretty shallow and at the worst down right stupid. You heard right, if you’re buying something just because of some sexually stimulating advertising then your pretty stupid. Woman know sex sells and that’s why many of them have breast implants, tummy tucks and botox treatments. I mean you have to look sexy if you’re to be taken seriously right? Men aren’t any better as they bust their balls trying to get that ever evasive six pack, not to mention those poor bastards…

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Giving MyLikes The Thumbs Up

Seeing how it’s been a little over a month since my post on mylikes I thought it was about time I did an update.¬† The post that introduced my readers to a way to monetize Twitter was titled How The Things I Like Can Make Me Money, explained how it all worked.that post included a widget that could be used in your sidebar thereby allowing more exposure to your ‘likes’ which would in turn increase your potential for earning money. Even though I haven’t made proper use of the widget by placing it in the sidebar I still managed to earn $12 in the short time I’ve been using mylikes, and I haven’t even been tweeting my ‘likes’ every day. Those that I have tweeted, a grand total of 24, means that I was earning about 50 cents a tweet. Considering I’ve only got about 500 followers I reckon that’s…

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Where Bloggers Meet, A Forum For Bloggers

I’ve actually surprised myself, not a week after completing my first Squidoo Lens, I’ve just completed lens number two, Why You Should Join Forums. The reason for the second lens was to promote my forum Where Bloggers Meet. This forum used to be attached to the Wassup domain, but I felt that it was important enough to warrant it’s very own domain. It took me most of a day to get it up and running properly as I had to overcome several problems, the greatest one being that it wouldn’t let anyone join. It probably would have been better to upgrade it before I moved the forum rather than later. Don’t you just love upgrades? Anyway, she’s up and running and looking for new members. If you haven’t joined yet, now is a great time to get into it. Why should you join? For those of you who are wanting…

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