One thing that I dislike is when people talk down to others as if they’re better than them. I’ve noticed this happens more often when those doing it have have obtained a position that puts them above others, whether it’s money orientated or position orientated it doesn’t seem to matter. What I find strange though is that not everyone seems to be affected.

I decided to look into it and after a fair bit of research I came across an article by a Doctor Frederic Noitall! Apparently, according to Fred the reason it only affects some people is because they have a dominate gene that affects their character. Doctor Noitall calls this gene the dumbass factor.

I found it extremely interesting so I sent him an email with my theory that certain A List bloggers were showing the same traits that he covered in the extensive journal my brains - let me show you themthat he published. Interestingly enough he emailed me back asking for proof of my theory and so I sent him several links to blogs, either that of certain A Lister bloggers or to ones where they commented.

After a while he emailed me back saying that my examples would fit perfectly into his thesis that he was working on. I told him that was great and asked if he would be willing to answer some questions as to why these people act the way they do. He agreed and the following are the highlights to our conversation.

Sire: Hey Doc, I know how busy you must be so I got to tell you how pleased I am that you have taken the time to answer some of my questions.

Doc: No worries Sire, it’s my pleasure, and I must add that after reading the interview you did with Maddy Cuttsworth, that it’s an honor to be here with you.

Sire: Why thanks Doc, that’s so nice of you to say so. In regards to these bloggers Doc, why is it that certain A Listers tend to look down on others in the same field, do they actually think they are better than other bloggers.

Doc: It’s pretty sad really, you see it’s all because of a dominant gene that lies dormant until the person reaches a position that puts them above their peers. This could be coming suddenly into money, running a profitable business, gaining fame as a celebrity of one form or other which naturally includes some of these so called professional bloggers.

My theory is that once they’ve obtained this position their elation causes a gland to secrete some hormone that activates the gene and then they become, well for lack of a better word, assholes.

Sire: Right! So the others who have obtained the same position act as they normally would because they do not have that particular gene?

Doc: That’s correct.

Sire: Is there anything that we can do to snap them out of it?

Doc: That can be quite difficult. You see the problem lies in the fact that they actually believe they are better than everyone else. I’ve noticed in some of those links you sent me that the blogger concerned, even when a commentator left a brilliant comment showing him how his post had some false assumptions, was completely oblivious to his most reasonable argument and went off on a tangent trying to substantiate his position.

Sire: So what can be done?

Doc: Well what I would really like to do is to get a hold of one so that I can cut into his brain to see what parts are being stimulated by the hormone released by the, what I like to call the ‘wanker’ gene.

Sire: (Laughs) Well I can’t see that happening anytime soon Doc. Before you go, I think my readers would really like to know what characteristics to look out for so they know which A Listers are affected.

Doc: Well, most of them tend to be very arrogant and there are times when they like to belittle those they are talking to. They tend to show symptoms of grandeur which is why they like to brag about how much they earn. If anyone disagrees with them they will usually throw this in their faces saying that they don’t know what they were talking about because if they did they would be earning the same sort of money.

There are also some that would tear pieces out of another persons blog if it didn’t come up to what they believed to be the correct standard. They might, as an example, berate them because they were displaying too many ads and things to that effect.

Sire: So, we should feel sorry for these people?

Doc: Not at all. Although the gene triggers off this less than appealing disposition they do not have to adhere to it. They can with a little effort change their habits but choose not to, which is what makes them assholes.

Sire: Thanks Doc, it was great having you here, perhaps once you complete your thesis we could do another post discussing your results.

Doc. It will be a pleasure.

Well, there you have it guys, now we know what causes some A Listers to become assholes.

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