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Super Rug Guy

Super Rug Guy

Sometimes rug cleaning can be such a pain. Its times like these when I wish there were a Super Rug Guy superhero. Super Rug Guy is the guy you call when your carpets are way beyond your expertise to clean. The vacuum cleaner has done all it can do, and no matter how many times you run your vacuum over the carpets they still look like crap. You’ve gone to the supermarket and bought their carpet cleaner only to find that it was a total waste of money.

When There Is No Super Rug Guy

Unfortunately, there is no Super Rug Guy, and we have to rely on a local rug cleaning company. But, having said that we don’t just want any old rug cleaning company. We want one that will do the job properly. Not only that, we want to make sure they’re not using any harmful chemicals that will put the environment at risk.

We want to make sure they’re using the latest technology, and ensure their rug cleaners that use minimal amount of water. This is important to me for two reasons. First because water is a resource that should not be wasted and secondly I don’t want to come home to a carpet that still saturated.

One thing I always do when I need professional help is to see what type of feedback they’ve been getting from their previous customers. With social media being the way it is today it wouldn’t be hard to find if the rug guys you’re looking at have any negative feedback.

It’s also a good idea if you could get them to come over to give you a quote. This way they get to look at the problem first hand and you get to pick their brains about how they’re going to tackle the problem.

You know, maybe we don’t need a Super Rug Guy after all.😉

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