I got a link in my email today that lead me to a site where I was able to listen to the old song Stand By Me by Ben E. King. I’ve always liked this song but this time when I listened to it I was blown away as it involved the participation of musicians from around the world, adding their part to the song as it traveled the globe.

I immediately tweeted the song to give it more exposure and so that my followers could listen to what I believe is an inspirational song. Problem is that I know not everyone who follows you on Twitter will always click on a link and so I thought it best to post it on this blog, along with a little poem I threw together for the occasion.

As long as the Net exists
People will move about
Bloggers will come and bloggers will leave
But I will always be around
As long as you stand by me

If I get put down on
If I was to get abused
If the A Listers should mock me
It won’t matter, it won’t mean a thing
Just as long as you stand by me

It’s so hard if you stand all alone
There’s only so much one person can do
If only we can learn to stand by one another, you’ll see
That we are no longer alone
So please won’t you stand by me.

Even though the title of the blog is stand by me and we will become better bloggers, I meant the word ‘me’ to cover more than myself personally, rather I want us to embrace others into the fold by helping them to improve, and this can be done in many ways that does not include belittling them!

OK, enough of that, now I want you to turn up your speakers and to sit back and enjoy the best of Stand By Me.

Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around The World from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

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