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Stand By Me And We Will Become Better Bloggers

I got a link in my email today that lead me to a site where I was able to listen to the old song Stand By Me by Ben E. King. I’ve always liked this song but this time when I listened to it I was blown away as it involved the participation of musicians from around the world, adding their part to the song as it traveled the globe.

I immediately tweeted the song to give it more exposure and so that my followers could listen to what I believe is an inspirational song. Problem is that I know not everyone who follows you on Twitter will always click on a link and so I thought it best to post it on this blog, along with a little poem I threw together for the occasion.

As long as the Net exists
People will move about
Bloggers will come and bloggers will leave
But I will always be around
As long as you stand by me

If I get put down on
If I was to get abused
If the A Listers should mock me
It won’t matter, it won’t mean a thing
Just as long as you stand by me

It’s so hard if you stand all alone
There’s only so much one person can do
If only we can learn to stand by one another, you’ll see
That we are no longer alone
So please won’t you stand by me.

Even though the title of the blog is stand by me and we will become better bloggers, I meant the word ‘me’ to cover more than myself personally, rather I want us to embrace others into the fold by helping them to improve, and this can be done in many ways that does not include belittling them!

OK, enough of that, now I want you to turn up your speakers and to sit back and enjoy the best of Stand By Me.

Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around The World from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

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  1. This is by far the best version I have heard/seen. I tweeted it out too last nite (after I saw yours).

    It is the concept behind this version that is so great!
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..Community VS SEO =-.

  2. It is a moving song and the construction of so many diverse musicians coming together to produce this effect shows the excellent skills the recording guys have shown.
    .-= Rummuser´s last blog ..Joggers’ Park =-.

  3. This post made me pumped for the day. It actually motivated me to update my LinkedIn profile. If anyone wants to network with me on that site feel free to visit my profile at

    Music is such an inspiration for me. When I’m working all day and trying to get a business started I’ll play music and it keeps me going strong. It’s like an energy drink for motivation.
    .-= Anthony @ Innovatively Simple´s last blog ..Show Your Mom You REALLY Care =-.

      1. Hey you never know who I can help or who can help me. LinkeIn is a pretty good place to make things happen!
        .-= Anthony @ Innovatively Simple´s last blog ..Show Your Mom You REALLY Care =-.

    1. I can totally relate with that. The moment I wake up in the morning, I know if this is one of my ‘high’ days, or ‘low’ days. If I see a ‘low’ coming up, I just play my favorite music loud enough so I can still clearly hear it from the bathroom as I get myself ready for the day. It helps a lot.

      Now, this particular version of Stand By Me has just become one of my favorite songs. Sire, thanks for discovering this. It’s like the song started out humbly and then floated up, slowly circled the world, tugging at everybody’s hearts. I guess you’ve also tugged a lot of bloggers’ hearts with that poem there, motivating everyone to stand by each other.
      .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Galaga Video Game =-.

      1. No worries James, you know me mate, always trying to find stuff that will please my readers.

  4. Wow. That was really incredible and I’m downloading the album as I type! For the last few years I’ve been making my living as a musician and for me this really captured the power of music and how it can bring people together.

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing!
    .-= Eric@Local Internet Marketing´s last blog ..Why Have A Blog: Easy Analytics =-.

      1. Right on both accounts!

        I’ve been enjoying reading back through the archives. Hopefully there’s a lot more to come. =)

        1. I can but try, who knows what I will cook up next.

    1. Yeah, I’ve heard other versions as well, but this in my opinion is the best by far.

  5. Gotta love that song and that was a great rendition of it! Ha! only a true blogger would come up with that poem:)
    .-= Thomas´s last blog ..eCommerce Marketing Checklist =-.

    1. Yeah Tom, it’s almost like I have it in my blood these days :tongue_laugh_ee:

      Glad you liked the post.

  6. I happen to really like stand by me, it is just a hopeful song. That you just have a friend there when you need him. Pretty cool concept.

  7. Great post bud !!
    This is really a great song :)
    Thanks for sharing.

    Btw Retweeted. !!
    .-= Dev @ Technshare´s last blog ..5 Reasons why you should have a blog =-.

    1. Thanks Dev, appreciate the Tweet, and it’s nice to know you thought enough of the post to do that.

  8. I loved that video and your poem too. re-tweeted (I think) I am new to this computer communication stuff.
    .-= imlindai´s last blog ..emails =-.

    1. No worries Linda, the Tweet got through without a problem, so thanks for the Tweet and for taking the time to comment. So glad you liked the post.

  9. Sire, your poem touched my heart. How true it is that as long as we have others that still believe in us – we’ll still be here. How vital and fragile and important is that thread that connects us. When others believe in us, mountains are reduced to molehills. Thanks for believing in me – I believe in you!
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry@social media´s last blog ..A Critical Review of Katie Freiling’s Unified Tribe & Manifesto =-.

    1. Kimberley it warms my heart when somebody gets the meaning behind one of my poems and so your comment touched me as much as my post must have touched you. I’m honored to have you as one of my treasured readers.

  10. The song is nice, but what I LOVE is your poem!! The blogosphere is my community – where my tribe hangs – home to my peeps! I’ll stand by you, bud; subbed to you a couple of days ago, I believe.
    .-= Trece´s last blog ..‘Biggest Loser’ Helen Phillips and my left knee =-.

    1. Why thanks Trece, that’s so nice of you to say so and welcome to WassupBlog. :thumbup_tb:

      I reckon those bloggers who treat their blogs as part of a community are the ones that enjoy blogging the most.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Stand By Me And We Will Become Better Bloggers =-.

  11. I think I’ll grab a copy of that record this week. thanks for sharing this song.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Rosa Parks Is Not Done Teaching Us =-.

    1. No worries Julius, I was thinking of grabbing a copy myself.

      1. Thanks for your response Sire. I’ve been listening to this a few times already. I think I need to listen to positive songs like this more often.
        .-= Julius´s last blog ..Rosa Parks Is Not Done Teaching Us =-.

  12. B. King is really the king. His original Stand by me was superb. It was nice seeing this one in relation to what I do. LOLz.
    .-= Stafford´s last blog ..Festivities Galore At Mumbai City =-.

    1. Glad you liked it Stafford.

  13. Stand by me surely is a great legend song. There is always peace to hear this song. And it is even better when it sing by all musician around the world.
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog´s last blog ..Another Blogging Disaster To Be Anticipated =-.

    1. Yep and you can see from the video that they all had a great time putting it together which I think came through in the song.

  14. Stand by me has always been a fav of mine and fellow poet what a great poem for the occasion. :)

    1. What can I say Rose, I was inspired :wink_ee:

  15. I absolutely love this song. Haven’t heard this song in a long time thanks for sharing it.

    I see also from your other posts that you are working a lot with twitter. Maybe I should really get more into it. How is twitter traffic converting?

    Anyways thanks for reminding me of this great song!
    .-= Alex@Zahnaufheller´s last blog ..Braun Oral-B Sonic Complete DLX – Testbericht =-.

    1. Actually the traffic from Twitter is gradually increasing and I think part of that relates to having people tweet the post.

  16. i really love this song. my brother sang it in our highschool band before.

  17. I’ve seen this video before and it gets me every time. I used to work with a couple of old guys who were musicians and I think about how much they would have enjoyed being a part of this, even just watching it really.

    1. I’ve played the video more than once guy, it’s a very inspirational piece.

  18. Hey Sire,
    I always love coming by your blog. You find the coolest and interesting things. Love it.
    Poetry and music…these are great expressions of the human soul.
    The idea of “Stand By Me” requires us to be humble. To acknowledge that we need each other. That is one thing that most people are too proud to do. They end up missing out on a lot because they don’t become vulnerable.
    I’ll stand by you ;-)
    All the best,
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Sweet Poem for Mother’s Day =-.

    1. Thanks for standing my me Eren, and don’t worry I promise to keep my hands to myself :devil_tb:

  19. I love an uplifting song 1st thing in the morning…..

    BTW- found you through our buddy Mitch!

    1. Carolee, I though I recognized your name from somewhere. I gotta admit if you like Mitch you must have good taste.

      Welcome to WassupBlog :smoke_tb: :drunk_tb:

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