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St Patricks Day Jokes Friday Funnies #206

In honour of St Patricks day I though I’d honour it by posting some St. Patricks Day Jokes. Naturally, when I say I’m going to post some St Patricks Day Jokes I mean Irish Jokes.  :tongue_laugh_ee:

St Patricks Day Jokes Loved By All

Our first St Patricks Day jokes takes place in a bar. After all, where else do you expect to find an Irishman on St Patricks Day.  :drunk_tb:

A young irishman sitting at a bar with his pet pig asks for a couple of drinks. The confused bartender tells him that no animals were allowed at the bar.

The Irishman tells him, “Ah, but this is a very special pig. Just last week there was a fire in the house and that pig came charging out of his pen into the house and woke us all up .Then a few days later my son fell into the pool and that pig was grazing out on the lawn, and he came running and jumped into the pool and saved my son.”

“Wel, ” said the bartender, “I guess this is a very special pig so I’ll get him a drink. By the way I noticed that he is missing one leg, what happened? ”

“Well,” said the young man,” when you have a pig this good you sure don’t want to eat him all at once.”

St Patricks Day Jokes

The next is not your typical St Patricks Day jokes.

The rain was pouring down. And there, standing in front of a big puddle outside the pub, was an old Irishman, drenched, holding a stick, with a piece of string dangling in the water.

A passer-by stopped and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Fishing,” replied the old man.

Feeling sorry for the old man, the gent says, “Come in out of the rain and have a drink with me.”
In the warmth of the pub, as they sip their whiskies, the gentleman cannot resist asking, “So how many have you caught today?”

“You’re the eighth.” says the old man…..

Which just goes to prove that perhaps the Irish aren’t as dumb as they’re made out to be.  :smoke_tb:

Happy St Patricks Day! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and to have a great weekend. Want more jokes? Hop on over to some of the best sports jokes out there.


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