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Specialised SEO

I’ve seen and been approached, by a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) gurus in my online life but never by one offering specialised SEO.

What Is Specialised SEO

specialised SEO

A normal SEO expert will look at your company and then work out an SEO strategy that would hopefully put your company on top of the search engines. Unfortunately not knowing all the ins and outs of your company could hamper the results of whatever SEO package they come up with.

What we need is specialised SEO, an SEO professional who specialises in a particular niche. One may even call them a niche SEO expert. Sounds like a lot of hot air doesn’t it? I thought so too until I came across Restoration SEO.

You may be asking yourself what restoration SEO was all about. In a nutshell, its SEO that targets the restoration industry explicitly. One would imagine that because these guys are focusing on the restoration industry, their knowledge of that would help them in formulating the best SEO packages for the prospective restoration customers.

The first thing they would do is a keyword audit of a customers current site. As they stipulate on their site;

“Since we have already set up and currently manage other restoration company‚Äôs web presence, we already know the right keywords to be used on a website. We will perform a detailed inspection to make sure all of the technical aspects of your website is using the correct keywords. What is not correct will need to be fixed and we will create a URL and page structure report to show you all the changes needed.

SEO & Backlinks

Now, I’ve been blogging for some 14 years and for me, the most time-consuming and challenging aspect of SEO is link building. While they do not guarantee the number of backlinks, a customer will get they will ensure to increase the page and domain authority of restoration customers by linking like content in their restoration industry-specific network.

All I can say is too bad I’m not in the restoration game.

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