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Sometimes Motivation Is Brought About By Coaching

At one time or other most of us lack the motivation to get a particular task done, or even to achieve those personal goals. Without the right motivation most people will just sit on their laurels waiting for something to happen that will either get the job done or for some sort of revelation. Too bad that sitting on your laurels just doesn’t achieve anything. What does achieve something is getting up off your ass and doing something more than twiddling your thumbs. The trouble is a lot of the time people need some sort of motivation to get them moving in the right direction.

Perhaps we need to look at a couple of things that may motivate people.

Sources Of Motivation

Truth be told different things motivate different people and what motivates one person may not motivate another. For example, there are those who have a dream and will do anything

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins (Photo credit: kev/null)

and everything in their power to achieve it. The dream itself and the will to attain it is their motivation. Others may have the same dream but to them it’s just that, an unattainable dream.

Money alone can be enough motivation for many to wake up every morning and go to work to earn a living but for others even that is too hard. Seems to me what a lot of people is some sort of personal coaching get them motivated. Apparently coaching for success is what Tony Robbins is all about. Have I ever used his services? I can safely say that until today I’ve never heard of him and so the honest answer to that would have to be no.

Still someone threw his name my way, don’t know what the hell he was inferring to by doing that  :ponder_tb: and so I figured I should do a bit of Googling to find out who and what this bloke was all about. I have to admit I was very surprised to find out that he is some big wig motivational speaker. What’s even more surprising is that he’s coming to Sydney Australia to do some 3 day event! As if us Aussies need any help in the motivation dept. OK, maybe some of us do.   :laugh_tb:

 Apparently this guy is the real deal and what he is all about is coaching people to success. I mean he has to be pretty good to have worked with over 3 million people from over 100 different countries – including Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi, Donna Karen & Hugh Jackman. Shit, Hugh Jackman! There just had to be an Aussie in there somewhere.  :innocent1_tb:


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  1. Motivation for me cannot be taught,Inspiration is the key to get motivate.But yes one can find out the way to drive his motivation if someone can show the direction.

    1. Sometimes even when inspiration is present some people may need a little coaching to get them going.

      1. Yes Peter,But just a little.A spark can do wonders sometimes.

  2. I’ve never heard of Tony Robbins either! I’ll google it too, maybe he wrote some books that I might be interested in :)

    1. Apparently he has written some killer ones Cristian.

      1. Yea, I saw that, Sire. I’ve already ordered an audiobook, “The Power to Shape Your Destiny: Seven Strategies for Massive Results”

  3. Generally I do not expect anyone to motivate me other than myself. According to me self motivation is the best way to keep ourselves positive and going on in life may what come. If we are strong from within, no one even dares to break us and if does, it does not bother.

    1. Not everyone can motivate themselves Jordan which is why motivational speakers, the good ones, are in such high demand.

  4. Twitter:
    What the hey? You’d never heard of Anthony Robbins? He’s been traveling the world for 3 decades, had a worldwide best seller called Awaken The Giant, and he’d know since he’s like 6’7″ tall! He used to run tons of commercials until he didn’t have to anymore. He just had Oprah go to one of his sessions for the first time, she planned on staying only an hour and ended up staying the entire… 11 hours! And he got her to walk on hot coals!

    I’m stunned how you missed him above anyone else. Having said all that, he’s not at the top of my list, but I know lots of people swear by him. However, there are lots of motivational speakers as you know, and I tend to write a lot of motivational stuff as well. Still, he’s a top dog; I think you missed him because his commercials probably played late at night there, as they did here, and you’d have already been in bed. lol

    BTW, look at the second sentence in the paragraph that begins “Money for many…” ;-)
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Ways To Get Quality Backlinks – Blah!My Profile

    1. I don’t think it’s that surprising considering I live on the other side of the world. Perhaps I would of heard about him if he was a renowned Science Fiction writer. But nope, he’s just written motivational books and to date I have yet to read one.

      Still, it seems out of all the motivational speakers I have come across a good one to write a post about.

  5. Motivation comes from within. Even when you sit in a seminar or a motivational group for a day but you are not up to it, you won’t be motivated.

    1. I suppose that can be true for some people.

  6. It’s true, coaching helps to motivate. That’s why there are coaching program that offer.

  7. Anything great can motivate, be it a good person, a movie, some celebrity, and your ownself. It depends whether we actually need a motivation coach or self motivation works for us. But to stay motivated is a must because it helps us in a lot of ways when it comes to living life in true means.

    1. That’s true, motivation can come about in many forms but perhaps not all are long lasting.

  8. I think that motivation could have so many sources, it only must be something really inspirational what we can get passionate about, which can help us to realize our resolutions and reach the goals…motivation is really the secret key of success.

    1. Yep and a lot of the time it is what gets a person to finally move forward.

  9. Some people already carry the motivation when they have the right goal in mind. If motivation is a skill, some people have it already. Some people, on the other hand, need coaching though. It doesn’t hurt to pay to get the right motivation going for you.

    1. Having spent the money can be a great motivation for not wasting it :wink_ee:

  10. Does coaching really work? I have read a lot of people saying that it is all a fake and has no real results…

    1. And I have heard that it has worked for many people so I doubt very much that fake is a good word for it.

  11. I think coaching is a great idea for motivation. You aren’t always able to hold yourself accountable, so when there’s someone else there to do it for you it really pushes you to meet your targets.

    1. Yep, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a push in the right direction.

  12. Anthony Robbins has written some great books. He essentially took the Neuro Linguistic Programming concept and made it more commercial and accessible to people. He explains in detail how people use pain and pleasure differently to become motivated. For goal setting, and training your mind to help you get what you want, he’s a good resource.
    Laurie Marks recently posted…HomeMy Profile

    1. I must do a feature on his books. Sounds like a good post for WPZon builder.

  13. Motivation that comes from a particular person or our ownself to do something good and beneficial that helps us in long run is the correct way of motivation. Motivation in the right direction matters the most and does not harm anyone or our ownself. I appreciate your choice of topic because it is something very imporatnt to know.

    1. Yep. not point being motivated unless something positive comes from it.

  14. My mother is the only source of motivation for me as she keeps me going even when I am in a bad mood or feeling low. She keeps boosting my confidence and always tells me one thing that I can do everything and nothing can stop me. I stay positive because of her and do not stay trapped in a problem for long.

    1. Hey Emy, sounds like you have a great mum.

  15. I hate people who demotivate you or motivate you towards the wrong path. However, there are still some amazing people I have seen in my life who will help you out, motivate you and show you the right path in some or the other way even though they do not know you much. This makes me feel so lucky and good.

  16. I think motivation is one of the most important thing in life. Without any motivation you are not going to get really far!

    Thanks for the interesting information and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Niels, that’s what I’m here for.

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