When you first start blogging you feel like you are all alone in the blogosphere. You’ve written your first post, heck you may even have written half a dozen posts but nothing is happening. You know the posts exists because you can go online and see it there in front of you but you’re not sure if anyone is reading it because you’re not getting any comments.

So you start Googling and reading other blogs to see what it is you’re doing wrong. You install Google Analytic so that you can at least see if anyone is actually visiting your blog. Of course in the very early days not much is going to happen unless you get out there and make it happen.

Telling People You Exist

The best way to do this is to be active on other blogs by reading their ladybugposts and leaving great comments everywhere you go. It is very important that the comments you leave are filled with great content that add to the post because it’s these very comments that will show others you are going to be a force to be reckoned with. If your comments are better than all the other comments on any given post then you’re going to stand out from the rest and people will follow you back to your blog to find out more about you.

What Blogs To Leave Comments On

ladybugs confrontationBy commenting on other blogs you are virtually meeting other bloggers and cementing a relationship with them. Pretty soon you will cease to be a lone blogger writing to a non existent audience.

The best blogs to leave comments on are blogs that have Andy’s CommentLuv plugin installed. This is because, depending on how they have their plugin configured, you can choose from up to 10 of your last posts to link to. This has a great benefit in that it will direct people to a certain post which can be most beneficial if that post is offering something for sale. Then of course there is also the added SEO benefit as every link pointing to your blog or post, especially if it’s dofollow, tells the search engines that it’s offering something of value boosting your position in the search engine results. Of course you will get the most benefit from installing CommentLuv Premium on your own blog as you will then become a premium member meaning you can choose from any 10 of your last posts as well as an additional 5 posts or pages of your choice. See the related posts for more information on CommentLuv Premium

Don’t Let People Stand In Your Way

The world is full of negativity and once you decide on your path to ladybugs climbbecoming a blogger you are bound to come across people who will tell you that you’re crazy and are wasting your time. Don’t let this sort of negativity hold you back, especially if you’ve discovered that you really love running your own blog. The only hold they have on you is an emotional one and in life you have to learn to be in control your own emotions. You probably won’t be able to convince them that what you’re doing  has any real value and so the best thing is to just ignore what they’re saying. Have a mental image of yourself walking over them leaving their negativity behind. The same goes for any nonconstructive dialogue you may come across online.

Be A Leader Not A Follower

ladybugsThere is only so much you can make by following others. Those who make the most out of life are the leaders. By becoming a leader you actually make money from your followers whereas as a follower more likely than not you’re simply adding to their income and not adding much to your own.

The way to become a leader is by ensuring your content has so much value that people can’t help but to follow you. Then once you have built up a good following you’re more likely to profit from them and they will be happy to part with their money because they know they’re getting something of value in return.

I’ve mentioned CommentLuv Prfemium a few times in this post and that’s because I believe it be a very important plugin for any aspiring blogger, both as a way of rewarding the commentators but more importantly as a way of promoting to others all it is that you have to offer. More on this in future posts so you may want to subscribe to my list so you won’t miss out.

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