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Social Media Should Begin At Home

Everyone knows how important comments are to a blog. They virtually breathe life into a post! When people see that a post doesn’t have many comments the first impression could well be that the post itself is inferior. This could cause them to move on without reading the post or at the very least it can give them a preconceived perception that the post is somewhat imperfect in some way.

Knowing that to be the case I have over the years conducted a personal crusade to show people how important comments really are and what they should do get more comments on their blogs. I’ve even written posts, like Teaching People The Proper Way To Comment to help commentators improve their commenting skills so they have more chance of getting their comments approved. More importantly I’ve tried to show them how leaving great comments will actually increase traffic to their blogs.

In my post How Much Do You Really Want To Cheese Off Your Readers I listed reasons why I wouldn’t comment on people’s blogs finishing off with a poll asking people to vote on what things stopped them from commenting on a blog. I think it’s time we analyzed those results.

What Stops People From Commenting!

  • Closed Comments: OK, obviously you can’t comment if you have the comments closed but the thing to be aware of is that if people can’t comment they may decide not to stop by anymore. 59% of people said selected this choice.
  • Need To Subscribe: 36% voted that they would not comment if they had to subscribe to do so.
  • Third Party Comment System: 34% voted that they would not comment on blogs that used third party comment systems. I know those people who use it say people will comment regardless but the facts speak for themselves. What really makes no sense is some of these people say it actually attracts comments and that is just crazy.
  • Poor Blog Content: 27% said that they would not comment on a blog with poor content! That alone should be incentive enough to publish the best content you know how. Make it interesting and appealing enough and you’re bound to get more comments.
  • Comment Moderation: 25% of people said the blogs who constantly moderated their comments pissed them off to such an extent they stopped commenting and if they’re not going to comment they probably won’t read it anymore.
  • Pop Ups: 25% of people found pop ups so annoying they left without commenting, and probably without reading it as well.
  • Rude Blog Owners: These are blog owners who were unnecessarily rude to some commentators. 23% said they would no longer comment on blogs that had rude owners. Message here is to be polite at all times. Show that you are the better person.
  • Being Ignored: Only 16% said that being ignored would stop them from commenting. I’m one of those 16% so if you don’t want me to comment read your blog then don’t bother replying to my comments.
  • It’s A Blogger Blog: only 16% said they wouldn’t comment on a blogger blog. I occasionally do but only if I know the blogger.

Well, that’s it for that poll, and with the end of one we have the birth of another.

Why Social Media Should Begin At Home

Isn’t it weird how so many people are so into telling others how important social media is for growing their business or building their blog but when it comes to interacting on their own blog they are somewhat lacking? :wallbash_tb: Well hopefully this and other posts will educate them somewhat by showing them how it really starts off with their own blog. Heck, it makes no sense at all to do all that interacting on social media sites to get people to visit your blog and once you get them there you fail to continue that very interaction that got them there in the first place!

And yet social media is an important part of getting people to know who you really are as well as building a sense of trust between you and those who have chosen to follow you, something that you need to continue once they come for a visit.

I feel this is a brilliant topic for another poll. In this poll you get to vote twice by telling everyone what your two favourite Social Media Sites are.

What's Your Top Two Favourite Social Media Sites

View Results

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Once you’ve voted please leave a comment telling us why you chose the ones you did. You may also choose to use the social media buttons on this post to spread the word amongst your contacts because as with most polls you always get a better result when a larger representation of people take part.


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  1. Sire check your twitter DM box please, you’ve got something amiss (feel free to delete this or edit it if ya like)

    1. Hey Kim, thanks for alerting me. I’m assuming you’re using Avast because that is the only software that has a problem with that link. I can assure you there is no malaware involved whatsoever. This is the actual code;

      Cool Blog Links

      As you can see the first section links to my CoolBlogLinks. site The second part links to the image and also supplies a tracking code so the site can rank its members.

      OK, you can’t see the code because the comment form strips it when published but thats what it produces.

  2. Great survey Sire. I think that people need to realize that everything they do and say on their blog could be affecting the amount of comments they get. So, if you’re not getting comments, this is a great list to use to figure out what is going on!

    1. Hi Danielle,

      you know one of the reasons I love polls so much is that it gives you an idea of how people feel about certain topics which then may lead to an instructional post. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…How To Save PetrolMy Profile

  3. Isn’t it just…

    So funny, how people will try to look for something that is not there, as if they need to read in between the lines.

    All the nutrients in my posts are there for the reader and not for the perceived reader trying to look for something in advance.

    With regards to blog posts with no comments, i have posts with no comments, until late – since the page rank update, people have flocked to leave comments, more time spam – even manual spam.

  4. Twitter:
    Well, you’ll know I read it because I’m going to pick on one you missed, that being that when you started your new poll you typed “sn’t”; something’s missing I fear. lol

    The whole thing about social media is that there are social media formats that people forget about, and blogging is one. I mean, how much social can you get when you have the opportunity to write your thoughts about something and have people respond. Then if you don’t respond you just shut down all conversation.

    However, I seem to be finding more blogs where the person actually did respond, but I never got an email from them telling me it happened. Since I always look for a checkbox I assume that those blogs without one will send me something. Once again, hard to be social when you don’t know someone’s responding to you.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Non-Blogging Folks Ain’t Gonna BudgeMy Profile

    1. Hey Mitch, I know you read the posts because you’re always trying to catch me out on something :smile2_ee:

      As to those blogs without a checkbox, I think it’s safe to assume that if they don’t have one you’re not going to get any notification one way or the other.
      Sire recently posted…Installing A Custom Header On Your WordPress BlogMy Profile

        1. I still comment, and if I rally like the post I will even advise the blogger that they should get one. The problem is if the comment goes into moderation I never know if the comment get’s approved or not. This is bad for them because they probably will never see me again and they lose out on further interaction.

    2. The comment notification is usually what brings me back to a blog. In many cases it is my only system to keep up with blogs I visit.

      Often I get notified of a reply on a very old post, but it makes me think “I haven’t been to that blog in a while” and I click through to see the newer posts.
      Ned Carey recently posted…What Is the Best Strategy for Today’s Market?My Profile

  5. I chose only Facebook in the poll because Facebook is my favorite social media and I guess it will remain so till the foreseeable future. This opinion may be because it works so well for my food recipes website. In Facebook, I found real people that just want to cook a nice meal for their family and have fun in social media.

    When I created this techy site that I am linking to, I went to Twitter and Google+. I thought they will be better for promoting it as that’s where the techies are. So I went on Twitter and found that it is more automated than human driven. When I look at my home page, all I see is a bunch of tweets with no human feel to it, people tweeting each other’s posts with no conversation at all. It is all too noisy for me. Google+ seems the same too because most people are there to promote their posts but I must say that Google+ has a more human feel to it as you see some good stuff that are not blog posts being shared. I will keep Keep going to these sites out of necessity not that they will ever be my favorite.

    So at the end of the day, a blogger’s main social media should be their blog. Yet some of them as you say, feel too big to respond to people who make the effort to comment on their posts. Sometimes, it’s more a matter of greed. These bloggers have scores of websites they make money from so how can one manage all these sites and have time to reply to comments?

    With one blogger especially, I am beginning to think that maybe it’s not that they don’t want to respond, it may be more like they don’t have any clue as to what some commenters are saying because they are using tech-speak so this blogger does not know what to say in response. When they do respond, they select easy comments to say “LOL” or “That’s right” to and that’s it.

    Will I continue to comment on such blogs? Yes and No. If I look at my Google Analytics and see that the awesome comments I leave on those types of blogs bring me considerable traffic, then I will continue to comment. But if I look and I get nothing from those blogs, I will then stop making a fool of myself by not reading the blog anymore. To be honest when I contribute to a blog’s content by taking time to leave a very good comment, I expect (1) The blog owner to show me a little bit of respect by replying to my comment (2)To get a link back to my site and (3) To get some traffic from the site at least while the blog post is still popular. If I end up getting only a link to my site, then it’s not worth it as that’s not my top reason for commenting.

    If you look at the comments I leave on blogs, they are top notch and I think it will be the blog owner loosing out when I stop commenting on their blogs. :) O yea, I do know how to blow my own trumpet!

    Keep rockin’ comment king!

    1. Flo, you are a great example of the type of comments people should be leaving on blogs as they go blog hopping. Naturally they don’t have to always be as informative as the one you’ve just left, but if they are they’re more likely to lead to an increase in traffic to the commentators site and that has so much more value than a mere backlink.

      As to the social media aspect, I much prefer Google+ as I feel it is more like FaceBook and Twitter combined.
      Sire recently posted…What Steps Have You Taken To Prevent Identity Theft?My Profile

  6. Good morning, Sire.

    As you may remember, I’m directing my energies to things other than blogging this year and I’m only blogging now and then, instead of regularly. Similarly, I don’t visit all the blogs I used to read every day. There are still a handful that I follow via RSS and drop in now and then.

    I wanted to see the results of your last poll and take this one.

    I selected only Facebook. I have essentially stopped using all the others, except for Twitter and rarely interact there, any more.

    I do not like Google+. I’ve thought about it and tried to come up with specific reasons, but it’s more of a visceral reaction. It just feels like a waste of time for me.

    On the other hand, I spend several hours a day interacting with my friends on Facebook. It fits like an old glove and I really enjoy going there.

    I’m spending most of my time re-strategizing and redesigning my major websites and that’s where I’ll be putting the great bulk of my time and effort going forward.

    Apropos to your commenting poll, I added Facebook comments to two of my main websites, but don’t know if that’s going to make any real difference in readership or conversion rates. I’ll know a year from now.

    Good to “see” you, again. (grin)


    1. Hey John, so good to see you up and around my friend :thumbup_tb:

      I’m not surprised that you’re going to stick with FaceBook, being a fan and all. I hardly ever log onto FaceBook whereas I will Tweet and Google+ on a daily basis.

      Wish you all the luck with your websites and knowing how thorough and dedicated you are I’m sure you will do well.
      Sire recently posted…Can You Afford To Lose Your Lottery Ticket?My Profile

  7. I ticked the boxes for Twitter and Facebook because those are the two sites I use most. I have accounts with LinkedIn and StumbleUpon but don’t do much with them. Facebook shows up in your poll as top dog by a wide margin, which seems to reflect the general attitude – except for me. I’m doing something wrong here because I find almost no value in Facebook at all. Twitter, on the other hand, has turned into my favorite and most effective tool for promotional work.

    I’ve never been a “chatty” person, so I don’t do a lot of that anywhere, but I’ve made some friends and found some good people on twitter.

    1. Hey Allan, I actually picked Twitter and Google+. Twitter is my favourite because its so quick and easy.

      I think that considering Google+ is the youngest of all the social media sites that it really is doing pretty well. Who know, given time it may actually come out in front.
      Sire recently posted…WordPress Tutorials For The New UserMy Profile

  8. I would say that Twitter and Facebook are my preferred platforms that i had the best results with (although Twitter is way better then Facebook for my business). For Google +, i really didn’t have the chance to exploit all it’s functionality, so i’m going to leave it until i do.

    1. Hey Edgar, I reckon that once you give Google+ a go it may actually overtake FaceBook. It’s actually a bit like FaceBook and Twitter combined.
      Sire recently posted…Blogging Like Life Is All About ChoicesMy Profile

  9. Although I m not much into Twitter,Facebook rules and it drives traffic to us so we are more and more into facebook fans,rather than going after Twitter

    1. I get more traffic from Google+ and Twitter than I do from FaceBook, but then I have to admit I don’t have much to do with FaceBook.

  10. Twitter:

    Thats an interesting poll and somewhat expected results.

    I have learned a lot from you since I found your blog and started reading it and also observing you and how you deal with it.

    One of the biggest things I have learned from you is the way you respond to each and every comment and also that you take time to visit your commentators sites (if the have one) and comment on their blog.

    I used to reply to all comments in the beginning, but after hitting around 2500 visitors a day,there were so many comments, so I got lazy.

    But, since I found your blog, I have made a point to go back to all of my posts and reply to comments as much as I can.

    Any way, thank you for being such a wonderful blogger.
    Satrap recently posted…4 Simple Tips on How to Make Money BloggingMy Profile

    1. Hey Satrap, I’m glad that I was able to influence the way you blog in some way.

      As to replying to every comment, if I’m ever fortunate enough to have so many comments that it is impossible to reply to every single one, instead of not replying to any as some big boys are doing I will still reply to as many as I can thereby showing everyone that I still care enough to reply to as many as I can.

  11. What’s Your Top Two Favourite Social Media Sites.

    I like Facebook because the majority of my close friends are on it. Many of them are not tech savvy, but have figured out how to engage on FB. It’s very user-friendly to those unfamiliar with technology while allowing those more familiar to customize their presence. To me, Facebook still feels very personal and provides a great platform to stay engaged with my friends and family. It’s layout and high visibility of photos and videos keeps me engaged in the lives of those I want to share life with.

    1. Hey Soboer, that’s a very good reason to like FaceBook. Did you know though that Google+ does one better by allowing your friends to all get together via a video chat?

  12. It’s interesting to see what stops people from commenting. Thanks for the breakdown by percentage. I was surprised to learn that closed comments had the highest percentage. The last one about Blogger blogs also surprised me. I don’t know why a Blogger blog would deter someone from leaving a comment. Is it, maybe, the look and feel of the blog? Just curious.

    Thank you, Sire!

    1. Hey Allyson, it’s not all that surprising about the closed comments because if comments are closed you can’t really comment :wink_ee:

      As to Blogger blogs, in my opinion people don’t like commenting on them because they simply don’t like the commenting system. Most of the time you have to wait for something to load and then load again as it provides a captcha or something. Most people are too busy to go through all of that,

      1. Oops, sorry about that, Sire! You’re right, you can’t leave a comment if comments are closed :) Sorry, I actually meant to say that it surprised me that a lot of people won’t return to a blog that has closed comments.

        Thanks for the explanation about Blogger blogs. I didn’t realize those blogs take you through so many steps just to leave a comment.

        1. Most bloggers share their knowledge and if they’ve read a particularly interesting post they want to add to it and you can’t do that when comments are closed. It’s really disappointing, especially when it is a particularly long post and you persevered to the end. Once they realise that that comments are closed on that particular blog they tend to go elsewhere. It’s sort of like having a guest over and not allowing them to talk. I reckon they won’t be itching to come back either. :cheese1_ee:

          As to the blogger blogs, I think it all depends how they have it set up. You don’t know until it’s time to comment so I tend to not not bother.

  13. Great poll Sire! I agree that if a post has a fewer comments or none, I wouldn’t read the post. Also try to engage your readers on your blog, ask some questions or create a poll. I love reading your tips :)

    1. Thanks sanjay, I like coming up with them :smile1_ee:

  14. Another benefit of having comments is the fact that it freshens up a page for the search engines and gives an added bonus in the rankings because of that. There are really so many great reasons to engaged with your readers through blog commenting that I don’t see why people don’t have comments enabled on their blog.

    1. Perhaps they don’t feel comfortable interacting with people or they simply don’t have the time. I know it seems weird to us but they must have their reasons.

  15. I always tell people that I train or my customers that successful social marketing campaign works the best when a person or a company become social. First of all, existing customers are the target, 2nd communication on any topic, even personal is a good way to leverage the strategy. Well again, after I submitted my vote, I am not surprised that I see the top results as two of the “most social” networks to be at the top. The others have never really worked quite well and G+ is still to “young” to say anything.

    1. Isn’t amazing though that even though Google+ is so young it is outranking a lot of the older ones. I’m sure it’a only a matter of time before it becomes No.1

  16. I’m surprised that “Need to subscribe” didn’t take the top spot! Lazy people like myself don’t like to confirm our email addresses and log in unless it’s a really, really important comment!

    1. Yeah, I’m with you on that one Carly. But then again it did come in second and then when you consider what was first it kind of does makes sense.

  17. These are great tips for increasing how many blog comments are left behind. I feel that the content sometimes influences the comment rate the most and even if the other aspects aren’t met, if the comment can really fuel some sort of emotion in the reader, they are much more likely to leave a comment.

    By the way, interesting survey results, I wonder how that will change in the next few months as Google+ gains more popularity.

    1. Comments are very important which is why I’m always telling people ways of improving them.

      As to Google+, yep, only time will tell.

  18. My personally, I’m interested to see what Google+ does, and Google in general really; since they announced this morning that they bought Motorola’s mobile unit.

    I think social media is so important and while it may be time consuming, it pays off. I totally agree with the subscription analysis. I just feel like they’re trying to collect something, so I tend not to comment.

    Thanks for this post! Found you via google by the way.

  19. I chose Google+ and StumbleUpon. G+ because the conversations are much more organic. It takes a little while to build your circles and get conversations going if you are not well known, but the responses are usually quality. I like StumbleUpon to find the best content to share. For interaction however, Twitter would be my second choice. Noticing a lot more spam on Twitter, so I’m wondering how much longer it will be an effective communication tool.

    1. Hey, good points all around Hugh. I have to admit that StumbleUpon was the first media tool I ever used. I think it would be better if more people left their thoughts as a review though rather than just stumbling and running. That would make it more of a social media tool.

  20. Hello Sire,

    I’ve been using Face book and Twitter as my means of social media. Since it is widely used and lots of real people than bots or alike.
    I’ve also heard about the new Google+1 and don’t know if these will work for me. But many said that it a good social media tool too.


  21. I’ve chosen Facebook and Twitter. I’ve been using facebook since its inception with the college students only crowd. I really enjoy using it, and plus I have liked the groups and fan page features it offers. I also like twitter because of the instant interaction, and instant news that you can obtain from it.


  22. I chose Facebook because there are more people on it. However I think Long run Google+ probably has better implementation and will be the preferred network. The average person like my family and personal friends aren’t likely to be on Google+ yet.
    Ned Carey recently posted…What Is the Best Strategy for Today’s Market?My Profile

    1. I’m with you on this one Ned. Look how much it’s grown in such a short while. As Google improves the way it looks and works I’m sure more and more people will become members.
      Sire recently posted…Update On Buy Online Lottery TicketsMy Profile

  23. It’s good to see that you reply almost on every comment, this makes sure people do not lose interest and let them know that their comments are important for you. Even polls are a good idea to know how many people are actually visiting your posts. And by the way, interesting points which stop people from commenting. I personally don’t comment on posts which has no comments because I feel, I may be wrong here, that the owners are not accepting comments.

    1. Hi George, I do try to reply to every comment because I believe its the right thing to do. Not replying to them would be like ignoring your guests when they are visiting.

  24. In the poll I voted for facebook and twitter, as they are the ones I use and know.
    I know many of those in the list by name only
    Regarding comments, I have not voted in the survey but I like to express my opinion now
    Pop-Ups are the worst thing I can find on a website, so I never read a blog with such advertising
    The other two things that discourage my comments are Third Party Comment System and Blogger Blog

    1. Hey Albert, FaceBook and Twitter definitely seem to be the most popular but I reckon that with time Goggle+ will definitely move up some.

      Regarding popups I’m amazed people use them when you consider that it pisses off so many readers. I suppose they feel it’s worth it as long as they get people clicking on whatever they’re offering.
      Sire recently posted…Have You Been Getting Warnings From Avast?My Profile

      1. There are different types of pop ups.
        I can not stand if they are too invasive, or if they are not contextual
        In any case they are not my favorites, as a visitor I much prefer banners (static or flash)
        If I find banners interesting, I click them with pleasure, forgetting all monetary implication that I could find

  25. I voted Facebook and Twitter because these are the ones I use the most currently (but Google + has more potential than both imo).

    On your point earlier Sire, where you said “It’s A Blogger Blog: only 16% said they wouldn’t comment on a blogger blog. I occasionally do but only if I know the blogger.”

    I have a Blogger blog, what do you see as the problem with commenting on one of those? Please can you elaborate.

    1. Hi Roz, I believe I have commented on your blog, must be because of your infectious smilie I reckon, and the one thing I have against them is the comment form. Too many hoops and all I wanted to do was leave a name and url. It wouldn’t even accept Sire, first time ever for that, and I had to use Peter, my real name. :lol_ee:

      The other thing I don’t like about the comment form is there is nowhere to subscribe to see when someone replies to my comment. :annoyed_tb: As far as Blogger is concerned it would be a good idea to actually use a third party comment system to resolve some of these issues. I think Intense Debate is one that could be used.

      Hope that helps.
      Sire recently posted…Learning How To Save Money Can Make You RichMy Profile

      1. Hahahha, well I do appreciate you persevering to leave a comment Peter :tongue3_tb:

        Actually you left one before as ‘Sire’, but anyway, I have to agree that it’s not a good comment system particularly for not knowing if you’ve had a reply imo. :blink_tb:

        I will have to get around to checking out Intense Debate.

        1. Yeah, I know, but when I tried to leave on yesterday as Sire it wouldn’t accept it, kept asking for a real name or something?

          Let m know how you go with Intense Debate. I think it should work as I saw another blogger blog using it
          Sire recently posted…A New Milestone As My Mail List Hits 50My Profile

  26. I chose Twitter and Google+. I really like Twitter for the obvious reasons…it is great to keep in touch with my followers and customers. It gives me great opportunities to update my followers on new developments, etc.

    I really like Google+ though the more I try it. I love how you can separate posts so that only certain people see certain posts!

    You are correct though…a blog should have great content. Social media for a blog only helps others get to the blog. The challenge is to keep providing great content to make people return.

    Thanks for the post as always!
    John recently posted…Planning your internet marketing budget to maximize your chances of successMy Profile

  27. Based from my experience, I stop commenting to one blog because of the rude blog owner. He actually told me that “do you think you’re contributing something to the community?” Actually, its a much longer reply from him but that part had the greater impact to me as a newbie commentator before LOL Anyway, I haven’t visited his blog since then.

    1. Yeah, I reckon he could have approached it differently. If he had done it without being rude he would have retained you as a reader as well as showing others how he wanted people to comment on his blog.

      1. Yeah, I do hope he learned his lesson. Otherwise, he’ll end up losing more commentators visiting his site. Oh well, that’s his problem anyway. haha

  28. “it makes no sense at all to do all that interacting on social media sites to get people to visit your blog and once you get them there you fail to continue that very interaction that got them there in the first place!”

    This is to awaken all :) Social media should really begin at home. Great post!

  29. A very nice survey. It certainly seems like Facebook is ahead by a very large margin. Twitter and Facebook are indeed being preferred by a lot.

    1. Yep, but Google is catching up.

  30. You have done a good survey Sire, must appreciate! It’s important to have comments over your blog. I believe that it’s important to keep your comment box always open for people to comment. Never keep any limitations or a deadline on the comment box as then people would not be able to comment over your blog. What if some people just read your blog and would have some queries over it? How would they clear their doubts?

    1. That is a good point Patrick.

  31. I’d still comment a blog if my comments were ignored if I’m interested enough in what the blogger is saying, but getting comments back does help – thanks for always replying on this one! :)

    1. I sure do try Kayla.

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