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So, Have You Been Stumbled Or Not?

Have you ever wondered whether one of your posts had actually been stumbled? Well you could type in, which can get quite tiresome, or you could drag the following link, Stumbled? to your “Bookmark Toolbar Folder”, thereby creating a little shortcut on your FireFox browser. Now all you have to do to see if a particular page has been stumbled is to surf to that page and then click on the shortcut you’ve just created. A great way to check to see if someone who claims they have stumbled you, actually did.

I only wish that I was the one who came up with the javascript for that link, but alas, that must go to the rightful owner of this post.

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Peter Pelliccia

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  1. Ahh.. interesting trick. Yet another item added to my Fire Fox.. Aye.. its getting full.

    Domain Structures Last blog post..To EntreCard Or Not

  2. Maybe you need to do some spring cleaning? :jittery_tb:

  3. Twitter:
    Truthfully, I know I have never been stumbled because I haven’t created an account over there. I figure I’m on Technorati, and that should be good enough. I may be wrong, but for now it’ll have to do.

    Mitchs Last blog post..Lots Of Twitter Information

  4. Mitch, you don’t have to have an account to be stumbled as those who do have an account, such as yours truly, stumble you. So you may be wrong in assuming that you have never been stumbled.

    1. Oh really? I never knew that; I wonder how I’d know if I’d been stumbled then.

      1. Man, you must be having a bad day Mitch, as the answer is in the post.

        1. Twitter:
          What I meant was, since I don’t have an account there, unless someone told me I wouldn’t have any idea how I’d find out.

          1. If you drag the link in my post to your FireFox “Bookmark Toolbar Folder” it will embed itself there, then all you have to do is surf to any particular post and click that link. If it has been stumbled by someone it will tell you.

  5. I know that I get stumbled because I stumble it myself. Sure, it is a bit cheeky but gets the ball rolling and brings in some more people. Anyone here want to add me to their friends in stumble?

    that’s what i need to work on – connecting with other stumblers.

    add me:


    Seans Last blog post..Are you Globally Literate? Probably not.

  6. Hi Sean, nice to see a fellow Aussie. I used to stumble myself until I heard that it was the wrong thing to do and would end up working against you.

    I could do with a few more stumble mates so I reckon I will add you to my gang.

  7. Hi Sire,

    As usual you’re providing really useful stuff for people like me. I’ve just added this short cut. It’s cool man. Hey BTW I just stumbled your post on Alexa and gave a short comment too. Can you tell me if I’ve done it correctly.It’s been sometime since I SU anyone.


    Work At Home Ideass Last blog post..Link Love-Links Round Up No. 8

  8. You know what I have been wanting to find a function like this and I’m glad I found it here. It makes it all the more convenience for me. Thanks for sharing it, Sire. It has its place on my toolbar now.


    Blog for Beginnerss Last blog post..Stop! Step Back and Think! by Miss Gullible

  9. No problems Yan, glad to be of service. As for the little tool, I find it very useful.

  10. No worries Peter, you did a good job. I used the link to check and it shows that your stumble and comment worked like a charm. Thanks mate.

    Sires Last blog post..My Attempts In Capturing Water Drops

  11. Hey Sire,
    I just discovered a SU Exchange. When you stumble others you are awarded points. When others stumble you your points get deducted. No sure how good it is, but when you have some time, take a look and let me know if you think it’s worth doing this?

    Peter Lee
    p.s. not seeing your commentluv option again. Maybe conflict with keywordluv?

  12. Hi Peter, I actually caught this comment in Akimet’s spam filter. I highly recommend against joining this site. I did a quick search and found this post in relation to suexchange.

  13. Hey Sire,
    Thanks for telling me. Good thing I checked with you. I’ve removed my account.


  14. No worries mate, what are friends for if not to help each other out.

  15. Very cool Sire, I want to use stumble more as a way of giving back to the blogs I read. In fact in general I want to do more sharing of the Luv, linking, tweeting etc.
    .-= Ned Carey@Baltimore Investing´s last blog ..Review of The Go-Giver =-.

    1. I’ve heard that by giving one also get’s in return Ned. It may take time but they say that karma never forgets.

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