I’ve mentioned a few times how I am a member of several community blog sites and of those writingup.com was one of the most popular. As popular as it was it didn’t managed to survive which is why I am always telling the serious blogger how they should have a blog on their own domain.

Anyway, I had quite a good time on writingup, and as it turns out I was a bit of a mischievous flirt. I wrote a poem there that I called, Sire’s So Stupid, and as I recall it got quite a few comments, as did Ode To His Women, that I have posted on one of my other blogs. Perhaps some of you used to be members of the now defunct writingup, and if so you may well remember some of the bloggers in the following poem, or even in Ode To His Women.


Yeah! You heard right. Sire is Stupid!
Who else but Sire feigns to play Cupid?
The only thing he did that was sane
Was the Ode To His Women, that is plain
As for the rest, lets put it to the test
And see how his stupidity reigns the best

Forever does he try, to look up sassys skirt
For he has heard her arse is so pert.
Then you all know how its spookys pants
And his attempt to get into them put all in a trance
Thank God for Diva Jamaicana’s sobriety
She tries to make Sire acceptable to society
And Bornsandy, without you Sire would be lost
If not for you Sire from WU would be tossed

Sire’s so stupid, his quotes are crude
But Inquest is there to change the mood
Sire’s so stupid he always posts of money
Yet Skouba’s there to remind him it ain’t funny
Sire’s so f’n stupid he always gets sucked in
To such challenges as Quantamamas stupid postin’

Sire’s so stupid, he talks of himself in the third person
Sire’s so stupid he will never learn his lesson
Sire’s so stupid, though he will fail this test!
Sire’s so bloody stupid he will still think himself the best!

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