I’ve been blogging for several years now and I thought it might be interesting to see exactly how many posts I managed to come up with in that amount of time. I’ll start with the oldest blog and finish with the newest.

  • Well Blog Me: The first post was dated 16th April 2005 and to date has 1429 posts with 749 comments.
  • Blogsire: This was my first serious blog, and the first post is dated 16th Nov 2006. The tag line ‘Blogging The Money Way’ was actually no. 1 on Google for ages but now sits at no. 2. It has 871 posts and 1,103 comments
  • SbizzTech: I started this blog to try and get the business and technology tasks offered by the paid to post sites. I started it April 12th 2007 and it has 106 posts and, strangely enough 106 comments.
  • Load Of Bullshit: First post on this blog was on 24th Jan. 2008. This site is about exposing all the BS around the globe and gets quite a bit of traffic. It’s got 180 posts and 905 comments. One of my favorites, I’m only sorry I don’t have the time to update it as often as I should
  • Scenic Adelaide: My first photo blog was born on 28th of Jan 2008. Even though it’s only got 69 posts it has 309 comments.
  • Photos 2 Blog: The first post on my second photo blog took place on 25th June 2008. While Scenic Adelaide has photos of Adelaide and surrounding districts, I use this one to post any photos that I find interesting. It has 30 posts and 130 comments
  • Wassup Blog: Well, what can I say about this blog. It has to be my favorite. The first post was on Aug. 1st 2008, and although it’s not quite a year old it boasts 148 posts and 3,997 comments.
  • Top Software Online: My newest blog has only 2 posts and no comments to date. I’ll be using this blog to test some of the software that’s for sale on my online Top Software store. First post dated June 5th 2009.

So, in total I have posted 2835 articles that have amassed 7299 comments. As you can see the bulk of these comments are on this blog, and I attribute that to several factors.

  1. It’s a DoFollow Blog
  2. The Top Commentators plugin
  3. My reciprocating all comments policy, or at least those I feel are worth reciprocating, which is most because I delete the really bad scammy ones.
  4. Using this blog’s link when commenting on other blogs

This naturally does not include the hundreds of comments that I have deleted because people have not been following the Comment Policy.  If nothing else this should highlight the importance of a good commenting regime, not only in answering those who comment on your blog but returning the favor by leaving a comment on their blog.

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