The year is 2013, the day is the 2nd of January where hundreds of thousands of Bloggers from all over the world have congregated to hear Sire the most renowned blogger ever speak about the coming year. They’ve been waiting ever since the day before when the event was supposed to take place but Sire never turned up. His minions explained that Sire did a bit too much celebrating on New Years eve and was too busy chucking up to present himself to his loyal followers. He would however present himself on the morrow and although dejected people decided to stay rather than to lose their spot.

Many were wondering whether he could outdo his performance which was touted as a massive flop. One has to wonder whether they are here to bask in his greatness or in the hope that he will once again he will make a public spectacle of himself.

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All of a sudden the murmuring of the multitude died down as they noticed something was happening on the stage. Was Sire finally appearing. People waited in suspens. Then suddenly, al lone figure appeared, a figure that was magnified on screens all around the complex. Indeed, it was Sire and as people recognised him they all started to chant his name. Sire, Sire, Sire! The roar was deafening but died down suddenly when Sire lifted his hands demanding silence.

Welcome Bloggers, welcome to a new year. We are here today because we have survived all that Google has thrown at us throughout all of last year. Stuff his Panda and all his other animalistic updates. Even rumours of the world’s demise has come to naught and we are still here to proclaim our mastery of the blogging world.

As bloggers we can bring down the mighty or we can turn the mundane into heros. The words that we publish are read by the multitudes and the way we string them together can  sway them, turn them from their false paths thereby leading them to the paths of righteousness and prosperity.

But this is not an easy path. We must work diligently, supporting each other in order to fulfil out dreams. No longer will we write falsehoods in order to suck people into joining our lists or to fleece them of their hard earned cash by writing bullshit reviews. NO! For that is the way of degenerates who are only interested in themselves.

The multitudes started screaming in unison in adulation of Sire’s wise words. Once again he raises his hands for silence and the ruckus instantly dies down.

You are here today because you want to better yourself. Because you’re tired of the minuscule Adsense earnings. Because your are tired of the poor traffic and lack of affiliate sales! You are here today because you want to finally realize what you have always been promised, that blogging will make you RICH! Listen closely everybody because I am about to reveal to you all the secrets that have been kept from you all these years. I am about to make you all millionaires!

The resounding noise was deafening and went on for ages…..until I rolled over and turned off that bloody alarm! Wouldn’t you believe it, the whole thing was nothing but a dream. :devil_tb: :tongue_laugh_ee:

Joking aside, I believe that 2013 will be a great year if we continue to push forward. Join my list so you do not miss out on any following posts, posts that will tell you about my latest niche blog, why I started it and how I plan to make it one of my most profitable enterprises.

Happy New Year guys and lets hope it turns out to be all that we wish from it.

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