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Hands up all those of you who haven’t been affected by blogging in one way or another? I’m willing to bet that there are quite a lot of you out there who, like myself, originally took up blogging as a way of making money, or of promoting one site or another, but have now fallen in love with it. I have to admit that no matter what I’m doing blogging is lurking somewhere in the thought processes of my mind.

Honestly there are even times when while making love to my wife a blog post suddenly pops into my head and it’s all I can do to stop myself from climbing off of her and rushing to the computer so I can write up a new post. Shit, I know that if I do that she’s going to put my balls through the wringer, honestly kids if you don’t know what a wringer is you should ask your mom, but then if I don’t the climax is going to blow it right out of my head. It’s really a no win situation, except for the mind blowing sex part that is. :devil_tb: :thumbup_tb:

Anyway, it was about 4 a.m. while at work, I’m wearing shorts and it was about 2.5C when I had this sudden light bulb moment and this post just popped into my head. I’ve seen a lot of memes out there and it’s quite possible that someone else has already done it, but I thought it would be a great idea if we could share with each other something unique about the place where we live. It could be your home town or it could even be homeland.

Let me explain. I’ve already done a few posts about things that are unique to Australia. There was the one about an actual living tree house where a husband and wife brought up their family. Then there was the one about The Whispering Wall which is a dam with unique acoustics that allows people from each end to whisper to each other. Lastly I did a post on The Morning Glory Cloud, once again something that is unique to Australia.

OK, now I know that I get people from all over the world who pop in to read my posts and I know a whole lot of them are bloggers, who may occasionally be stuck for something to write about. Well not only will this give you something interesting to write about, it should also lead to some incoming links.  All you have to do is write a post about something unique or interesting about where you live, linking to this post and asking your readers to do the same. Drop me an email once you’ve done that including a link to your post and I will post that link on this post just under this heading.

Naturally it would be embarrassing for me me if no-one took this on so I would appreciate it if you didn’t let me down.  Naturally you should also Tweet or stumble this post to get the word out. :tongue_wink_ee:

Interesting And Unique Places Around The World

Meditation Center: Ramana who lives in Pune India has just written a post, complete with picture, of something that unique to where he lives.

San Bernardino California: Josiah’s post tells you about McDonald’s  birthplace and how the hot rods storm past Route 66 on a yearly basis. Thanks Josiah, that was really an interesting post.

Introduction To Cave Exploration: Check it out as James guides us through the Makahambus Cave which is roughly 30 minutes from the City of Golden Friendship.

(Your Link here)

Oh, yeah, something else we have that’s unique is the biggest rocking horse in the world.

World's Biggest Rocking Horse

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  1. Mitch beat me to the punch Sire. I have done the honours. My post will go live tomorrow morning at 1000 hrs, Indian Standard Time. Look forward to seeing your comment there!

  2. I think i’ll give this a go and shoot you an email later. I definitely have a couple unique things about my little city :)

  3. Twitter:
    We’re an anomaly, central New York. We have the world’s most polluted lake in Onondaga Lake, then the number one best tasting water in the country about 40 miles south from Skaneateles Lake, as voted on in some big contest last year. Of course, we’re also known as the land of a thousand lakes, although that’s obviously an exaggeration, but we have water all over the place, fresh drinking water that other states are now clamoring for.

    And they can’t have it! lol :twisted_wp:

    1. Cool maybe you can send some down here. We would have more but the other states keep pinching it, something that I reckon they would have been shot for if they did it in the States in the days of the old Wild West. :guns_tb:
      Sire recently posted…The Validity Of Old Sayings As Per EmailMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        Heck, if we’re not sharing with other states, we’re not sharing with anyone! lol

        Truthfully, it’s my belief that within 10 years New York will be forced to share water with other parts of the country that don’t have much. That should be an interesting Supreme Court challenge when it happens.

        1. Now while that would be something to see it’s not quite unique as far as the US goes. :innocent1_tb: :wink_ee:

          1. Twitter:
            I’ve never thought about other countries fighting over this same type of thing. Meanwhile, I count 4 typos and one really weird sentence. I think that beats my 1 for 5 of my posts. :tongue2_tb: :cool2_tb:

            1. Cool, that means I win. :tongue_laugh_ee:

  4. All bloggers have this passion writing about their certain niche but this is my first time to read about stopping themselves while making love because suddenly an idea just pop out in their heads lol. What is unique about where I live is the fact that I live in a narrow place with interesting kinds of people. Just like living in a jail cell lol.

  5. Wow, Sire. Blogging has become a fairly large part of my life though I don’t think it’s consumed me quite as much as you’ve described in your experiences (haha!) Thanks for sharing!

  6. I think i’ll give this a go and shoot you an email later.

    1. Cool, the survival of your comment may depend on it. :devil_tb:

  7. I’m not sure if there is anything unique right where I live, but their is certainly unique things in surrounding areas like the giant loonie. That rocking horse is cool.

      1. Actually, opps! lol It’s a Tonnie, not a Loonie and I did.

        1. Cool, all you need to do now is to link to this post so that I can link to yours from within the post itself.

          1. It’s right here

            1. I know where it is Rose, I’m just waiting for a link to this post so that I can link yours from within this post where more people will see it.
              Sire recently posted…The Validity Of Old Sayings As Per EmailMy Profile

  8. Thanks Sire. This certainly gave me an idea on what to post next to my blog. I’ll try to scour around my city and check out what is worth posting about it. Hmmm… pollution, noise, crime, corruption… nothing unique about these. Perhaps I’ll try to look at the brighter side this time. :) I’ll shoot you an email once I post one.

  9. I’ve got a huge oak tree next to my house. The oldest tree in the district. :)

    1. Any history to that tree that you could write about?

  10. I like where i live because am using my own blog to brand my own country. Am very proud of what am doing. blogging is fun because everybody can share what he likes most for other people to see it.

    Great post!.

    1. Well then why not post about something of interest where you live, whether it’s your town or country, and share it with us.

      1. Aright, I will do that very soon.

        Thank you and keep up the good work.

  11. In the town i live in are so many things that are worth mentioning, that i think my comment is going to be the longer ever in the history of blog comments :))

    1. The idea is to write a post about it Jenny, linking to this post and then I will link to yours. Of course you would know that as you read the post. :rolleyes_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Taking Off Your Clothes For The Greater GoodMy Profile

  12. Well I am a newbie in the are where I currently live so I currently know about unique things in this area

  13. Hmm, that actually happened to me before (while making love with my wife then a good topic to write comes to mind…) though I was powerless that time to write after the deed, good thing I was able to remember the idea the following morning.

    I haven’t tried writing about the place where I grew up before, but I think it could only be a hit if many are really loyal in following every blog post I publish.

    But anyway, I enjoyed reading this one and I also realized something, that I may have to practice photography (referring to Ramana’s blog entry). Thanks for the great read Sire :)

    Jason Acidre

  14. Saw your giant rocking horse, Sire. Do you have the shite from it? Its worth gold, you know!


  15. Hey Sire,

    Got my post up a couple days ago. I sent you an email but maybe you didn’t get it. Name is linked to post ;)

    1. Nope didn’t get the email, and thanks for joining in. That was a really interesting read. I sure would like to see those hot rods one day.

  16. Sire, oh Sire, oh where have you been?
    Stuck with your nuts in the wringer again?
    If you’d been cavorting in Funsterland far
    You’d-a seen a little treat for you down my sidebar.

    That gorgeous button’s been up for 10 days
    but you’ve been caught in your wash wringer daze.
    You’ve flitted ’round blogs — okay that’s just fine
    But now get your arse on over to mine!!
    Jannie Funster recently posted…21 Donuts Of LoveMy Profile

    1. Jannie, Jannie, what can I say?
      I’d like to put it this way if I may?
      Work’s been a real bitch you see
      And all my free time has left me

      That button I went and saw
      What a surprise, need I say more?
      It’s so nice of you to place it there
      Almost as nice as a nice firm pair :devil_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Reviewing MyLikes As An AdvertiserMy Profile

      1. I like to see more of this kind of comment exchange. :)

  17. Thanks for considering very different topic for our future planning. Now i will look what is unique in my hood.

  18. Hey man,

    When a bulb goes off in my head forget about sleep man. My mind will be racing through things. I will be high on life for about a week. If the idea goes on longer than that then I feel like I have a great idea!

  19. Hey, I just improved the sidebar button I made for you by overlaying a light blue font onto the words “get linked today,” making it much more visible, snappy and PERFECT!!!


  20. Twitter:
    Sire, that’s a weird way to win; maybe that’s why I’m chasing you around in chess :doh_tb:

    1. A win is a win Mitch, and as for chasing me around, man, I’m just trying to wear you out before I lay my big move on you :lol_tb:

      1. Twitter:
        Didn’t quite work out that way :tongue2_tb:

        1. Yeah, that’s because I’m saving it all for future games :laugh_tb:

          1. Twitter:
            You must be; you’re certainly chasing me around, for once, in one of our games. But I’m gonna get you anyway. :ponder_tb: :surrender_tb:

  21. While I started blogging to make money, I have a serious case of addictive blogging going on! :)

    If anybody is starting a 12 step program for blogging sign me up! LOL

  22. I have 2nd largest banyan tree in the world 5km away from my house. I live in Bangalore, India. You can see it Here. Worlds biggest banyan tree is in Andhra Pradesh, India.

    1. I have visited that place.It is really a big tree.

  23. It’s not unique but I know Mahatma Gandhi visited my hometown back in 1931.

    1. Mahatma Gandhi Visited my hometown in 1933.

  24. Very interesting concept, Sire. I’m looking forward to more people sharing unique information about their homeland.

  25. I must compliment your honestly, Sire. I was quite amused by how determined you are whenever an idea pops in, and under all circumstances you’ll able to capture it well. :-) Well, one thing I love is the tranquility, and a 15-20 minutes drive to the beach and most of all, it’s home. ^^ I would love to do a post like this in my personal blog in future. Until then, I’ll be sharing this out for sure. ^^

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  26. this is really great and interesting post. Salt Mountain (Khewera) in Punjab, Pakistan are also interesting places, these are the valley of food salt.

  27. Interesting article, I have no problem to found things to write on my blog because in my town Marbella on The Costa del Sol, have we so many problem with a whole corrupt Town Hall, including the Major, illegal building license and many more things. The positive is that Spain has just won the World championship in football. Viva Espania.

  28. I actually fell in love with blogging before I knew it as blogging. Probably about 2002 some friends got me into the world of Live Journal. Granted, I got into that mainly to keep up with some friends, but there is a weird love you can develop for having anyone in the world being able to read your thoughts. It is oddly addictive.

    PS – WOW, that is quite the rocking horse, indeed!

    1. Yep, and although it doesn’t actually rock you do get quite a view if you climb up it.

  29. Been a resident in India for quite a while and I gotta say this – it’s a good country with good people but they need to pep up their lives a bit. Many average families in India lead such monotonous lives, it boggles me – but I guess they are used to living this way. Many men, here in India, are ardent workaholics who seems to slave away their whole lives so they can get their daughters married.

  30. Mabuhay from the Philippines :) Mabuhay is a casual greeting in the Philippines which means hello.. Philippines is an archipelago in location at Southeast Asia. The country has became popular for its BPO services, beach paradise, the beautiful native Filipinas.

  31. There is a Japanese Friendship Garden in the middle of downtown Phoenix.. not the place you would expect something like that, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

    I’d personally like to hear someone talk about Melbourne… it looks like I might be taking a vacation out there next year! :)
    Kristi recently posted…Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup &amp Best YouTube Campaign EverMy Profile

    1. Really? What brings you to Melbourne Kristi?

  32. I grew up in a place named Faulconbridge in Australia. Just a small town with no much going on. However it is the only place in Australia and one of few in the world to contain every vowel in its name. Impressive?

      1. Thats near Sydney in New South Wales.. :)

  33. Well, where I live it’s known as the “City of Trees”. There honestly aren’t that many trees in the city anymore, but a local artist a few years ago decided to “plant” some custom made trees made of metal in the downtown area.

  34. There’s nothing unique about the place I live but I just want you to know that your article gives me a huge smile when I’ve read the lines somewhere in the second paragraph.:) We don’t know really when an interesting topic to post would appear in our mind, it just pops up at any moment.:)
    Anne recently posted…DUI Voids Life InsuranceMy Profile

  35. Twitter:
    So Sire, did you learn anything from this particular post about what people find fascinating about their area? Seems like a lot of people don’t find their areas all that fascinating at all.

    1. Seems to me that most people don’t know that anything of interest exist around where they live Mitch. I don’t find that unusual. I didn’t either until I had to show visitors around.

  36. The Isle of Man has the oldest continuous parliament in the world, but even so the majority of people have never heard of it! I’ve found that more people know about manx cats (the ones woithout a tail) than have heard of the Isle of man.

  37. Hey,

    I am originally from Wales but I live just outside of Chester in the UK. There is an old law in Chester that allows anyone with a crossbow, after 8pm, to shoot a Welshman. I don’t think anyone would get away with it but the law still stands.

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