In my last post I wrote about how things were tracking with my lottery ticket site. I related how although it had only been three months it had already attained a PR3 ranking. I also mentioned how although it ranked #1 for certain keywords in Bing and Yahoo it was doing pretty dismally where Google is concerned. I failed to mention though that it had an Alexa ranking of 500,994 which I think is pretty damned good considering it’s age.

One of the things that I love about blogging and cultivating good comments is that doing so usually results in useful information. Sometimes those comments may result in another post and other times they could result in valuable information that the blogger can use. This time they actually resulted in both. Like the comment left by my mate Mitch of I’m Just sharing.

And only because it’s you I’m going to tell you why. I ran some stats on just your main page for that blog. First I ran the term “lottery tickets” and on your entire first page, which are all your latest blog posts, you only use that phrase 10 times out of 3,688 words. You only have one link highlighted with that term out of 197 links. That’s not going to get it done.For the term “lotto tickets”, you at least have that in your title tag, but this time you only used the phrase 4 times and only have 2 links.In other words, in the world of SEO Google has you ranked lower because you’re not using your keyword phrases enough. I didn’t have to put in the 3-word phrases because in this case the 2-word phrases were bad enough; 3-word phrases would be even worse.And there you go; you know I wouldn’t do it “for free” for anyone else but you. And now, back to the chess whipping! Mitch Mitchell

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Then there was the comment left by Marion.

Now the question is if you chose the keywords correctly… I checked on Adword Keyword Tool how many searches “buy online lottery tickets” have on Google. It has only 58 global searches per month with [Exact] search, so if you get #1 for this keyword in SERPs you’ll have an average of 2 per day!!!Then I verified the “online lottery tickets” keyword. It has 590 global searches per month, so if you’ll be ranked #1 for this, then you’ll have an average of 19 visitors per day.Now my advice is that you should find some more searched keywords and make SEO on them, rank your website well for them and then you’ll see that it can be possible.P.S. “online tickets” has 9900 global searches per month. It means that if you get your website #1 for this keyword, you’ll have an average of 330 visitors per day. :)


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Both Mitch and Marion, who from this day forth shall be known as the M&M’s :lol_ee: both made some very good points that are keyword related. Naturally I knew that Buy Online Lotto Tickets wasn’t the best keywords to target, Market Samurai told me that, but I thought it would be the easiest option as they were in the domain name. Still, like Marion suggested the amount of searches for those keywords are minimal.

Taking their advice I decided to change my tactics by focusing on more popular search terms, like lottery tickets, and by ensuring that they appeared more often in the blog. Whereas other bloggers, including yours truly, uses the footer for placing widgets and such I thought it would be more SEO appropriate to use it to optimise the blog for those search terms. You can see what I mean by checking out my SEO optimised Footer.

Finally, there was the comment left by Nik.

Just some quick observations but it appears you have two H1 tags on that site, try removing one. If I were you remove the “become an affiliate one” since google is not in love with affiliates.Also the ratio of different domains vs the number of back-links is very low. You might want to spread your wings a bit.What I mean by the ratio is that you have a lot of backlinks coming from a few domains. I believe yours is 90 domains to 5000 back-links. So spread your wings and get links from a wider variety of domains. To many links from one domain could be seen as spammy.


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At first I pointed out to Nik that they were H2 tags, because that was what I thought I inserted in the post, but as it turns out Nik was right and I was able to correct the error. So, I made some changes and I will now concentrate on increasing my backlinks making sure I spread them out over a greater range of domains.

While this post may point out some important SEO facts it points out something that is almost as important. I’m talking about the importance of leaving quality comments on a post. You just never know when your comment will lead to your blog or site being included in a post. :drunk_tb:

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