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Sedo For Buying, Selling And Parking Domains

Doug’s post is For Sale! has got me to thinking that perhaps I should lighten my load by selling some of my own sites. Let’s face it, 9 blogs can be a bit much to handle and if I can get a half decent price for one or two of them I’d be foolish not to sell them. Once sold I will have the cash in my pocket and more time to concentrate on my existing blogs.

Doug mentioned Flippa as a site that flips or sells websites, but after checking them out I decided they weren’t for me. I did a bit of searching on the web and I’ve signed up with Sedo who I think offers all the tools needed to buy and sell domains through a very large community of users that come from all corners of the globe.

Using their facilities it is also possible to sell established sites, as long as they meet some simple criteria. Like I said I’ve only just had a quick look around and from what I can tell it involves submitting traffic stats that I assume is used to establish the value of the site. If the stats don’t meet their requirements the site is simply listed as a domain sale.

You can also use Sedo to park your domains which I’ve heard can be quite profitable. They explain Domain Parking as;

Domain Parking is a simple way to earn money from your domains’ natural traffic. If you have registered domain names, but they are not currently being used, then domain parking is a great way to put those domains to work earning you revenue. You can make money without even lifting a finger! The idle domain is used to display relevant advertisements – every time a consumer clicks on one of the advertisements you earn money.

I’ve listed three sites with them as domains and am now waiting for them to be processed which apparently takes a couple of days. I will keep you updated as to how things progress.

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  1. Great! You earn even if your domain sits idle. If the blog for sale id really old and profitable with some great content selling them will be very profitable. There are many people who start a blog and work on designs and all that stuff and sell them off for some great amount of cash, SEDO sounds wonderful option for buying and selling. The people who do not want to spend too much time in building up a blog can buy directly from here.I think its cool and smart way to business.

    1. Sedo does look really good and unlike Flippa they don’t charge to list your sites, and from memory they take 10% for the sale which seems pretty fair.

  2. Good luck with those sites Sire. How much are you aiming for?
    .-= Asswass´s last blog ..Worst day of Traffic to your Blog or Website? =-.

    1. I’m aiming between $500 and $800 depending on the site, and some luck would be good.

      1. $800 bucks?! I guess I understand now why they always advise to buy a new domain name for any new profitable keyphrase you come up with. (The other less costly option is using a subdomain).

        The advantage of using a domain name, I see now, is that you can have the option to sell them later at a much higher price. You can’t do that with a subdomain.
        .-= James M.´s last blog ..Update to Keyword-In-Domain-Name Experiment =-.

        1. That is an advantage if your intention is to sell it in the future. That wasn’t my intention when I first took on these domains. Heck if it was just the money I could hold on to them, build up the traffic and sell them for even more as established sites, but I just don’t have the time.

      2. Wow, that’s a big amount. Good luck, Sire. :)

        P.S. For some “reasons”, I’m not entering your contest. But I’ll help to promote it via Twitter and Facebook. :)
        .-= Jacob Yap´s last blog ..Envato Birthday Bundle – $300 Of Files For Just $20 =-.

        1. Thanks Jacob.

  3. I have used Sedo for years for parking domains (which earned me a little cash), while the website shows the domain is “For Sale” and they have a pretty advanced negotiating system. I have probably sold more domains through Sedo than by any other service I have tried.

    I have never tried to sell a Complete Site before, as it would not be the same as parking a domain name. I am interested to see how this works for you Sire.

    Please keep us up-to-date on your progress and I wish you much success, as I will probably follow your lead if it works :)
    .-= Doug Dillard´s last blog ..Adding Videos Can Liven Up Your Site =-.

    1. I’ll let everyone know how it goes with a followup post. I’ve actually listed them as domains rather than sites as they don’t have much traffic and I’m not sure that they will qualify. One is a PR2 blog so I may reconsider that one and up the ante.

      1. So if you don’t mind me asking… what are the domains you are selling?
        .-= Doug Dillard´s last blog ..Adding Videos Can Liven Up Your Site =-.

          1. Those are all very cool. Maybe you should put a link or banner on the top of each of those sites letting visitors know they are for sale. You can just make the link go to your Sedo page.
            .-= Doug Dillard´s last blog ..Adding Videos Can Liven Up Your Site =-.

          2. Thanks Doug, that is a very good idea.

  4. I hope you get some cash for your websites. Please let us know if they got sold. Greg Ellison
    .-= Greg Ellison´s last blog ..Have you done Affiliate Marketing =-.

    1. No worries Greg, I reckon it will make a good Update Post.

  5. This is great to know! For some reason, I had thought you had to pay up front to “join” Sedo, so I avoided them. I have all sorts of domains to sell :) so I just need to take the time to list them.

    And Sire, good luck on selling the blog!
    .-= Christie´s last blog ..Why aren’t my trackbacks working? =-.

    1. Nope, which is why I’m willing to give them a try, and I reckon I may need a little luck. :thumbup_tb:

  6. I think that could be a great idea. I can’t imagine myself handling 9 but you certainly did quite a good job with them. Wish you best of luck and hopefully get the price you desired. I’ll be spreading the words for you in Twitter, hopefully some will be interested. ^^

    Do you have a link to your selling offer?

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..WCHINGYA.COM Is Now A Do Follow Blog (Free Images)! =-.

    1. Not yet Ching Ya, mainly because it takes two business day for them to process the domains, but I will be sure to amend the post once I have the link.

      1. Great! If I missed it, do give me a nudge in Twitter if you’re on it. I’ll try to check back as well. ^^

  7. One blog can already consume ones time. So much for nine blogs. I can not imagine how one could maintain nine blog and create a good traffic for each of them. If any of these blogs are not giving any revenue, then an additional money for your pocket by selling out some of these blog will not be a bad idea.

    1. Actually Mitch that blog is part of the BlogSire domain and so it can’t be sold on it’s own. I’d have to sell BlogSire.

  8. I suppose one does the best he can with the time allocated him.

  9. I’ve also listed a few domains with SEDO that I bought before launching TechPatio when I was still thinking about domains to pick – so far nobody showed any interest in them :(

    It’s domains such as techledge, allthingstech, all-things-tech etc.
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Most Popular Camera On Flickr: iPhone =-.

    1. Well Klaus, at least you didn’t pay for listing them, and you never know when someone may take some interest.

  10. You know Sire I read Doug’s article too and it got me thinking that I should do a little house cleaning, but my biggest issue is parting with domains that I know will be worth some serious loot kin the future.

    All two words and a couple of one word domains, I treat them like real estate, haha except I hope the value goes UP!
    .-= Extreme John@Extreme John Blogs and Business´s last blog ..How Important are Your Passwords =-.

    1. That could actually apply to me as well John, especially with two of the sites. Man, now I’m having second thoughts. Maybe I should just sell the photo blog :ponder_tb:

  11. Hey, glad to see you are doing some house cleaning! I’m thinking you are moving in the right direction, seeing the article topics i’ll be covering for you ;D

    Good luck in the sales.

    Tony Tovar
    .-= Tony Tovar´s last blog ..SEO your way through Ebay Partner Network Changes! =-.

    1. Thanks Tony, I’ll keep my fingers crossed as far as the sale goes.

  12. It will be interesting to hear how sedo works out. I, unfortunately, have a few sites I have kind of neglected myself, which is amazingly easy to do when you consider the upfront cost of an unestablished domain…
    .-= Robert@Wheelchair Guide´s last blog ..A Look at Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts =-.

    1. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop Robert. As soon as anything happens I will be sure to do an update.

  13. Mitch, in regards to Cool Blog Links, it’s just that I do not have the time to promote it properly, and the money would come in handy for my SLR. Depending how the contest goes I may pull it from the sale as it’s the least time consuming site.

    1. Twitter:
      Well, you’re right in the time it takes to promote such a site, which is somewhat non-traditional.

      Ah yes, the infamous SLR; good luck! :wink_wp:
      .-= Mitch´s last blog ..The Changing Face Of Spam =-.

      1. Well, I’ve changed my mind Mitch, and Cool Blog Links has been withdrawn from sale.

        1. Twitter:
          And there you are. I think the other two will market better.
          .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Awkward Family Photos =-.

  14. I was a SEDO affiliate and sent them a few leads including a $8,000 domain sale and never got anything from them. Have also dealt with them to buy domains – completely useless, can’t get hold of them for love nor money.

    The best place to sell established sites is probably SitePoint. SEDO is a bit more domain value-centric.
    .-= David´s last blog ..Supply and Demand for SEO in the UK =-.

    1. David, that’s shocking. How long ago did all this happen? Also, what was their reply when you obviously confronted them with the situation?

      1. I couldn’t be bothered to deal with it. I know the $8,000 domain was bought using my affiliate link because I was there when it was purchased. The people who bought it offered to contact SEDO to find out why I had not been paid a commission, but its not worth it with SEDO – their customer support is useless. I also had other things showing up in my account, but was never paid any commission

        1. Well, I reckon I will soon find out how good their customer support is as I’ve just left a ticket.

          Too bad you didn’t pursue it though, especially as the purchaser was willing to back you up.

  15. Hi Sire,

    This is a very timely post for me as I am about to sell my first website. I have been in discussions with a potential buyer but I may still list it with SEDO to see what the market will offer. The domain might actually be worth more than the site itself.

    The domain is “Your Fresh Start” but the site is for a house cleaning business… Anyways thanks for reminding me to consider SEDO.
    .-= Boris @ Scratch My Back Marketing´s last blog ..How Would You Like To Acquire A Free Do Follow Link From Google? =-.

    1. No worries Boris. If you do list it with Sedo I would love to hear of your experience with them.

  16. I just happened to check out Sedo. Its cool & I believe the day I intend to sell, it has a potential of turning profitable. No two minds about it. I am glad I took time to read you.

  17. You have made the right choice when using SEDO. I have been using them for a while now and even received money for parking my unused domains through them. They also have a new feature now “one click or two clicks” which entices even more a visitor to click on ads. One thing I never did figure out very well is their auction marketplace. I have tried several times to list my domains there and was not yet lucky to get listed.

    I am curious as to why you said that Flippa (ex sitepoint) is not for you. Why do you say this? I am asking because I am thinking of trying them out for some blogs to flip. Will appreciate your feedback.
    .-= DiTesco @iblogzone´s last blog ..4 Ways To Make Money With Twitter =-.

    1. Call it the Scrooge in me, but I just didn’t want to pay the submission fee, especially as they were going to take a percentage anyway.

  18. sedo is perfect for domains with organic traffic, i used to have and account on sedo and i earn a nice income. You can monetize your website by parking it, while waiting for someone to buy it.

  19. Thanks Chris and Alternat, I appreciate the input.

  20. Twitter:
    I’ve had a bunch of domains on Sedo for over a year now and never made a cent. I have to admit though, I did no promoting at all and didn’t pay to have any appraised.

    Just a quick warning related to flipping domains. I had someone contact me personally after seeing my domains on Sedo. They offered $6,000 for 10 domains but wanted appraisals first. I was very excited until I realized it was just a scam from the appraisal website which he owned. He insisted they be appraised there since he ‘trusted’ them and it was actually his site. $150 per site for appraisals.
    .-= Brian D. Hawkins´s last blog ..Extreme Ezine – Social Edition | Aug09 =-.

    1. Thanks for the tip Brian, and if anyone asks me about domain appraisals I’ll tell they can do so at their own costs.

  21. I am about to sell my first website. I have been in discussions with a potential buyer but I may still list it with SE DO to see what the market will offer. The domain might actually be worth more than the site itself.

    1. SEDO will probably do the job for you, but if your looking for a quick sale it may not be your best option.

  22. I’ve been looking at flippa myself, but to buy, not sell. What is it that put you off?
    .-= Ste@Playstation 3 Consoles´s last blog ..How To Get a Free PS3 =-.

    1. Just that they expected money up front and as there was no guarantee of a sale I didn’t want to part with my hard earned money. It’s free to list on SEDO, and although their commission is higher I don’t care as they would have got me the sale.

  23. Sedo was completely useless for me. I had my domains listed with them and parked with them for about 3 years. Not one lead and during the same time I sold 3 or 4 domains all well above $5000 by buyers simply contacting me directly using the email address for the domain owner. I was averaging about $3 a month in parking. I got fed up with them for their stupid limit rule for listing domains over $10,000. I took all the domains away and took parking to my godaddy reseller account. Last month they made $63 in PPC. That is about 20 times more than Sedo. I am upset that I lost on the extra money for 3 years but happy that I realized and stopped getting screwed by sticking with sedo. I am so mad at Sedo that I am spreading the word about my experience with their lackluster parking revenue.

    1. Hey KT, I still haven’t any luck with them and am considering looking for some other site in the hope that I’ll get a better result.

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