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Scientific Revelation Explaining Why Some A Listers Are Assholes

One thing that I dislike is when people talk down to others as if they’re better than them. I’ve noticed this happens more often when those doing it have have obtained a position that puts them above others, whether it’s money orientated or position orientated it doesn’t seem to matter. What I find strange though is that not everyone seems to be affected.

I decided to look into it and after a fair bit of research I came across an article by a Doctor Frederic Noitall! Apparently, according to Fred the reason it only affects some people is because they have a dominate gene that affects their character. Doctor Noitall calls this gene the dumbass factor.

I found it extremely interesting so I sent him an email with my theory that certain A List bloggers were showing the same traits that he covered in the extensive journal my brains - let me show you themthat he published. Interestingly enough he emailed me back asking for proof of my theory and so I sent him several links to blogs, either that of certain A Lister bloggers or to ones where they commented.

After a while he emailed me back saying that my examples would fit perfectly into his thesis that he was working on. I told him that was great and asked if he would be willing to answer some questions as to why these people act the way they do. He agreed and the following are the highlights to our conversation.

Sire: Hey Doc, I know how busy you must be so I got to tell you how pleased I am that you have taken the time to answer some of my questions.

Doc: No worries Sire, it’s my pleasure, and I must add that after reading the interview you did with Maddy Cuttsworth, that it’s an honor to be here with you.

Sire: Why thanks Doc, that’s so nice of you to say so. In regards to these bloggers Doc, why is it that certain A Listers tend to look down on others in the same field, do they actually think they are better than other bloggers.

Doc: It’s pretty sad really, you see it’s all because of a dominant gene that lies dormant until the person reaches a position that puts them above their peers. This could be coming suddenly into money, running a profitable business, gaining fame as a celebrity of one form or other which naturally includes some of these so called professional bloggers.

My theory is that once they’ve obtained this position their elation causes a gland to secrete some hormone that activates the gene and then they become, well for lack of a better word, assholes.

Sire: Right! So the others who have obtained the same position act as they normally would because they do not have that particular gene?

Doc: That’s correct.

Sire: Is there anything that we can do to snap them out of it?

Doc: That can be quite difficult. You see the problem lies in the fact that they actually believe they are better than everyone else. I’ve noticed in some of those links you sent me that the blogger concerned, even when a commentator left a brilliant comment showing him how his post had some false assumptions, was completely oblivious to his most reasonable argument and went off on a tangent trying to substantiate his position.

Sire: So what can be done?

Doc: Well what I would really like to do is to get a hold of one so that I can cut into his brain to see what parts are being stimulated by the hormone released by the, what I like to call the ‘wanker’ gene.

Sire: (Laughs) Well I can’t see that happening anytime soon Doc. Before you go, I think my readers would really like to know what characteristics to look out for so they know which A Listers are affected.

Doc: Well, most of them tend to be very arrogant and there are times when they like to belittle those they are talking to. They tend to show symptoms of grandeur which is why they like to brag about how much they earn. If anyone disagrees with them they will usually throw this in their faces saying that they don’t know what they were talking about because if they did they would be earning the same sort of money.

There are also some that would tear pieces out of another persons blog if it didn’t come up to what they believed to be the correct standard. They might, as an example, berate them because they were displaying too many ads and things to that effect.

Sire: So, we should feel sorry for these people?

Doc: Not at all. Although the gene triggers off this less than appealing disposition they do not have to adhere to it. They can with a little effort change their habits but choose not to, which is what makes them assholes.

Sire: Thanks Doc, it was great having you here, perhaps once you complete your thesis we could do another post discussing your results.

Doc. It will be a pleasure.

Well, there you have it guys, now we know what causes some A Listers to become assholes.

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  1. A great reading, really love to read that thesis if you provide us the link Sire.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..GreenParty – Two Column, SEO Friendly, Adsense Ready Professional WordPress Theme =-.

    1. Glad you had a good read Arafat, and I’ll be sure to do and update post as soon as the Doc’s finished with his thesis. :tongue_rolleye_ee:

      1. I hope the doc hurries up! I’d like him to answer rather this is contagious in any way because the number of affected seems to be increasing!
        .-= Kimberly Castleberry@wordpress help´s last blog ..A Critical Review of Katie Freiling’s Unified Tribe & Manifesto =-.

        1. Docs rather busy so it may take a while Kimberly. I’ll keep hounding him for it though.

          1. Sire, you never cease to amaze me. Aside from blogging, you got some talent in poetry and in painting. Now, I think you’re also into script-writing. :)

            I for one would want to see at least the summary of the thesis once it is completed. :)
            .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..First Computerized Election: Quicker Poll Results =-.

            1. Yep that’s me, a man of many talents :wink_ee:

  2. Brilliant! Haven’t laughed so hard in ages. I think though that a lot more people have the wanker gene than just some of those who rise above their peers. :-)
    .-= Steve Youngs´s last blog ..But It Was Just One Comment =-.

    1. Even though the post is totally tongue in cheek Steve, truth be told there are a lot of people out there that this post could have been based on. :downer_ee:

      1. Very true, mate. Sad, but true.

  3. Just as I always suspected. What a fine piece of research. You’ll probably get as Nobel or a Pulitzer for this important work. The world will always be in debt to you. You are a great man, Sire…a great man.
    .-= Ray´s last blog ..Link Building – Traffic From Search Engines =-.

    1. Why thanks Ray. If this post ever ends up getting a Nobel or Pulitzer I’ll be sure to mention all of my brilliant commentators that inspired me. :thumbup_tb: :drunk_tb: :tongue_laugh_ee:

  4. Haha! It’s great when you can get science to back up the fact that some people are a-holes!

  5. Hello Sire, I come here via Mitch Mitchel’s blog and I enjoyed a good laugh.

    The genetic touch is very nice indeed. I went through a life time of handling A List assholes who were called narcissists then. It was believed to be psychological problem. Some years ago, I had a particularly bad specimen for a boss and invested in a book called Narcissistic Leaders, Who Succeeds and Who Fails to understand him. It may be worth your while to investigate.
    .-= Rummuser´s last blog ..Gutteria. =-.

    1. Welcome to WassupBlog, if you’ve come from Mitch’s blog you must be well read. Tell you the truth Rummuser it was Mitch who gave me the idea for this post. He posted a link during one of our chess games which resulted in this post.

      That link sounds like an interesting read, I may have to check it out.

    2. Oh indeed they’re a narcissistic bunch indeed! That looks like a great book, thanks for sharing! Having one for a boss is especially rough!
      .-= Kimberly Castleberry@wordpress help´s last blog ..List Building – The Cornerstone of Internet Marketing =-.

  6. I think it’s awesome that you found an Australian doctor (ala:wanker). Perhaps you two can collaborate closer in the future.
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Comment Contest: 5 Days Left! =-.

    1. Not to worry Dennis, now that I have him within reach I’m going to pick his brain every chance I get.

  7. I hit retweet, which for some reason took me to the tweetmeme site so I could “allow” it access, and it says it’s tweeted…..yet not showing in my account as tweeted.
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Comment Contest: 5 Days Left! =-.

    1. That usually happens when you’re not logged in. Don’t let it stop you Dennis, I’m sure you can find another way to Tweet this post :wink_ee:

      Heck, just had another look and it’s there so looks like you got it to work….YAY!

      1. Yea it showed, minutes later.
        .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Theme Customization 5- New Pages, Tabs, and More! =-.

  8. I have met several of these people and it’s nice to know it’s a genetic malady. Maybe there is a medication for this. If not for them then for us! :blink_tb:
    .-= Anne Bender´s last blog ..Readers’ Voice: How You’re Making Positive Changes for the Environment =-.

    1. I’m not sure if Science has developed enough to solve that problem Anne. It may be left up to us to do something about it. :guns_tb: :laugh_tb:

  9. I have come across several of these assholes & some of them NOT A list bloggers.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Daughter suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder =-.

    1. I asked the Doc about that Rose and he reckons they could be A Lister wannabes.

      1. I believe the good Doc is right.
        .-= Rose´s last blog ..Daughter suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder =-.

      1. Nice one Ned, I wish I came up with that one :doh_tb: :lol_tb:

  10. Hilarious post! I have an idea for a cure for people with this unfortunate malady. They need to regress back to when they didn’t believe that they were at the helm of their field. This regression therapy could be facilitated by hypnotism, medication, or simply finding out when they lost all of their friends. Then, they should be put on a strict diet of “humble pie” until an improvement in their behavior is seen (via their blog posts of course).
    .-= Chuck Edwards@Weight Loss Tips´s last blog ..How to Lose Weight at Home =-.

    1. I’m glad you liked it Chuck, and I believe there’s also another remedy we could try, electric shock therapy :devil_tb:

  11. These people make ME feel better about myself. Before I wanted to hit them in the face with the closest hard object, but now it does not bother me. When they die they are going to leave their money behind to the 21 year old girl who is now messing around with the pool boy. I love building relationships with good people. Aholelisters… post cut off since they don’t deserve my time. Good day.
    .-= Anthony @ Innovatively Simple´s last blog ..Why I Dislike the Movie Theater =-.

    1. Anthony, the problem is that they have enough followers they don’t need us. The bright side is that if they keep acting the way they do they will lose those followers once they take off their rose colored glasses so they can see them for who they really are.

      1. Karma is a b my friend. I’ve see a lot of successful businesses last a few years and then BAM. Down the drain. I just feel this change coming along in a few years where people aren’t going to use crappy businesses or services. I could be wrong though. As a side note, I see you are using a sticky footer. How are you liking it?
        .-= Anthony @ Innovatively Simple´s last blog ..Why I Dislike the Movie Theater =-.

        1. If by the sticky footer you mean my new SkysaBar, I like it fine. :cheese1_ee:

  12. Ha ha…

    Thanks Sire, I just about pissed my pants!

    I actually had a few of these A-listers in my mind when reading that. :)

    I needed that laugh, been a mixed day for me, 3 years ago today my dog passed away, she almost reached 16 too, good innings, but… :(

    Nice one fort that! :D
    .-= rob sellen@portland bill´s last blog ..Portland’s sunset on the beach =-.

    1. Rob my condolences.
      .-= Rose´s last blog ..Daughter suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder =-.

    2. Sorry about your friend Rob. It must be hard having to lose a good companion. I’m glad the post cheered you up a little mate, and even happier that it didn’t go so far as actually making you piss your pants. :tongue_laugh_ee:

      1. Thanks Rose, Sire….

        Here is a pic of her, she was the best, smallest German Shepherd I ever saw… smart as hell too, she knew I am deaf ;) :D
        .-= rob sellen@portland bill´s last blog ..The Portland Bill site and what’s next =-.

        1. That was a great picture Rob, thanks for sharing mate.

  13. It seems to me that there are many more of these “wanka’s” that are NOT a-listers. They seem to think everyone that does things a certain way, or that may be different, or even the same but main stream, must be assholes so they insist on talking sh*t about them.

    I don’t get why people don’t just go on with there own business plan for there own site and stop worrying so much about the next guy.

    Reminds me of how I have to talk to my 5 and 9yr old “Stop worrying about what he is doing, worry about yourself before you get your ass in trouble!”

    Anyway, I have had a few conversations with some of these so-called “a-listers” and for the most part they are just as human as the rest of us (well, other than Brian Clark, and he is just a pure asshole) but also have to deal with many more people holding every move they do under the microscope.

    Anyway, as usual, I got a chuckle out of it :)
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..Meet James Richmond =-.

    1. Yeah, I know that assholes exist everywhere but it’s no fun having a go at them. A Listers, now they are a different kettle of fish, and if some of my readers can relate this post to the way they’ve seen some of them behave, well it’s their own fault.

      Notice that I didn’t single any individual out? That’s because I don’t want to force my opinion on others. Just because I think someone is a wanka doesn’t mean that someone else would agree with my perception.

      That’s great advice that you’ve given your kids too Keith. Hopefully they will remember it.

      1. I have given that same advice to people I thought were friends, but they insisted on worrying about everyone around them, and continued to act like their opinion was the only one that matters.

        As I stated in a recent post “Rid myself of worthless fakes that I was networking with”.

        The thing that makes you a stand up dude, whether I agree with you all the time or not, is you actually have more class than most (including me) and seem have thicker skin.

        Some people insist on showing their true identity (I see one comment here in particular, but I won’t single anyone out) and I don’t deal with it all too well sometimes.

        I wasn’t trying to force my opinion, I just can’t stand that guy :)

        Anyway, all but one comment here is really great conversation, and I always enjoy reading your articles and the comments left after…. something I suspect many of these A-Listers may miss out on (the conversation).
        .-= Keith´s last blog ..Social Media Soap Opera =-.

        1. Thanks Keith I do try and having a thick skin is easy when you’re online.

          As to the A Listers, I’m pretty sure that unless their name is mentioned they’re not going to drop by my blog, which is fine because although there are lessons for them to learn most of them wouldn’t see it.

  14. I had my suspicions for along time but it’s at this post I must acknowledge your a much better blogger then me, Last time I said that was when Kristi went Flying by me. Dude awesome. One thing I like about my blog vs yours is you get scallywags around here STILL CRYING LOL
    Loving every minute of it
    I recently had to for the 1st time ever BAN SOME Slick talking poison :) I like the plugin you can track how many attempts they made and leave em a custom message To sweet :)
    Peace man Great post
    Thanks for all your support and friendship
    .-= John Sullivan´s last blog ..Ten reasons your blog loses fans =-.

    1. Don’t know that I agree with you about me being the better blogger John, maybe one day mate.

      Thanks for the advice on the Topsy plugin too, that was a sweet find.

  15. I think it’s funny that many people equate success to money. “If you knew what you were doing, you’d be making money from it.” Why does that have to be the determining factor of successful people vs. non. I think it’s funny when people are shocked at how little my site actually makes – they expect that I must be making money from it, otherwise what possible success could I feel like I have? It couldn’t be because I simply enjoy blogging, or I find my success in getting more tweets / comments. :)
    .-= Kristi@Blogging Tips´s last blog ..Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & What Social Media Is and Isn’t =-.

    1. That’s exactly right Kristi. I get the same thing but like I keep saying it’s not all about the money. For me it’s the enjoyment of blogging which is why I don’t take the time to do keyword research or a lot of the other SEO stuff, because it would kill the enjoyment factor.

      Like you I like to see people retweeting my post or commenting, and if I make a buck or two on the side, that’s just an added bonus.

      1. Exactly… I’m just happy at this point to be making my hosting and domain fees back. :)
        .-= Kristi@Blogging Tips´s last blog ..Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & What Social Media Is and Isn’t =-.

        1. Yep and I’m just happy that I get to see your smiling face when you pop in to leave a comment.

  16. I have nothing to add to the conversation but had to leave a comment to say this was awesome! Oh, and very creative ;) I’m loving the Aussie humour which has reminded me to stop by your comedy corner in your forum.
    .-= Eleanor Edwards´s last blog ..Rethinking Wealth and Prosperity – Community Post from @coblyn =-.

    1. Thanks Eleanor, it’s nice to see that my style of writing has some appeal for the ladies.

      Thanks also for reminding me about comedy corner, as I haven’t posted there for awhile.

  17. lol.:D really asshol A-listers..!
    and dude ..can you give me doc’s thesis URL
    .-= Dev | Technshare´s last blog ..8 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog =-.

    1. Afraid the Docs not online Dev but he’s promised me another interview so maybe I can post about it at a later date ;)

  18. OMG!!:):) I had quite a laugh. It makes so much sense. I mean regarding the gland… I understand a lot of people..You should go for a price!! Your blog rocks!:)
    .-= link building services´s last blog ..Buy .edu Backlinks: How to Get .edu Backlinks from .edu Web Sites =-.

  19. One of the most refreshing posts I’ve read. I too have noticed that there are a lot of A(hole)-listers out there. I think that those who talk a lot about how they make money are sort of less of an A-hole as those who talk arrogantly.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Why Is Braille on Drive-Through ATMs? =-.

    1. Yeah, I think rather than talk down to people they should tell them how they can better themselves.

  20. Twitter:
    Sire, you’re killing me! :lol_tb:

    Having said that, do you remember when one of those A-list guys told me if I wasn’t making money with my blog that I was wasting my time? I had someone tell me that same thing about my business blog. Whereas I’d love to be making big money, the truths are that I do make little bits of money, but I also don’t blog for the direct money, but for the long term. I enjoy it, it gets my name out, and who knows, right?
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Why I Created A Facebook Fan Page =-.

    1. Damn Mitch what took you so long in getting here, I was waiting ages to see what sort of reaction this post would get out of you. Thankfully it was the right one so it was all worthwhile.

      Yeah, I remember that, and I reckon it was the same guy that said the same thing to me. Some of them are really good and down to earth whereas the others are so far up themselves it’s amazing they can see where they’re going. :flush_tb: :dunce_tb: asses

      1. Twitter:
        You know, I guess it comes down to if that’s how someone is making their living that they see the rest of us as muddying up their turf. Too bad, though, since we’re not going anywhere.
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..What’s The Problem With Palm? =-.

        1. Not only that, there’s more of us than there is of them. Plus we go way beyond what they are willing to do, and I reckon they’re worried that they may have to change the way they do things if we keep it up.

            1. Yep, but some of them seem to have forgotten that.

  21. I want to refer to this as a very tongue-in-cheek post, but it so darn accurate that I’m convinced its medical fact! It sadly seems to be a dominant gene, affecting so many people!

    This reminds me of the behavior yesterday, when Mari Smith (and Mark Eldrige) announced they were closing ISMA and did a fully open-question-session. During the whole thing, a bunch of “social media experts” were on twitter badmouthing them. That behavior is disgusting!

    Thank you for the scientific proof we’ve needed!

    .-= Kimberly Castleberry@wordpress help´s last blog ..Make Fan Page FBML Welcome Tabs Easy! =-.

    1. Disgusting and typical of many of them Kimberly. The fact that they act the way they do in public just goes to show they actually do have some sort of psychological problem. :devil_tb:

  22. Sire,
    You are this goddess’s new A-list blogger ~ practically had an apoplectic fit laughing at this post ~ and I’m certain that the other “A” malady will never,ever afflict you, even when you’re raking in the millions (if you’re not already!).
    Bliss and blessings,
    The goddess known as Jacqui
    .-= Jacqueline Gates´s last blog ..The Goddess Guide to Finding your Purpose =-.

    1. Nope Jaqui, not an A-Lister and not ranking in millions either, but I do consider myself rich because I have all these wonderful commentators, such as yourself, taking the time to read my posts and to leave a comment.

  23. I like your sense of humour Sire and the fact that you took the time to put this post together.

    I Googled Dr Noitall and he features in quite a few interviews on subjects ranging from molecular physics to trans-mutational hyperbolic genetics. He is quite a talented character and obviously someone to be respected for his extensive knowledge base.

    Keep up the good work and the informative, expose style articles.

    .-= Michael Pedzotti´s last blog ..Do Inspirational Ideas Distract You? =-.

    1. Hi Michael, I’m glad you liked the post, I had a lot of fun putting it together.

      I’m amazed that you actually found something when you googled Dr. Noitall because he’s a fictitious character that I made up and if you sound it out you would get Dr. Know it all :tongue_laugh_ee:

  24. A good sense of humor is always a welcome surprise

  25. With so many ways to get their voice out… blogs, twitter, facebook, it seems like this is the predominant way to act. Even if you aren’t a celebrity you see this to a lower degree.. people posting status updates to show off their social status, and how cool they are… people in general just care too much about their self image… they need a dose of selflessness.

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