Save Even More Money With eBay

I’ve made hundreds of dollars on eBay, and all without selling a single thing. No, I am not trying to sell you anything that will promise you how to make a fortune, but I am going to reveal how I made all that cash, and it’s not going to cost you a thing.

The truth of the matter is that I have saved hundreds of dollars by buying products on eBay, and every dollar I saved means I have more money in my pocket, and in essence it is money earned. Here are some simple eBay tricks for safe online shopping.

  • You only shop for things that you need, because if you’re going to buy things just because they’re cheap you may as well throw your money away.
  • Only buy from those showing a feedback percentage of 98% positive or better. If others are happy with their service then you probably will be too.
  • Check to see that their delivery charges are not exorbitant. Some sellers offer cheap goods but slug you with a high postal charge. If you think their postage is over the top then look elsewhere.
  • Don’t just look at the item and the price. Check out the seller by clicking on their link to find out how long  he’s been operating and what sort of feedback score he’s got.
  • Is the product new? Watch out, many people buy something thinking it’s new when it wasn’t and it’s their own fault because they didn’t the product information carefully.

Follow these tips and you will have a pleasant eBay experience. If you’re not an eBay member, now is a good time to join as they are having their first ever Super Sale! No fooling, they are actually having their first ever Super Sale and you’ll find the latest brands and greatest deals from gadgets to gold, home-wares to handbags. They tell me that quantities are limited, so it’s best to get in early and grab a bargain before someone beats you to it. Remember, every dollar saved is an extra dollar in your pocket.

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  1. Very good ebay tips. One thing I would also mention is, especially if it’s electronics – if it’s way too good of a deal to be true, it probably isn’t. I got exciting seeing a brand new in package iPod for under $40. Feedback for the seller was excellent (100% out of 10,000+ reviews). But what happened was their account was hacked, and what I ended up with was a knockoff item from China that didn’t even work. It was in an iPod package though. So you have to be cautious.

    ~ Kristi
    .-= Kikolani @ Art of Blogging´s last blog ..Elements, Benefits & Tips for a Successful Weekly Blog Series =-.

    1. Sometimes you just can’t help bad luck Kristi. I suppose because of the account being hacked and all that you didn’t get your money back?

  2. Great tips. My company’s eBay store is an extension of our online store. Sometimes (and I’m sure other companies do this too) we have better deals on ebay than the main website to attract more customers in the sea of ebay items. So you might find better deals even when your dealing with a store you regularly shop with if you find their store in ebay.

    1. Thanks for that bit of info V Guy. It make sense, also isn’t it true that there are less overheads with an eBay store?

  3. You need to take even more information in than the percent I think. A 98% positive feedback rating is nice, but if the seller has 5,000 feedbacks posted, that means that they’ve got a good 100 people who were unhappy with their purchase.

    1. That’s why you also need to check to see what the negative feedback is as most of the times it’s because the buyers expectations were unreasonable. e.g. Buyers who complain about postage when it was clearly listed with the product etc. The trouble is that it’s almost impossible to make everybody happy. Thanks for your comment Bob.

  4. We’ve made a lot of money on eBay as well, both buying and selling. At one time we had an eBay store where we had hundreds of items in inventory. We closed the store down when eBay changed their store policies.

    You are right, always buy from folks with 98% or better. Plus, always use Paypal.

    Lastly, never click on an email eBay link. One time, we won something and immediately received the email stating we won and now pay. Well, it was a spoof email sent by someone watching the auction end. We were used to spoof eBay emails (phishing), but this person actually watched the auction then sent the spoof email.

    Btw Sire, got your message about a subscribe on our blog. We are in the process of converting our site into a blog, so everything’s about to change, subscribing options included. ;)
    .-= Colleen@Kennewick Homes´s last blog ..Kennewick WA Homes for Sale =-.

    1. Hey Colleen, that’s great news about the blog and subscription options. I think you will go great guns once that is installed.

      That’s also a good tip about being wary of email notifications. Thanks for that, I’m sure that others will appreciate it as well.

  5. Hi,

    I have bought a few things from eBay and your tips are 100%, investigate first before bidding or buying at item. Here in South Africa, we have a site called bidorbuy ( extension) and I follow the exact same steps.

    I would assume that you can do it for any auction site on the web, rather be safe than sorry as you don’t want to waste money.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Review of Serradinho Site by Thesis Theme HQ =-.

    1. Thanks for adding to the discussion George, and I reckon you are right in saying the tips may well work for any auction site.

  6. i have also saved on buying an mp3 player from the ebayit is fantastic & thanks for the steps regarding the shopping online

    1. No worries Alfred, glad to be of help.

  7. Sire thanks for those steps ,i am new on ebay but i understood all your steps & planning to buy a nokia handset from there with the 85% positive!& i am planning to have it with the 40% discount but after lookin at the huge discount i am little bit afraid that’s why i want some suggestions!

    1. David, I would be very wary of buying from anyone with an 85% approval rate. That is very low. Have you had a look at his feedback to see what the negative comments were related to. That may help you to make a decision.

  8. I love saving money. I went grocery shopping yesterday and when I picked out my cereal, there was a coupon for a free box of cereal under it. This made my day ;)

    I might have to see if there are some of my day to day essentials on eBay. I do the paypal thing and they always have special offers to save money on eBay, but the reason I don’t use eBay that much is kind of because of your first point (only shopping for what you need.)

    1. Well, that’s a good thing, Robert, the thing to remember is not to forget eBay when the need arises.

  9. Exactly.. Same as if I buy some stuff on Amazon, it is actually cheaper than buying in local stores even with shipping fee included.

    1. Yeah, I always try the Internet first and use the shops as a last resort. Man, I hate shopping.

  10. Thanks for posting these ebay tips. I absolutely LOVE shopoing on ebay. I do more shoping online that I do in person… hate the crowds :-) We just had an auction here in Dallas and I bought a lot of stuff that I’ve sold on ebay. Great way of making extra money :-)
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..FHA Extends Credit to Purchase =-.

  11. Sire, do you have any recommendations for how to see whether the seller is faking their feedback? I know that it has been very common to increase your own feedback for the same reason but you might have found a way to see through that?
    .-= Mikael @ Retire Early´s last blog ..The Importance of Knowing Where You Are Stuck (or Suck) =-.

  12. perhaps this link will be of help Mikael.

  13. these are nice buy and sell tips for ebay! of course feedback is very important starting point. its like a starting money for business.

  14. Thanks Tomo for your comment. I’ve always wanted to share things that I learn along the way and eBay just happens to be one of them.

  15. Twitter:
    Hi Sire, a while back, over a year ago, I tried selling digital products on eBay’s classifieds. I did alright but then I started finding some great deals as a buyer. The instant downloads with no shipping was a big plus.

    That’s a good point though, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.
    .-= Brian D. Hawkins´s last blog ..Ten Reasons To Start A Paid Membership Site =-.

    1. Yep, I’ve lived by that motto for years and it’s made me a pretty penny. lol

      BTW, I made my first ever sale on eBay yesterday. Reckon I may even do a post about it.

  16. Nice Post. With all the recent changes on eBay, and more and more sellers driving the price down, I think it’s got even easier to find a bargain on the site. For most everyday purchases I want to make, eBay is my first port of call to see how much I can save. I think more people are thinking like this in these tough economic times.


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