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Running Out Of Topics To Write About?

I don’t care how good a blogger, is I reckon that every now and again he or she is bound to come to a point that they have run out of ideas to write about. So what do you do when this happens? So you just sit there staring at the screen twiddling your thumbs or do you just write any piece of crap because you want to maintain your post quota?

The thing is that because there is always something going on in the world today it doesn’t take much to find an interesting topic to blog about. I use the Voxant News Room because they always have an interesting tidbit available. Take this satirical video where Candidate Sarah Palin calls Hillary Clinton asking for her support.

It’s funny and it is bound to raise some comment. Considering what a hot topic American Politics is at the moment you may even create a fair bit of interest with the search engines, but that is not the only reason that I use their service. Nope I use it because every time someone views the video or the news article, a little bit of cash gets deposited into my kitty.

I honestly love this site because it gives me access to a huge collection of video, text, and photos from over 300 news sources. Believe me, you need never be stuck for a topic again.


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  1. Twitter:
    That’s just wrong and funny at the same time! LOL Of course, Palin’s not the only beauty queen to try her hand in politics, so I’m not hating on her for that one.

    But you’re right, if one ever thinks they’re running out of something to say, the news will always bail you out.

    Mitchs last blog post..Since I Was On A Roll,…

    1. Not to mention the pittance you get for displaying the report. By memory I think you get paid per 1000 page views so if you have a busy blog it might actually work out quite well.

  2. Hmmm, you seem to be digressing from your core niche – Blogging Tips, Tricks, Blogging for Money, SEO….

    Though it’s OK once in a while but the last three articles are nothing related to blogging… experiencing writers’ block or something?


    Yan Shall Blogs last blog post..11 WordPress Premium Themes for $19.95?

    1. Actually Yan, I have never loved niches for the simple reason that I would never have enough to say if I limited myself to a narrow subject matter. Ask Mitch, he will tell you.

      Having said that I did include this post in the Blog Tips category simply because it can come in handy on some occasions, and with a bit of research you will probably find news items that will probably fit into niche blogs. Not that this is a niche blog….. :wink_ee:

      Oh, thanks for loving my avatar.

  3. Oh I forgot….I’m loving your new machismo avatar…


    Yan Shall Blogs last blog post..11 WordPress Premium Themes for $19.95?

  4. Nice, I may have to check that site out… something interesting must be there for my other niche blogs, heh. :)

    Lucass last blog post..Question and Answer Time (10 Sep 2008) – Answers

  5. I think that you should be able to find something of interest there Lucas. I know I always do.

  6. when i don’t have topics to write i simply don’t write. i won’t force hit. I can spend the time doing other things :)

    on the other side, it often happens to me, getting new topics to talk about when i am already full…. lol

    Hugo Santoss last blog post..Feeling Sick

  7. I can understand that, I just find the site very useful for getting the old creative juices flowing again.

  8. Thanks for the heads up…its actually quite nice to get a little extra cash every time someone watches a video on your site.

    Jason´s Last blog post..Titan xt250

  9. No worries Jason, these days every cent counts.

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