Many, many years ago shampoo companies used to have some simple instructions printed on their bottles that went something like ‘Wet hair, apply shampoo, lather and then rinse. Some time later marketers were looking for some what to increase the sales of their shampoos. Some bright spark said why don’t we add repeat on the end of the instructions. The shampoo labels the read ‘Wet hair, apply shampoo, lather, rinse and repeat. Just by adding this one word to the instructions caused the sale of shampoos to almost double.

Rinse And Repeat In Business

You may well have heard or read about the ‘rinse and repeat’ phenomena in relation to business and wondered what it was all about. Simply put, once you’ve found a proven method of making money you simply repeat your previous successful attempt in order to make more money.

The first time I used the rinse and repeat process was when I started my latest online lottery site to supplement the income produced by my first lottery site called Buy Online Lottery Tickets. My latest lottery site is called Get Online Lottery Tickets and is just starting to come into its own.

rinse and repeat

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Another way I’ve tried the rinse and repeat process by trying to repeat the success of my Candy Crush video by producing another walkthrough, but this time it’s a Candy Crush Level 288 Walkthrough

Speaking of which, now is a great time to embed my latest Candy Crush walkthrough.

You’ll notice that that video was produced in HD. I do this because of videos produced in HD have a better response than videos produced in lower definition. That’s why I replaced my old video producing software with Camtasia.

I’l give my latest Candy Crush video a few weeks or so before writing and update to see if my latest Rinse And Repeat attempt actually works?

Have you attempted any Rinse and repeat projects? If so, what were they and how did it work for you?


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