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Revitalise Your Blog Make More Money

revitalise your blog

Yes, if you want to make more money blogging, you must revitalise your blog! Even if you’re going to continue to make more money blogging, you must revitalise your blog. It’s essential to revitalise your blog to continue to increase the amount of money you’re making online.

Revitalise Your Blog Meaning

So, what do I mean when I’m talking about revitalising your blog? I suppose the best way to answer that question, is by telling you what I’m doing to revitalise my blogs.

Update Your Affiliate Links

It’s 2019, and I’ve decided to take a hard look at all my affiliates. Which ones are performing and which ones are not? The ones that are not converting I’ve given the flick. The ones that are I’m reviewing their landing pages as well as the banner images. Perhaps new banners will perform better. That’s something I should be doing more often.

Affiliate Banner Placements

We all know that the best place for advertising banners and affiliate links are above the fold. This is because that’s where the majority of views will be exposed to them. Not everyone will scroll below the all-important ‘fold’ of your post.

Revitalise Your Content Creation

Revitalising my content is especially important for two of my blogs that I’ve been neglecting. Mainly Well Blog Me and BlogSire! These were two of my early blogs, and because I’ve let them fall by the wayside, they have lost a considerable amount of traffic.

I am now writing more regularly on those blogs. This is important because Google is more likely to send traffic to a blog that is continually updated than to ones left dormant. Seeing as how these are the only two blogs that are still allowed to display Adsense ads I should push them so apart from increasing my affiliate sales I can also cash in on those Adsense ads.

In case you’re wondering how I lost Adsense on this blog, it’s because I was just Too Sexy For Google. As to my EzeSportsBetting blog its because of my Hot Sports Babes posts.

What are you doing to rejuvenate your blog?

Before you go, have you seen my Bonzer Channel yet? I’m always looking for new subscribers. I make sure my subscribers are well informed and entertained.

Those of you who are WordPress bloggers will find my latest video, Writing A Post Using The Gutenberg Editor In WordPress 5.0.

Other interesting videos include.

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  1. Your tips regarding affiliate links and banners placements are great but when it comes to content creation every blogger has a different stance. SEO experts like Niel Patel say that the frequency of blog posts don’t matter anymore, maybe it did in the past. So, what made you say that Google ranks those blogs well which are updated more often?

    1. Twitter:
      I said it because I still believe it to be true. Why would Google rate a site that does not post frequently, or not at all, over a site that does? That would just be dumb.

      Besides, I’ve noticed my traffic go up ever since I started posting more regularly.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

    2. Twitter:
      What Neil Patel says is if you’re writing long form content then frequency doesn’t mean as much. He’s putting together 10,000+ word articles, so he got a lot of SEO invested in his content. Since most of us aren’t going to come close to writing articles quite that long, having more content that’s useful is an excellent strategy.
      Mitch Mitchell recently posted…30 Mistakes You’re Making With Your BlogMy Profile

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