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Reviewing MyLikes As An Advertiser

While I’ve done a couple of posts on MyLikes as a publisher I thought I would put them through their paces as an advertiser. Out of all the blogs I own the one that has proven to be the most difficult as far as promoting it goes has always been my Top Sexual Aids blog.  The main reason for this is obviously the content of the site and while there is nothing wrong with sex as a whole people get a little funny about it when it comes to talking about ways of making it better through sexual aids.

I did think about giving Google Adsense a go but when they emailed me saying they would no longer present ads on that site I thought better about giving them money to promote it. I mean how does that work, they’re too high and mighty to run ads on there but it’s quite OK to take my money as an advertiser? Not bloody likely.

Then I remembered MyLikes and so I decided to give them a go. Setting it all up was a real snap, as you can see from the following image all that is required is a little information about your campaign.

You can even set a sample tweet to give your publishers an example of what you are looking for. I left this blank as I wanted them to use their imagination. You also want to set your cost per click and your campaign budget. At first I tried  5 cents per click bu this created very little interest so I raised the stakes to 15 cent per click, which worked a whole lot better.

Another thing you may want to take note of is the section where it says ‘In what geographical locations do you want clicks from?’ I chose that I would only accept click from the US because I figured this was the best way to get more click per buck. This means that although I’m getting traffic from the rest of the world I’m only paying for those who live in the States. At least that’s how I think it works.

So, how did it all go. Let’s look at Google Analytic for the answer.

You can see where the campaign cut in, the apex peaked at 84 visits which is great because I was only getting a couple of visits a day if lucky. Once the campaign ended I was still getting about 10-20 visits a day. What was really surprising is that spike near the end where it got to almost 500 visits for the day. I can only assume that one of those Tweets got the attention of a Twitterer with a huge following who passed it on causing it to go viral.

Overall I am very pleased with the way MyLikes performed and I would highlight the fact that the possibility of your post going viral, and the ease of use makes it, in my opinion, vastly superior to Adsense. At the moment traffic is still pretty high, so much so that at the writing of this post it’s ranked #7 on Cool Blog Links, and that itself is pretty cool, not to mention the click through rate on the products/affiliates I have on that blog.

If you’re already a MyLikes member all you have to do is click on the Advertise link at the top of your page. If you’re not a member it would be a good idea to join because it’s a double edged sword that works in your favor. The first razor sharp edge slices open the purse strings leaving it wide open for your Twitter earnings to fall in and the second opens your site up exposing it to the greater market that is waiting for you.

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about MyLikes. I didn’t really pay attention until I saw your analytics. I like proof!

      1. Question. How the heck do you get commentluv to show more posts? For the life of me, it will not do it for me. I have it set at 10 on I figured you would know since you use it as well.

        1. Anthony, just check that the settings at comluv match the one in WordPress.

        2. It’s easy. You’ll have to register for an account at comluv and wait for… usually, 24 hours. Then you’ll be able to choose between about 10 different posts when leaving comments.

          It’s great when you’re building links to posts.

  2. Interesting Sire. I have been using myLikes for a while now but never really got into it as I should. Maybe now is a good time to look at it again as I am launching a new website where advertising on myLikes may come in appropriately. Thanks. BTW, meant to ask you a question. I noticed on your sidebar a “widget” that is powered by my likes. Care to share how you did this? I’m curious as I do seem to find a way (or don’t know how), to do this from my dashboard.
    DiTesco recently posted…High Page Rank Article Directories- UpdateMy Profile

    1. Hi DiTesco, I liked the results so much I’m going to make use of their services again, and if I use my MyLikes earnings you could even say it’s not costing me anything :drunk_tb:

      As to that widget, if you click on the MyLikes link at the top of the page you then click on the ‘Embed MyLikes on your website’ link which is just to the right of your profile picture.
      Sire recently posted…Looking For US Citizens Who Buy Alternative Milk ProductsMy Profile

  3. This was very informative! I’m sort of new to the process and we’ve been looking into posting ads. The Mylikes is option is new to me and seems easy enough. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the information and the detailed steps!

  4. Hi Sire,
    Thanks for sharing this tips and am gonna give it a try now because my blog is just 2 weeks old and i need some traffic on it though.
    I will give you feed back once i sign up with mylikes..

    God bless.

    1. Hey Valentine, I hope you get some great results.

  5. Interesting stuff Sire. So, here’s the question. Can you earn a little cash first and then use that to fund a campaign? The MyLikes equivalent to using your Paypal balance to pay for stuff I’m thinking. That would be rather nifty :clap_tb:

    1. What it does Eleanor is use whatever cash you have in MyLikes and takes the rest out of PayPal. When I started my campaign I had about 8 bucks in my MyLikes account and so it took the other $12 out of my PayPal account.

      Because MyLikes deposits your earnings on a weekly basis, unless you’re earning heaps, I reckon most people will find some of the money will have to be deducted from PayPal.

      1. But it’s cool that the two are linked like that. Hmmm, I’m sat here with my thoughtful face on. I need to explore this more I think. I signed up for an account with them ages ago but had never sent a single tweet (until after I read this – I’ve just sent my first!)

        This has potential I suspect. Thanks Sire :thumbup_tb:

        1. Cool. The clicks probably won’t register for 24 hours, so don’t bother checking until then. Good luck, I hope they lead to a lot of bricks.
          Sire recently posted…Tuesday OZ Lottery Jackpots To 50 MillionMy Profile

  6. I have never used MyLikes for advertising, actually this is the first time I’ve heard about it. However it seems worth the attention. Thanks for the GA screenshot, I will definitely try this. If there is a referral system there please send me your link via email.

    1. Well Dianne, if you click on the link you can consider yourself referred. :wink_ee:

      Let me know how it goes.

  7. Sire, I love your top sexual aids site – and I have a background in human repro/sexuality etc scholastically… however, that said… you are running into a cultural issue at least with us Americans. Americans CHOKE the minute they see “AIDS” in relation to sex. Not aids = assistance but AIDS = HIV. I would suspect the cultural behaviors about such risks are different there, but I would never ever ever use that word in a primary title without a ton of disclaimer’ing, even though technically speaking its factually correct and harmless.

    I am glad to hear that they accepted this site content without flinching. It’s about time more advertisers grew up a bit. However, again, cultural issues surrounding sex and far easier to generalize to avoid putting google on porn sites than hand-review which was really needed in your cast.

    1. Kimberley, to tell you the truth I never thought for a moment that people would confuse Sexual Aids as being related to HIV. Trust you Yanks to get one confused with the other :rolleyes_tb:

      I’m glad you like the site too, and seeing how you have a background on the subject perhaps you would consider doing a guest post?

      I was a little worried as to whether or not they would accept it but I thought I’d give it a shot and it looks like it paid off. Lucky for me or I would be in the :flush_tb: :lol_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Looking For US Citizens Who Buy Alternative Milk ProductsMy Profile

  8. Selecting USA only traffic will mean that your ad is only shown to USA surfers. It’s useful to geo-target because some countries have less money to spend, therefore you will get better conversion stats from the others. Trial and error / testing is the best way to be sure, but in general “Top tier” countries are said to convert best.

    1. Actually I thought it meant that you only paid clicks from someone in the USA and although it meant that only people from the USA saw the ads and took the opportunity you’d still get clicks from their non USA followers which you didn’t have to pay for.

  9. Never knew about mylikes before but it was great to know that you really got out good from it! As per your analytics chart it seems that the traffic increased tremendously and even i don’t think its that easy from Adwords either..

    Anyhow, i would be trying mylikes and would surely put some feedback from my end..Bookmarked you ;)

    1. Will be waiting wit baited breath for your feedback nick.

  10. Wow that is a really cool experiment. You can see something happened there for sure.

    What happened after this? has any of the traffic stuck around? Did subscribers go up much?

    If not would you see it like a slot machine system? ie put some money into the system and see how much traffic spins out? So while traffic did increase was it still money well spent? we might not know for some time but it gives you another blog post doesn’t it.

    The experiments are important here. While you haven’t touched on more than just the fact that it brought in an increase in traffic, I still love that you are doing this and reporting it. It could allow you to test further things now. Like what if you put up an opt-in form for email list and see what happens there.

    I think I want to try it all out too!

    1. While not at that level Scott, traffic is still up. I’m not sure about Feedburner because I don’t check those stats so I have nothing to compare it to.

      No sales as yet from the exercise but there were so many more clicks than normal.

      As to money well spent, I think so. I mean it got the blog noticed and there have been some return visits. Considering I don’t do all that many updates I think that’s a positive, and an indication that I should do more regular updates. Oh, if I only had the time.

  11. Out of all the blogs I own the one that has proven to be the most difficult as far as promoting it goes has always been my Top Sexual Aids blog.

    Probably because anything in the sex industry is so darn competitive. Trying to garner a piece of the pie in the sex industry is a huge uphill battle. However, if you can get just a portion of traffic, you’ll do very well I suspect.
    Colleen recently posted…104 South Idaho Street- Kennewick WA 99336My Profile

    1. It’s not that it’s competitive, which it is, what I was referring to was promoting it the same way I do this blog by commenting on other blogs. I’m afraid not too many bloggers would want to link to it.

    1. Excellent, you’ll have to give me an update on how it went. Perhaps a post on your blog.

      Thanks for using my link, while I don’t think I’ll get anything from your advertising but I will get $4 once you become a qualified influencer, that’s is if you ever decide to use it to generate money via Twitter.
      Sire recently posted…Blog Save The Akismet- Long Live The AkismetMy Profile

  12. it’s my first time to hear about MyLikes, and I might give it a go. thanks sire!


    btw, cool sample of ad campaign. i have high respect to people who tend to challenge themselves by setting up a goal that’s really hard to reach. so how’s it going with your top sexual aids blog?

    1. OK, but I hope now that you’ve grown up you’ve gotten to try different titties. :rolleyes_tb:

  13. Hey there Sire! I glad you got MyLikes to work for you from the other side of the fence. By that I mean as an advertiser rather than a Tweeter. :)

    I’m glad you explained how inexpensive it is. I thought the rates were higher. I’ve been tweeting likes for about 5 months and the little extra cash has come in handy to add some CommentLuv credits. But recently I’ve noticed that the payouts have been rather low. I like the service so I’ll stick with it. It’s better than some of the other pay-to-tweet services so far.

    Thanks for sharing the stats.

    1. Yeah, I noticed the same thing Ileane, that and the fact that they are the same advertisers, so they’ve probably dropped their rates until they need another boost.

      What MyLikes need is more advertisers and I thought that perhaps this would help them a little. And all with no kickback so how nice am I? :tongue_laugh_ee:
      Sire recently posted…The Validity Of Old Sayings As Per EmailMy Profile

  14. Sire,
    I never heard of this network. Will give it a try. Though, I would like to see that kind of spike in my traffic due to any PPC/CPM ads, I would be interested in the bounce rate aspect as well.

    And, how do they send traffic? Is it search traffic tapped into or their network sites pay publishers for clicking?

    1. Once you’ve submitted your ad people who want to promote it will tweet it and their followers, if interested, will click on it.

  15. Interesting Sire! I don’t recall hearing about them until now. I have a new site about to launch and will be looking for venues.

    1. Let us know how you go Rose

  16. I have just joined MyLikes a few weeks back. I have already been accustomed with the Publisher facet of Mylikes and I will soon be checking the advertising side too pretty soon. It seems it does bring a good amount of traffic

  17. MyLikes looks good. So I have also registered here.

    1. Push Out? Sorry Brian I never heard of that expression before. There are no actual ads as such. What you’re paying for is for people to promote your site by tweeting it. If one of those twitterers has a big following then you could get some very good results.
      Sire recently posted…Sharing Something Unique About Where You LiveMy Profile

  18. I have under a long period been thinking about using MyLikes for this purpose. The question is which really is the best way to marketing by social medias.

    In sweden (where I come from and are doing the market) I’ve discovered that MyLikes isn’t a great tool. Afterall, I think the best way to do thinks like this is to local advertisers in social medias.

    1. Albin, I think a lot depends on what product or service you’re trying to sell. I hope that no matter what route you decide to go in regards to advertising that it goes well for you.

  19. What about gambling? Is it OK to in all regions (including France and USA) advertise about poker thru MyLikes? I can’t find information about this on their website. Maybe you know?

    1. Shoot them an email Mark, they will be the best ones to ask that question.

  20. Never heard of MyLikes before. But it seems from your test that it works great. Will definitely look it up!


    1. Let us know how you guy Mark.

  21. I really must say that it’s easy to get stuck and think that google is the only option. So it is really refreshing to see that there are alternatives and that those work well.

    Thanks for the review. Will also look into it.

    1. There are always options John.

    2. Interesting Sire! I don’t recall hearing about them until now. I have a new site about to launch and will be looking for venues.

  22. Wassup? I see you’ve changed your background image to a little more christmasy since my last visit ;-)

    About MyLikes: I’ve tried it out since I told you I would try it and I must say I’m satisfied in my last campaign. My first one wasn’t that good, but that made me learn to do better next time.

    Happy holidays!

    1. Yep, I do that every year with a few minor modifications. Glad it worked out for you.

      Merry Christmas Albin.

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