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Review Of WP4FB2.0 Is It As Good As They Say

Review Of WP4FB2.0 Is It As Good As They Say

You guys may have noticed that over the last few posts I’ve only been accepting comments from people who have liked my brand new, first ever Facebook fanpage. A fan page that I constructed specifically to promote my latest blog, The Gifts Guru. Now they tell me that the more likes you get on your Facebook fan page the better off you are. That’s why I thought up the idea of only accepting comments from people who have ‘liked’ my fan page.

From the low comment count on my last Friday Funnies post, which was bloody hilarious I might add, it seems that asking them to ‘like‘ my fan page was too much to ask. Even the fact that I have a dofollow PR3 blog wasn’t enough to entice them. Then again, that’s not counting the 20 or so comments that I deleted because they didn’t do what I asked them to at the end of the post. Just goes to show that they’re were only commenting for the link juice and couldn’t even bother reading the post itself. As far as I’m concerned they deserved to be deleted.


Which brings me back to working out how to get people to like my fan page. After a bit of research I decided on the WP4FB2.0 WordPress plugin. At first I thought it was going to create my Facebook fan page for me but after delving into it a little deeper I worked out it did something a whole lot more important! It gave me the ability to create custom Facebook Fan Page tabs directly into my timeline.

Once you’ve created your initial fan page you can link to multiple professional looking fan pages from it by using the app creator built into the plugin’s interface. What makes this plugin really special is not only does it help you to create these pages, it also has built into it a feature where you can ask people to do one of three things before they are able to view it.

  • FanGate: This is where they have to ‘like‘ your page before gaining access. This is the one I used. You can see it in action on my Facebook fanpage, it’s the Valentines Gifts tab.
  • InviteGate: If you use the InviteGate they need to invite their friends, you stipulate how many, to like your page. Once the stipulated number have liked your page they then gain access.
  • ShareGate: They need to share on their timeline before gaining access.

There are other features you can use as well like Sweepstake and friendgate. I have to admit that I got a real kick out of using this and love how simple and easy it is to create these fan pages. If you click the ‘Home’ tab on my fan page you’ll notice that it is very similar to the way my blog looks. You will also notice the menu bar I created actually links to specific pages of my blog. It even imported the social share button so they can share it with their friends via Twitter, Stumble and several other popular social sites including, of course, Facebook.  :thumbup_ee:

The only negative I found was that it didn’t like my Adsense Firestorm plugin but worked fine once I deactivated it. While I used a layout without any sidebars you can select to have one either on the left or right. It also comes with ten templates to get you up and running quickly but I found it so easy to use I designed mine from scratch.

Now all I have to do is direct traffic to my fanpage so they will see these tabs so they can click on them. I’m currently trying think of something that is so intriguing they will want to like my page in order to reveal what’s behind the door, so to speak.

Now, in regards to comments on this post. You don’t have to like my page to leave a comment but I’m going to be really stringent with the comments left on this post and will be deleting any that do not add something to the post. I would rather have no comments at all than a bunch of unrelated one. Do yourself a favor and leave a comment that has some substance.

Oh, and just so you know, the swinging effect of that link is only possible because of the SoreThumb plugin  :drunk_tb:

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  1. Twitter:
    Okay Sire, I’m going to tell you the truth. Either my mind is mush because I’m tired or I’m not sure what any of this is or how it helps generate likes. I mean, is it something you add to your blog, or something you add in some fashion to your Facebook page, as I heard there are some apps that one can use there?
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Post #1,400; Are You Catching Up?My Profile

    1. You add it to your Facebook Fan Page Mitch. You’re not seeing it because you’ve already liked my page. Unlike it and then click on the Valentines Gifts tab and you’ll see what I mean.
      Sire recently posted…Friday Funnies #52 Big Bang Theory And MoreMy Profile

  2. I feel its only normal to ask people for something in return when they themselves get a nice dofollow backlink for free.

    Maybe you can figure a way to link your facebook page to the comment section, everyone that wants to get accepted as a commenter on your blog must first like your facebook page. Of course moderation rules could be the same but the idea of making people give something back for a change is awesome and even if you lose some people along the way be assured those were not the ideal people for you community.
    Christian recently posted…How to write a killer press releaseMy Profile

    1. That’s exactly how I feel Christian, and its something that is used a lot on Facebook itself which is why the developers built it into their plugin. And the beauty of it is you only have to like the page once and then you’re free to comment on all posts again.

      Developing a plugin that only lets you comment once you liked a page is a great idea. :drunk_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Not Making Money Online? Its Not You, Its ThemMy Profile

  3. You seem to be a little angry with all your readers and commentators who did not like your fan-page on facebook. Well, that is right on your part. However, there could be other reasons as well to not taking the initiative and liking the page. People have different opinions and think differently. ‘Link juice’ as you said might not be the reason.
    Thomas recently posted…Canaan 4- Steps Powder Coating MethodsMy Profile

    1. Not in the least Thomas. If anything I’m very happy to have found a way to weed out those who really want to leave a comment because they read the post and those just doing if for the juice.
      Sire recently posted…Friday Funnies #53 The Smart School Kid & MoreMy Profile

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