Not all that long ago I did a post that showed you how to save money when renewing your domain. In that post I told you guys how I was going to use the money I saved to buy some WordPress plugins that would help my blogging. Today I’m going to tell you about the first WordPress plugin I’ve purchased with the money I saved. The reason I decided on this particular plugin is because it was developed by the same guys who made CovertMessengerPro. I use the normal version which has proven to get more clicks so I can only imagine what the Pro Version does.

The plugin I’m using is called Covert Social Buzz and the idea behind it is that it can generate fake social share numbers. This means that even though no-one has ever shared one of your posts, depending on your settings, it can display a whole lot of fake numbers. The question is whether or not this is an acceptable, moral marketing ploy or are you lying to your readers?

Covert Social Buzz An Ethical Marketing Ploy?

This plugin was developed on two premises, the first being that just like ad blindness people have become blind to social share media buttons because they’re everywhere and so people now see them as part of the websites background thereby ignoring them. The second premise is that most people follow the herd mentality and are more likely to share something if they notice that others have already done so.

I’m using the plugin on this blog, my SexualAids and my BuyOnlineLottoTickets blog. On this blog the plugin is displaying the actual numbers but on the other two I’ve decided to display fake numbers until the posts reach an accumulated 10 shares and then the actual numbers will be displayed.

The question still remains though, is it ethical to use the ‘fake’ numbers option of the Covert Social Buzz plugin? By using that option are we really lying to our readers? Is it an acceptable marketing ploy?  I’ve decided to start a poll to determine what you guys think because what you think really matters to me.

Is It Ethical To Fudge Your Social Share Numbers?

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The poll results will determine how I use this plugin on my other sites. This is a really important poll, one the deserves as many people to take part in it as possible and the only way that will happen is if you guys get the word out by sharing this post as many people on the social media circles as you can.

Oh yeah, I did say this was a review of the plugin didn’t I?

Covert Social Plugin Review

All in all I like it. It is easy to intall. It’s easy to configure and has many options which allow you to customize the way you want your social share button to look. As you can see by thefacebook like image below I’ve made mine look similar to the FaceBook ‘Like’ button. Just so you know the numbers displayed there are actual numbers and not fake at all. This is because the button shows the accumulated ‘shares’ from all the social media which I configured the plugin to show to my readers. This is easily shown in the image below.

social share icons

That image also shows the one flaw that I’ve been able to find in the plugin. That flaw is that it doesn’t always pick up all the social media shares. As you can see by comparing the results from the two different social media plugins Covert Social Buzz has failed to pick up the FaceBook ‘Likes’. I’ve made the developers aware of this and they are currently looking into it.

All in all I am more than happy with it and I feel it’s best feature is that it shows the accumulated shares because if the herd mentality is true it will help to coax others to share the post.

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