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A month ago I did a post about a Google Adsense Alternative I was trialling. The month is up and it’s time to do a review of AdClickMedia to see whether it is a Google Adsense alternative. As you know for the test period I removed all Adsense Ads replacing them with AdClickMedia ones. The question is, did it perform as well as Google Adsense ads.

This may not be as important to those who are not allowed to run Adsense ads but it is very important to anyone considering dropping Adsnese for something else. Ergo, this review of Adclickmeida.

Review Of AdClickMedia

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and so I’m going to answer the question with the following image.

review of adclickmedia

OK! So over the month this blog only produced 8 clicks over some eighteen thousand views. This has netted me a whole 40 cents! Way less than what I would have earned if I was still running Adsense ads. That being the case I bet you’re not at all surprised to see the Adsense Ads back. All except for the one appearing in the actual blog post.

Apart from the poor ad click performance I feel the major failing of AdClickMedia is that the most you can ever earn is 5 cents a click. I’ve earned 5 times last months total earnings with one click on an Adsense ad.  Although that is a pretty rare occurrence it does actually happen. I didn’t expect that with Adclickmedia but I was hoping for a hell of a lot more clicks than what I did get to make up for it.

On the plus side they did show an assortment of good ads which were rotated giving viewers a bit of variety. This could only get better as more advertisers join them.

In summary, if you’re not able to use Adsense on your blog then AdClickMedia is definitely better than nothing. Like I said earlier I’ll continue to use it in my posts as I don’t want to lose Adsense because Google decided I posted something contrary to their Adsense Policy. This way I’ve covered myself from any future posts that may talk about cleavage, sex positions or other adults only content. Not that I would talk about sex positions on this blog. I have another blog for that sort of stuff. :wink_ee:


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