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Reasons to Move to Nevada

There Are Many Reasons To Move To Nevada

Reasons to Move to Nevada

Nevada’s reputation often precedes itself. Because it is best known for Las Vegas and legendary bachelor parties that reputation can be questionable. However, there’s a lot more to Nevada than people realize. If you’re lrealiseto relocate to a new state you might want to consider Nevada and take a look at Nevada real estate options.


Did you know there’s no personal income tax in Nevada? Depending on your level of income, this can potentially save you several thousands of dollars a year. There’s actually no corporate income tax either, so Nevada could be a good option for relocating your business. Or since the property is cheaper, it can also be a good location for starting a new business.

Real Estate

Yes, as mentioned Nevada real estate and property prices are relatively affordable. Especially when you compare it to its neighbouring state of California, Nevada can be considered downright cheap. Regardless of that, though, since the national median home price is $300,000 and the median home price in Nevada is $293,500 it can definitely be considered one of the more affordable states around. Nearly three-quarters of Nevada residents indeed live in the Las Vegas area. However, if that’s not you’re your ideal choice, there are many other options. Both Reno and Henderson are considered some of the best towns in which to live. Also, it shouldn’t be forgotten that half of Lake Tahoe is actually located in Nevada which means there is gorgeous waterfront property to be acquired and enjoyed.

Outdoor Recreation

Nevada is also home to several scenic outdoor destinations. Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful area for hiking, biking, horseback riding and the occasional outdoor concert. Mount Charleston is a beautiful wooded area that sits at around 7,500 feet in elevation, which is high enough to get snow during the winter. Not only is this gorgeous, but it also allows folks to take advantage of the ski season.


Even if you’re not a tourist yourself it’s always nice being close to a tourist destination so visiting friends and relatives can enjoy them while on vacation. Las Vegas is, of course, a popular tourist destination. Even if someone isn’t into casinos or clubbing Vegas’s world-class shows and concerts are an attraction all on their own. South Lake Tahoe is also very well known for being a tourist attraction and what’s unique about this area is that it’s popular in both the winter and summer. From multiple ski resorts in winter to camping in the summer, South Lake Tahoe is always ready for visitors.

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