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Radio 2FU, Sire And The John Chow Confrontation

G’day listeners, welcome to Radio 2FU, this is Bazza and I’m exited to say that we have a great line up for you today, everything from the hottest penile extension on the market to Women & The All About Me Syndrome, but first I want to welcome Sire to the Studio.

G’day Sire, hows it going?

Not too shabby Bazza, how’s it going listeners, thanks for having me on the show.

No worries at all Sire, I’ve been trying to get you on here for yonks. For those of you who aren’t with the times, Sire is one of Adelaides celebrated bloggers. Tell me Sire, I heard you had a bit of a run in with that Yank John Chow.

Actually Bazza, the blokes a Canadian.

Stone the flamin’ crows, I could have sworn he was a damn Yank.

She’s apples Bazza I thought the very same thing. Anyways, I was taking a gander at Johnno’s blog when I came across his post on The Number One Reason I Don’t Live On Cash. It seems that the post got on this other blokes goat and so he did his own post saying that Johnno couldn’t organize a root in a brothel.

Cripes, I reckon that would have gone down real well with Chow.

Too right Bazza, I reckon he musta gone flat out like a lizard drinking because before I could open a tinny he had a rebuttal up.

So, tell me Sire, how did you get involved in all this muck.

Shit Bazza, you know me mate, if there’s a barney happening then I just have to get in the thick of it. Anyways, I tell Johnno how he was full of shit when he said that “people with credit cards have higher income than people who don’t”. I knew that couldn’t be true because I know a lot of yobbos who don’t have a brass razzoo and yet they carry around a bit of plastic with them.

Must be something to do with being Canadian.

Bang on, so that stuff we see on South Park must be true then. Nah, not Johnno, he’s as cunning as a shithouse rat. Anyhow mate, after we chewed the fat for a bit longer I went over to Tim’s blog to see what was happenin at his neck of the woods.

Hang on a sec Sire, we gotta go to a commercial break.

Welcome back listeners, this is Bazza at Radio2F U and we are talking to Sire, blogger extraordinaire. So Sire, tell is what happened next.

Well, it seems that Tim was baggin Johnno because he didn’t agree with him about how some people could actually make money with a credit card.  So I tells him how he’s wrong because I’m also one of the cluey ones that makes the credit card work for them. Bugger me dead if he didn’t say I was wrong.

Fair Dinkum?

Bloody oath mate, and there’s me being bloody nice and all. Then he goes and lists all these points to prove me wrong, but I was having none of it so I let him have it with a comment that made his look as if some dingbat wrote it.

What did he have to say about that?

Not a damn thing, in fact he actually deleted my comment. I reckon he didn’t like the fact that I shot all his points down.

Maybe it went into moderation.

Nah, I saw it in black and white…..still I reckon if it suddenly appears again I will have to suck it up and do a public apology.

You Sire?

Fair go mate, I’m big enough to admit when I am wrong.

So you must have gone berko.

Well, I thought about it, but then I remembered something Todd told me about how, whenever I was aggro, I should sit back and say to myself, What’s Good About This, and it would bring it all into perspective, and it worked, thanks Todd.

So, where exactly is Tim’s blog.

Are you Bananas Bazza, you got Buckley’s chance of me giving him the satisfaction of a link back to his blog. If your listeners really want to see it they can go via Johnno’s rebuttal post.

No worries Sire, thanks for being on the show. We should do it again sometime.

Sure Bazza, next time that I find that I am as busy as a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest, I will be sure to give you a call.

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. I don’t understand what the real issue or confrontation is here… did I miss something?

    Sire were you saying even poor or low income people have credit cards?

    bbrian017´s Last blog post..How 5 Outbound Links Gave Me 500 Incoming Links

  2. Hey Brian, not really a confrontation at all, just a difference of opinion, but that title wouldn’t of sparked any interest now, would it? Also wanted to point out the poor blogmanship of the blogger who deleted a comment for whatever reason but possibly because it was contrary to his own. Out of the two blogs John Chow shows he is the bigger man as he allows all comments, regardless if they agree with him or not.

  3. Some of the greatest confrontations in the world are based from difference in opinions. World Wars were based off difference in opinions. Seems this could become something as well! Erasing comments is a matter of opinion as well isn’t it lol…

    The bigger man always wins…

    He who can erase the comments can also hide the truth forever.

    bbrian017´s Last blog post..How 5 Outbound Links Gave Me 500 Incoming Links

  4. Hey, it’s his blog, so really he can do anything he wants, but like anything there are consequences, and the consequence is that I will no longer interact with him. I also think that other users should be aware of the way he treats his commentators. I also have been known to delete comments but only if they stray from my comment policy.

    As for hiding the truth, sooner or later the truth has a way of coming out.

  5. another brilliant post mate!

    Credit cards vendors dont (or didnt) really look at financial status when dishing out their cards, they make money with ridiculous interests anyway.

    And if you can’t make your plastic work for you via incentives such as cashback etc. cut the card up and throw it away as your probably going to be the one that will end up paying for the use of his card instead of benefiting.

    Donace´s Last blog post..Free SEO Tools

    1. The problem Donace is that so many credit card holders don’t seem to know how to take advantage of the system offered them and the credit card companies are relying on this fact otherwise they would be out of business.

        1. I meant to imply that Mitch but I reckon it lost something in the translation from my Aussie lingo structured brain. They have it all there in front of them, but instead of using to their advantage that they the card abuse their finances.

    1. I’m glad you found it entertaining Peter, being from NZ, I reckon you found it a fairly easy read?

  6. Going on a commercial break, lol that was a nice idea. I could not understand much though, i guess i am not from NZ.

    Make Money Online Tips´s Last blog post..How To Get Top Ranking In Google

    1. If I get enough request I could always post a translation. Also, could you do me a favour and leave a name that I can respond to, instead of just a keyword? Thanks mate.

  7. CC’s too dangerous for me. I use my paypal debit card, since 98% of all monies hit there first anyway, ;)

    Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..New Comment Policy – You Want To Read This

    1. I love my credit card, but then I control it and not the other way round. I think it costs me about $40 in fees but last year I earned roughly $900 worth of value in points.

  8. Twitter:
    Great stuff, Sire; you can certainly spin a yarn with the best of them, that’s for sure. And you used real posts to highlight everything; way to go. The only one you’ve got me on this time around is “fair dinkum”; I hope that’s not cursing. lol

    Mitch´s Last blog post..PC Magazine’s Gone Digital

    1. Are you for real? That’s what it means in this particular context. :lol_ee:

        1. Why so shocked, Australians can get sucked into commercialism just as easily as you guys in the States. Gonna get your missus something?

          1. Twitter:
            Already did, and gave it to her already also. We’re going out to dinner, though; should be nice.

            Mitch´s Last blog post..The Almost Millionaire

  9. Twitter:
    I’m not attacking or anything but what’s wrong with John Chow? I know he’s busy but who isn’t. I mean with all those comments you left on his blog and the trackbacks going to his blog it would have been decent of him to stop by and comment here. Someone remind me to still act respectful when I have a little success please.

    Brian D. Hawkins´s Last blog post..What Is In Your Background Thoughts?

    1. Brian, you had me going for a minute. When I first started reading your comment I thought you were having a go at me for the way I portrayed John Chow in the post and I was going to reply how it was all in fun and how it contained a message on how to treat commentators and all. Then I realized you were having a shot at the man himself. I suppose he thinks this blog not up to his standards or perhaps my crack at Canadians offended him.

  10. Twitter:
    Brian, you make a good point, but at this juncture John Chow is more businessman than blogger. If you’ve noticed, at least 30% or more of his posts now are guest posts. While we think he’s off eating at fancy restaurants all the time and taking a lot of pictures, I’m betting he’s actually in the background making deals based off his blogging career. Therefore, if he’s not really writing all that stuff, why would he bother to read the comments?

    That, plus there are a ton of comments. If you’ve read the Problogger’s blog, he’s shown that you’d best be one of the first 5 or 10, otherwise he’s not going to stick around to read, or respond, to anything else. I actually got him to respond to something he wrote once because I was the third person to post, and of course I wasn’t necessarily agreeing with him at that point. But once again, he’s got other business ventures, along with two or three other blogs also, so you can bet he’s not sitting around reading all those comments.

    For us, if we were only doing the one thing, we’d probably have the time to get to all the comments that came in. But if we diversified,… well, who knows, right?

    Mitch´s Last blog post..The Ads On This Blog

    1. Twitter:
      Hi Mitch, It’s a good point. I know he has a lot more work than most of us and I think he’s doing a lot of outsourcing too. Nothing wrong with that I guess it bothered me a little because he was having a dialog with Sire in the comments section. Nothing wrong with that but it shows he was aware of the comments.

      When I read my comment now it looks like I was flying off the handle but I didn’t want it to come across like that. I actually enjoy John’s blog and respect his success. Their are a lot of John Chow bashers but I’m not one of them.

      Brian D. Hawkins´s Last blog post..What Is In Your Background Thoughts?

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