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Quick Update On People Search Money Opportunity

OK, I didn’t expect to be writing an update on my People Search money making opportunity so soon but I find it necessary because there appears to be some confusion.

What triggered it off was this comment left by Holly, who happens to be a very talented writer, and if you haven’t been over to her It’s All A Matter Of Perspective blog yet you should head on over there first chance you get. Her post Dog’s Cats And Slippery Cats’ is a real killer .

Anyway Holly left this comment.

Okay, I quit after the first confirmation. Now I have to create a free account at something called “”? And another confirmation? That raises all kinds of red flags for me – that’s where I quit.

When you decide to join the AcmePeopleSearch team you will be taken to a page that has the following three boxes on the top of the page. You can click on the image for a full size shot.

You will notice that there are three steps and that all three are ticked. This shows that I have completed all three of them and I therefore have access to the majority of the income streams. When you first see this page it will be devoid of ticks. As stated in their forum;

1.  Step 1 – Build Your Search Engine. This first step is absolutely free and is FREE FOREVER for you to earn commissions. This is where you would affiliatize your APS Engine with the first five (5) of the income streams, namely Clickbank, HDP, MyLife, CJ, Adsense. You must signup as an affiliate of these programs (Note that MyLife is not accepting new affiliate signups). You must enter your affiliate IDs from those programs during the course of your Step 1 completion.

Upon completion of Step 1 and beginning at step 1, the people search engine that you built  would have a Display Rate of 100%. This means that you will earn 100% of affiliate commissions from the first 5 income streams. As people search niche engine is huge getting 30% of all the searches done in the internet, you will be able to make a very good income by promoting your newly created Acme People Search (APS) Engine. However, the limitation is that you wouldn’t be able to promote it via Pay Per Click advertising until you brand or host it with your own web hosting (Step 2).

Now you will notice that the free version gives you access to five affiliate streams, Clickbank, HDP, MyLife, CJ and Adsense. Unless you join these affiliates you miss out on those income streams. The one that scared Holly off was MyLife, another aspect of people search and seeing as how people coming to your search engine can be considered targeted traffic, is more likely to convert earning you money.

When you get to step 2, that’s when it starts costing money, remember step 1 is free, and that $10 per month is simply the hosting fee needed to host your site. They use Global Domains which I find to be really cool and they have their own affiliate program. I completed step 2 because, just as it’s best to host your own WordPress blog, I know there would be many advantages to hosting your own people search engine.

Why did I complete step 3? Because I wanted to see the full potential and because they offered a 30 day free trial. The forum describes this step thus.

3. Step 3 – Unlock Residual Income. To make the most out of your APS business, you should unlock GDI, Hostgator, GVO and Referral Income Streams by subscribing either by Paypal or Trialpay. First 30 days is absolutely a free trial. When these income streams are unlock, you’ll be able to promote your APS business to your prospects or potential market. Note however that you should also be an affiliate of these programs and to enter your affiliate IDs in your back office (Add/Edit) in order to make money or residual income from them. When you have brought-in step-3 referrals to your APS business and they have clicked on GDI, Hostgator, GVO income streams’ link (where your affiliate links are integrated) and they have subscribed, you make money. When they have done the same and so by their referrals, you make more money, especially GDI and GVO which let you earn residual income with their tier or multi-level program. But Hostgator offers an awesome one-time huge commission potentially from your step 2 referrals only when they subscribed HG hosting.

If you’re interested you can read the full Beginners Guide at the actual forum.

The following image just shows my earnings so far. As you can see there are none from referrals but there is $125 sitting there and that was the money deposited by Tissa but which I won’t have access to until I get another $75, and he’s virtually promised me that within the month, and he’s even helping me along my adverting my engine on Google.

Honestly, so far I am impressed. It is early days yet and I will keep you updated. You may find this video interesting where he’s willing to prove to you that his system works. You may even find this link of interest, but I think I will leave it there for now as I don’t want to overload you with information.

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  1. That definitely makes more sense Sire, but can I ask how you are promoting it? Are you building a website around it? or just promoting a link?
    .-= Tom@Market Samurai Discount´s last blog ..Niche Suggestions Please…For Free Keyword Analysis =-.

    1. Well I reckon I have to learn a bit of marketing Tom. The search engine itself is a stand alone site. That link will take you to it.

      I will be promoting it on all of my blogs. I will also be tweeting it. I reckon I’ll go the article marketing route as well as hitting the forums. I may even start an ad campaign with Google.

      The Forum mentioned in the post has a lot of dedicated members who are really into paying it forward so I reckon I will learn a lot of stuff there.

  2. Sire,
    You walk the talk here with a blow by blow and your thinking about this. I’m still dancing around the ‘actually make money on the web’ concept and hoping to find the time to explore the 50 ways that you are working but it’s time for me to shift gears and try something. Thanks.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Flibbertigibbet and other tongue pleasing words =-.

    1. Not all those posts in that category are ways to make money, some are just about money in general, such as the monthly income updates I was doing last year.

  3. Just a quick visit from me Sire; You have a Sunshine Award over at my blog :P Check it out there for details.

    Also, where are these images you said you were uploading?
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Sunshine Awards – Congratulations Everyone! =-.

  4. Hi Sire,

    I have to admit that this is the first time reading your blog post where I’m a bit lost as to what you are writing about.

    It’s most likely my fault the fact being that I’ve never heard of making money online using the platform you are mentioning here.

    There are so many ways to make money on the internet that trying to understand all of them could take a long, long time.

    If this project will make you money I may be more interested in looking into it.

    For now I’ll continue to learn more about blogging and how to make money doing that.

    I know that you are very talented and work hard so if the method you’re trying now can be profitable you’ll make it so for yourself.

    I look forward to reading your next posts.

    .-= Vance@Make Money Blogging´s last blog ..Earn Money Blogging, Get Traffic Without SEO, True Or False? =-.

    1. Well Vance, I suppose you could liken it to a static website that has affiliate links posted on it. You would send targeted traffic to it via the same means that you do to get people to visit your squeeze page or your blog.

      While a website may offer information, my People Search Engine offers a service they can use. Apparently 30% of Google and Yahoo searches are people orientated and so there is a huge market for the service. The one I offer, as an affiliate, is free.

      What makes it interesting is that page, and subsequent pages, has up to 9 affiliated resources attached to it that are all related to that traffic. This therefore increases the likelihood of a sale. Each resource brings in an added potential revenue stream.

      That’s sort of simplifying it somewhat, and considering that I’ve only been at it a day or so I’ve still got a lot to learn. Still, it looks promising and I’m willing to give it a go.

  5. Wow, you really went all out to explain how this works! Thanks for taking the time to do the screen shots and whatnot. I know how much time it takes to do all that fact checking, as well. It’s not for me, but I’m sure lots of people will be jumping on a new way to make money online.
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Fiction or Bust =-.

    1. I felt the update was necessary Heather as I probably didn’t do such a great job with the first post. Probably would have been better to wait until I learned more about it all, but I have to admit I was pretty exited about it when I joined and I just couldn’t wait.

      1. Ah yes, premature epostulation.

        1. Heather I about choked on the soda I was drinking laughing over that! 2pts girlfriend LOL!

        2. Better that than the other hey Heather? :devil_tb:

          1. I’m sorry… I’m not quite sure what you might be referring to… *scratching head*

            1. Well, there’s no way I’m going to spell it out for you Heather :laugh_tb:

  6. Ah that Holly is a mischief maker, eh?

    Seriously though, awesome tutorial here Sire; answers some for me too. :)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Theme Construction Part 2 – What Should Go WITHIN The Blog? This Is The FUN Part! =-.

    1. Thanks Dennis.

  7. When could we read next part? I want to know – how far can income grow in that case?

    1. I will be doing an update about a month after starting, but I have a feeling it will take longer than that before it really takes off.

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