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Putting The Fun Back Into Your Posts

Laughing Star
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Damn if things aren’t getting a little too serious around here lately. We’ve had the post My Blog Was Hacked And What I Did About It where I told you all about getting hacked and how I got around it.Then almost immediately I was forced to do a followup post called Put A Firewall Up To Protect Your Blog From Attacks something that I urge everyone to read, nay not just read but to follow my lead and to tell everyone else about it as well.

Then there was the 11-Inch MacBook Air Review and before that I divulged what Affiliates I was using to make money in What Affiliates To Promote To Blog For Money. Well I think that is just about enough, and I’ve come to the conclusion that all work and no play makes Sire a boring old blogger. So for this post I want to do nothing more than to entertain you. Some of you who have been following my tweets have probably notice some links to some really funny and entertaining videos, well I can’t see any reason why my loyal readers shouldn’t get in on some of the fun.

Dancing At The Movies: I was really hoping to embed that video directly into the post but it’s not allowed so if you like the old Footloose song by Kenny Loggins you will love this video which an editing marvel incorporating some of the best dance scenes seen in the movies.

Now for a few laughs. This next clip is from an old Carol Burnett show and features a dentist sketch starring Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. It is bloody hilarious and just goes to show you don’t have to insert a whole lot of profanity in order to get your audience to laugh. I’d hate to have this guy work on me.

This next one is for the guys because it has what most guy love to see, a lovely set of exposed breasts. Check out the expressions of those lucky guys who copped an eye full.

This next one is for the ladies, and no matter what they tell you they are just as sexist as the average guy, oh well almost. They may not whistle at a good looking bloke who has muscles bulging out of his t-shirt, but they sure would like to. Then you get the ones that will tell you it’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it. Is it, is it really ladies? Check out the look at the expression on the faces of these women when they finally get to see what this bloke is packing.

Finally, seeing as how we left off on a video that is definitely sexual in nature I thought it only fitting to promote a couple of posts from my sex blog. One is about Finding The G Spot Saga – The Elusive G Spot Location where I put forward a couple of ideas on movies that could well turn into blockbusters, as well as introducing people to the revolutionary G-Spot mouse. Then there was the post Proving To Everyone That Women Do Have A Sense Of Humor.

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  1. Dude, no offence — but you should totally consider linking less in your posts.

    As of now, you’ve got so many links in your posts that it honestly gets really, really hard to read.

    However, I’m liking this blog and that is the reason to why I haven’t stopped reading it :)


    1. Actually Kimmo most of those links were Infolinks and you’re right there were too many and so I cut them back by fifty percent. Having said that I can’t see how they would make it harder to read as they’re no different than if I highlighted the text or made them bold or something to make them stand out.
      Sire recently posted…My Experience With Real Writing JobsMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Funny stuff Sire. You’re never boring though, not even on serious topics. Okay, now I have to go find a better barber.

  3. Twitter:
    The Carol Burnett Show video was hilarious! It gave me a much needed laugh to help wake me up and it gave me a break from all the stress I’ve been under lately with sick kids. Thank you for cheering me up!

  4. Great break from all that talk about hacking.

    I bet that you can’t guess my favourite. LOL
    In the UK the reaction to the lady in the barbers would be… no reaction!

    The clip from the “Carol Burnett show” is absolutely fantastic. Had me in stitches.

    What a great way to start the weekend with a few laughs.

    Good man.
    Keith Davis recently posted…Great Speeches in FilmsMy Profile

        1. Yep, I was there because you pointed me in the right direction, thanks for that Keith.

  5. Great set of videos never heard of the Carol Burnett show before Im amazed the guy in the chair managed to keep a straight/ish face for as long as he did. Bet the woman at the end wouldn’t have been complaining if it was the guy from the other video being painted in the chair.
    khaled recently posted…How To Protect Your Jewellery Or Craft DesignsMy Profile

    1. I bet you’re right there Khaled.

  6. Thanks for a funny post to break up all the seriousness…nothing funny about getting hacked.

    I’d seen the video with the kitten before, but i couldn’t remember what happened, so it got a laugh out of me twice.

  7. funny clips. I do like your blog posts since its one of those go-to sites for people who started blogging like me.. I was nonetheless entertained by the videos though.. with all the new things I need to learn when I started blogging it doesn’t hurt to have a much needed laugh every now and then :)

    1. That’s exactly what I thought Jane.

  8. Hey Sire,

    Thanks for the hilarious videos!

    I have not been around your blog for very long, but I must say I love the theme and the atmosphere! The video with the guy looking at the womans breast was really funny. I could even picture that in real life, because if a woman has big breast necks start breaking!

    Wish you the best!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    1. Hey William, nice of you to stop by and comment mate. Glad you liked the videos, and you’re so right, women’s breasts can be a real head turner. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Outrank The ProbloggersMy Profile

  9. That was good Sire. That dentist video had me really laughing from the belly. :) I also liked the barber video though I had to move my laptop away from where the kids were playing. If that is to happen in my city, I’d like to apply as the body painter.

    1. I’m with you with the body painting, although I would give the paint brush a miss as I’m more into finger painting :devil_tb:

  10. even i have tried many a times in the past to find blog topics which along with work should also be fun and entertaining for the blogger and i havent been much successful in this, also what i found is that continuing enthusiasm is a must if one wants to be a good blogger and many wannabe bloggers a lacking in this or facing it seriously while blogging.

    1. Don’t give up Balbir, just find something that you find really interesting and amusing and then share it with your readers.

  11. Haha, the first dentist movie was great, the second one made me laugh my hat off! Thanks!

    1. Anytime Smink

  12. That third video had me in stitches – I knew there was a twist around the corner, but I didn’t see that coming :)

    Reminds me of something I’d see on Tarrant on TV back in the 90s. Ahh, to be young agaon.

        1. No, that’s true Mitch, you just rather show women’s cleavage :laugh_tb:

            1. True, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that enjoys seeing them on your blog.

  13. Hey Sire,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome clips with us, I actually am a really big fan of comedies and this one was a killer.

    The breast lady also struck my fancy, I mean, hey I am a guy, I can’t help it, just like the ladies looked at the third clip waiting… for the grand finally :).

    It’s nice to have funny posts, because work work work without some fun will quickly become monotonous!
    Alex recently posted…Parcari iarnaMy Profile

    1. No worries Alex, and as for that ladies at least they saw the humor in it all and weren’t all that disappointed.

  14. Twitter:
    Wow, Khaled had never heard of Carol Burnett; I’m starting to feel old again. :-)

    Anything that Tim Conway and Harvey Korman did together was funny. Korman rarely could keep a straight face once Conway got going, and this video was classic! Of course, only you could show those other videos. :innocent1_tb:
    Mitch recently posted…How Do You ReviewMy Profile

  15. I don’t think you are a boring old blogger Sire, as I was entertained reading your post on how to protect my blog from attacks.

    However, I agree that these videos are much more entertaining and funny, especially the second one with the old man in the barber chair.

    None of those guys could keep their heads straight. Thanks for the good laugh Sire.

  16. Sire,
    So true that we seem to have lost the art of comedy today. Somehow intelligence got replaced with profanity.

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