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Put Money In Your Pocket And Generate Traffic To Your Blog!

OK guys, we’ve all had a bit of fun with that last post and now it’s back to the grindstone and what better way than to share with you a site that not only has the potential for making you a little money it also has the potential for driving traffic to your blog, or website. I only joined the Zaparena traffic network a few days ago and so far it seems to be a great idea.

Joining is absolutely free and once a member you get to place a widget on your site. You can see mine over there on the right under the Interesting Tidbits heading. You’ll probably notice that it’s got three banners with beautiful scantily clad women, now there is a reason for that and it’s not just because I like looking at beautiful near naked women. You may recall my post on Why Does Sex In Advertising Sell?, well the fact is that it does sell and so I’ve chosen the option that displays these women because I believe they will generate more clicks. Heck, why look over there, I’ll just paste one in this post to show you how easily and versatile it really is.

The way it works is once you’ve generated 20 clicks from your visitors Zaparena will start sending traffic to your blog/website. What’s even better is that they will send you more traffic than you send them so you will receive 200-250% more visitors than you send to zaparena. In other words if 1000 visitors click on the widget on your blog, you will receive between 2000-2500 interested visitors in return. What’s even better is you’ll be able to create news teasers of your blog and this will be displayed to the rest of the Zaparena network. I’m not sure yet, but with some luck you’ll be able to select where those teasers go and so you can direct that traffic to a specific post, say one that is advertising a high turnover affiliate?

So you’re probably biting at the bit trying to work out where the money comes in, as if getting all that extra traffic wasn’t enough :laugh_tb: It’s really quite simple, when making your widget you just check the ‘Earn money with the widget’ box and depending on whether or not advertisers have selected your widget any click has the potential for generating revenue for your blog, money that will be paid into your PayPal account. I’ve noticed from the revenue I’ve generated so far is in Euros and I reckon that’s a plus because at the current exchange rate every Euro earned is equal to $1.37US or $1.35AUD.

One last thing, once you’re a member you can start promoting the Zaparena traffic network to your readers earning 10 euro for every person you sign up but only after the new blogger reaches the payout minimum of 50 Euro. I’ve started adding to my other sites and it’s really good the way you can easily configure the widgets to fit almost any situation.

This post is just one of the many that shows how you can actually blog the money way. If you don’t want to miss out on future posts an updates you should really join my list. Do so now by Subscribing Here!

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  1. OK, Sire, this is something only you can think off. You don’t care about money, you just wanted those chicks in your sidebar.

    Admit it!!!

    Is is like Adsense, where you should not tell people to click, or not? Cause if we can click as much as we want I will just share this with my male friends :)

    BTW, Awesome info!

    1. Twitter:
      I was thinking the exact same thing! Only Sire could manage that. lol

    2. Gee Brankica, it didn’t take you long to find this post :laugh_tb:

      Of course you’re right though, I only wanted some sexy women on my blogs, and what’s wrong with that anyway? :thumbup_tb:

      I’m pretty sure it would have the same conditions Adsense as I reckon advertisers would only want genuine clicks.
      Sire recently posted…Putting The Fun Back Into Your PostsMy Profile

  2. I’ve not heard of Zaparena before, so I’m off to check it out. Sounds interesting traffic-wise even if you don’t make much money from it.

  3. well we all want to earn money and for that we’ll do any thing to bring traffic to our site. if putting those widgets will bring that amount of traffic to our site then sure why not.
    thanks for the info. s3x do sell. ;)

  4. Wow, the Zaparena traffic network is definitely something I am interested in trying out. Getting 200-250% more visitors than you send to zaparena sounds great.

    I usually pass up on opportunities like these but since it’s free I think I will join later today. Thanks for sharing Sire, hopefully I can have some success with using Zaparena too.

    1. Don’t forget John that they won’t start sending you any traffic until you reach their threshold of 20 clicks, which isn’t all that bad. I’ve hit 14 in the first day so I’m almost there.
      Sire recently posted…Put A Firewall Up To Protect Your Blog From AttacksMy Profile

  5. Hi Sire,
    It is a totally new advertising method but I am confused that from where these 150% visitors will come and one thing more is it not against Google Policy.

    1. The reason you get more traffic than you send is because Zaparena has a large traffic network and once you reach your threshold your site gets displayed on that network giving you more exposure than just one blog thereby generating more traffic.

      As to Google I don’t see how it’s against their policy.
      Sire recently posted…11-Inch MacBook Air ReviewMy Profile

      1. Sire, I’d like to re-iterate Nazim’s concern about the possibility of going against Google Policy. Isn’t this zaparena thingy sort of like a traffic exchange scheme? Is Google against traffic exchange?

        1. I don’t think it is James because with the traffic change it’s more I click on yours if you click on mine. Zaparena is different because they’re not compelled to click on yours at all. Once you’ve reach the threshold you get to place an image linked to the url of your choice. That image is then shown on other sites, just as they show up on mine. It’s no different than paying for an ad spot, except it’s free and it’s displayed on more sites.

  6. Hey Sire,

    Yep, I agree with Brankica… You just wanted nearly naked women on your site that’s all! LOL!!! :-)

    I’m always interested in more traffic to my site so you have definitely peaked my interest. Won’t be putting those types of pics on my site but we shall see.

    You always share such great info with us. Thanks for checking this out and sharing with us what works.


  7. Actually I was wondering where the traffic is coming from, much of the “click for traffic’ traffic is garbage.

    1. They’re coming from other sites that are using the same widgets so it all depends on their traffic. I’d say they would be a hell of a lot better than the normal run of the mill ‘click for traffic’ junk.
      Sire recently posted…How To Score & Have A Sexy Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  8. Do you think this could work if my blog is not in english? I mean, I can send visitor, but the ones that will came are going to be lost…

    1. Cesar I’m afraid I can’t answer that question, I would suggest you contact them personally using the contact link at the bottom of the page.

  9. Okay, I admit, I had a chuckle, too. My first thought was, “More traffic, suuuuure. That’s why he put it up there! Has nothing to do with the pics.” Zaparena looks like it has a really strong concept. Plus, it’s undeniable that yes, sex does sell.


    1. It sure does Delena but if you don’t want a whole bunch of scantily clad women on your blog you just don’t select the option. Me, I kind of like having them around.

  10. Twitter:
    I’ve been wondering why I’ve seen these things on so many blogs that have been writing about something else. Just asking, but are there other choices owe could make instead of having the women there? I mean, I’m not expecting that a lot of women are clicking on nearly nude chicks. :-)
    Mitch recently posted…Writing – A RantMy Profile

    1. Actually Mitch, this is the second one I’ve tried. I only changed because the first one didn’t have the money option and I figured if I’m going to have it there I may as well make some cash as well as getting the traffic.

      Like I said in the post I specifically chose the women, if you don’t want beautiful women around your blog you just don’t tick the option. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…My Blog Was Hacked And What I Did About ItMy Profile

    1. You know me Keith, always on a lookout for interesting ways of adding money to the income stream.

      As to WordPress, I think it will remain an issue to the next update. I haven’t updated the rest of the blogs until it’s all resolved.

  11. This looks like a very good way to get traffic. I’ve seen many blogs and magazines using similar programs.
    But there is one more thing. You are using adsense on your blog too. Don’t you risk adsense ban cuz you’re using Zaparena and adsense at the same page? I think it’s against the adsense TOS.

    1. I don’t think it is Ben. It’s no different that displaying my OIOPublisher ads.

  12. Hi,

    Very interesting Traffic Network, when I first saw this I thought this was a classic traffic network but I’m glad it’s different and a lot better. The traffic networks will always have a lot of success and this one sure has all the chances possible to hit big. Also, the percentage of the visitors coming back in exchange for the delivered visitors is great, coming back 200-250% of the visitors delivered is just way too great. Thank you very much for sharing this great traffic network and for this excellent written article!

    Best wishes,

    Cristian recently posted…Jocuri 3dMy Profile

  13. Hello Sire,

    I really wondered what all those pictures are about, I think I say them on dragonblogger too, but he has something with movie mistakes or something like that.

    Now, this seems great send them 1000 visitors and they send you 2000 back, but I wonder how do they do that. Because if they do it for all their publishers, that means they are sending back more traffic then they get.

    Of course there is the problem of how target the traffic is, because I am pretty sure that if you get a visitor who clicked on a picture of a naked lady, he will bounce in less then 5 seconds from the time he reaches your website.

    Theoretically all seems great, for now, until proven wrong, but now an other problem. I think you are endangering your adsense account, google doesn’t like this kind of pictures on website with their banners. I would be careful.

    But if all works well, let us know how about your experience with Zaparena!
    Alex recently posted…Impuscaturi misiuniMy Profile

    1. Well Alex those people that click on one of those images will bounce from their site so that’s of no consequence to me. When I get to display my image I will make sure it’s relevant to my content.

      As to them sending more traffic to me rather than the other way around I think they’re talking average numbers. I would expect better numbers because my ad will be exposed on more sites so the click rate should be higher.

      1. Oh, I understand now! You can choose your own images to drive traffic to your blog.

        But the question still remains, if they are sending you back twice the visitors using the same system, that means that those 2000 hits they are sending you back, they have to return to those that sent you the 2000 hits, 4000 hits. Can you see where I am going here?

        Because if they are doing this without recovering those extra hits somehow or not counting them… they will soon be in an impossibility to return what they recieve.
        Alex recently posted…Masini NeonMy Profile

        1. I don’t think those hits come directly from them Alex but from those other sites that also display the widget.

  14. I’m rather skeptical about traffic exchange networks like this. I tried some of them out a long time ago, but found the traffic wasn’t very high quality. Most people were not interested in what I had to offer. So they left right away. I guess a lot depends on how well your site matches the particular demographics who use that network.

    1. Agree with you the traffic aren’t of high quality. I have used traffic exchange once, got a lot of visits per day but bounce rate was very high so I stopped using it.

      1. It’s not really a traffic exchange, as long as you use the right image and description pointing to the right post you should mostly get people interested in what you have to say.

  15. The only thing that makes me wary of this kind of thing is it seems like Google is currently targeting sites that have a lot of ads on them and knocking them down in rankings. I guess if you’re getting your traffic elsewhere, then it’s not an issue to lose it from Google. Plus I’ve been seeing these ads everywhere and have been avoiding clicking on them because I don’t know where they go. :(
    Kristi recently posted…Increase Traffic, Comments and Social Shares to Your Blog PostsMy Profile

    1. Hi Kristi, I reckon that means Google will more than likely target mine then as everyone knows my blog has always been littered with ads. :smoke_tb:

      I honestly don’t see why it should be an issue if Google is honest about supplying good content because the ads have nothing to do with content at all. Seems to me they’re only worried about losing out on advertising dollars. I wonder if they will also target sites that are full of ads promoting Google affiliates or is that OK because they’re getting a cut? :hmm1_ee:

      As to where they go; If you click on one of those images, as the majority of them are not ads, they will go to a Zaparenga page featuring the image you clicked on at the top of the page with a teaser and a ‘read more’ link. Below that is a whole lot of other images linking to other sites.

      For example, because I have reached my threshold I am allowed to supply my own image which links to a post on this blog. I have not paid for it’s inclusion, if anything it’s more of a link exchange.
      Sire recently posted…Market Samurai Update Is It As Good As They SayMy Profile

      1. Ironically, in their last update, they did knock down a lot of sites that used multiple forms of advertising, including Adsense. Some that had only Adsense (but several blocks of it) were hit to. No, that definitely shouldn’t be a maker for good or bad content, but that’s what their new algorithm is targeting.
        Kristi recently posted…Increase Traffic, Comments and Social Shares to Your Blog PostsMy Profile

        1. So be it but I’ve never let someone else tell me how to run my sites and I’m not about to change now. If Google wants to penalize me for the way I run them then I that’s up to them. All I can say is if they do they’ve only confirmed they are a bunch of hypocrites.
          Sire recently posted…Market Samurai Update Is It As Good As They SayMy Profile

  16. Well thanks for sharing this information about zaparena network, i think the traffic received from this network in exchange will not be of quality. These people will come from clicking chicks to your site and then they will again click on your site’s chick and will go away. I don’t think they will care about reading your posts except if you have very outstanding things to make them stop and ignoring chicks..

  17. Twitter:
    I know this is an older post, I’m coming from a newer post in the future. lol This actually seems like a pretty nice traffic system for some blogs. I’m not ready to put it up on Hot Blog Tips but I can see where it would help my I’m Sick Of site, if I even decide to keep that blog going. It may not even qualify since I’ve all but abandoned it and traffic is almost nonexistent.

    It’s actually a pretty decent entertainment resource for your site visitors. I clicked through and ended up watching, and enjoying, several videos.

    1. Hey Brian, I’m sure it would be a good fit and one thing is for sure you won’t get sick of looking at those babes, that’s if you decide to go that route. :wink_ee:

  18. Although you might get a good quantity of traffic from Zaparena, what is the quality of traffic like?

    Also, what does having all those naked women images do to your brand?

    1. That all depends on how you advertise your site Wayne. If you use half naked women as a traffic incentive and all they get is a blog about affiliates then you’re bound to increase your bounce rate. If on the other hand your ad is a proper representation of what your blog is all about then you’re bound to get the right targeted traffic.

      As to those lovely near naked images harming my brand. People who know me know I love women and would be more surprised if they didn’t see them. Also, you don’t have to have those types of ads displayed. I have them there by choice as they produce more clicks which in turn reveals more of my ads to others creating more targeted traffic to my blog.

      Just so you know I don’t display those ads on all my blogs as they’re not suited to some of the blogs I own.

  19. Are you generating pretty good traffic with this Zaparena network? I’m just wondering if people really click on all these ads on blogs to make it worthwhile to make money on this.

    1. I was, but you should read my latest post which gives you a Zaparena update.

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