Protecting Your Online Activity With A Password Manager

The Internet is truly a wondrous invention but it has two sides. The good side allows us to communicate with others way across the other side of the world. It’s a vast source of entertainment and information but unfortunately it also has it’s dark side.

Yep, just about everything has a dark side so why should the Net be any different? The Net is the perfect tool for those who wish to abuse it and it could be anything from those annoying people who spam your blogs to those who try to rip you off or worse still steal your identity, and we all know how bad identity theft can be. Whilst I try to expose as many schemes as possible on my Load Of Bullshit blog more are being produced every day. I know that blog actually works because I’ve had many people thanking me for writing those posts. I’ve even had a company threatened me with a law suit if I did not remove a particular post but that post still stands to this day.

One thing that many people fail to do online is use proper passwords. Instead they use passwords that are easy to remember and more often than not they use the same password for multiple sites. Who can blame them when you consider that some people may have to remember hundreds of passwords. That used to be me until I found the right password manager!

With the right password manager, instead of using easy to crack passwords, you can be using passwords like ‘9fr*@]d\504a@iZ$*jR1f ! Can you imagine how hard it would be to crack Credit Card Theftthat little number? Now I know that there are some of you who think their passwords are safe enough but if you have to enter them manually you should keep in mind that there are ways where your keystrokes can be recorded meaning that your password can be stolen.

With the password manager that I’m offering you in this post there are no keystrokes, it’s all done via a simple cut and paste process. As I may have mentioned I need to have access to hundreds of passwords and so I needed a program that would allow me to access them with ease. The password manager I use not only allows me to categorize my sites by using multiple directories it also has a great search feature that directs me to the password I need within seconds.

You would expect to pay a pretty penny for something such as this. If I were into list building I could even use it to build a huge list because this program is truly exceptional. But I’m not so I ain’t going that route. I could even offer it to you once you subscribed to this blog but I’m not doing that either because I only want people to subscribe because they like WassupBlog and want to be kept up to date with my offerings and musings. Imagine those who have not subscribed are actually missing out on securing their online activities.

No, KeePass Password Safe is absolutely free and you don’t have to jump any hurdles to get it because that is exactly how the author intended it to be. Check out the site as it had a lot of screen captures and be sure to download it because it will be the best thing you’ve ever done to maintain your online security.

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  1. Hi Sire
    Firstly thanks for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog. Your support has been a real encouragement to me and I sure do appreciate you :-)
    This password manager sounds great. Will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up on this one.
    Must tell you my good news too. After a few months of searching for quality products I have found them close to home. A lavender farm only an hours drive away. So excited I will now have products that I can recommend to my readers. Once the shopfront is up (techies job)then I will start doing product reviews.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  2. Hi Sire,
    It sounds good, but what do we do when someone concentrate on to break KeePass and steal everybody’s password instead of steal password one by one??

    1. I can’t see how they would do that. They don’t know you have it, they don’t know what directory on you hard drive it resides on and they don’t know the password to get into it.

    1. Well I hope you do and that you’re not just saying it to get some link juice.

  3. I believe #1 has always been Roboform, have you used it? I’d love to see a comparison.

    1. Actually I have used it ages ago but I like this one better

      1. Any particulars or just an overall feeling?

        1. I suppose, apart from doing everything that I need, it’s free.

          1. So is Roboform, or at least it was??

            I swear I don’t mean to be such a pain in the ass here, lol; just tired of downloading multiple programs to find the one I like.

            I’m wanting to hit it on the first shot. ;)

  4. Although is a nifty program that can help you if you are under attack (?). But i don’t like opening an other window to search my password for a specific website. I usually use not so strong password for accounts that aren’t very important and really hard password like $#^Y#&%$ for my server root password, main email, and other important accounts.
    The bad part is that i store it in a plain text, and use it whenever I need it. I even learned one by hearth, I hope I don’t have a keylogger or something! My ESET is fantastic (to copy a famous slogan).

    1. Whatever rocks your boat Axel. If your happy taking the chance of being exposed to a keylogger that’s your choice. Me, I’d rather have another window open with my password manager.

      1. I completely agree. And with the search function it is easier than using a text file to store your passwords.

        1. Also with a search file it’s a bit of a drag using copy and paste. With this password manager it’s a matter of double clicking on it, and an added security feature is the the password is removed from the clipboard as an added security measure.

  5. I’ll be the first to admit that I freaked out last week when I forgot the password combo to an older blog I haven’t touched in 6 months. On the blogs I attend to and update frequently, I don’t have that problem and use Roboform, but I’m always open to good suggestions like this one. Never want to have that panic experience again.

  6. This is kind of a funny story: I had a strong password for my laptop, and at one point I forgot it. I’ve never written it down, so I tried 2 days in a row to remember it, I almost reset my laptop to its original settings, when I figure it out. So, from now on my passwords are written in a little black notebook, and that notebook is… just kidding not going to tell you :)

  7. Thanks for sharing that free tool Sire. Definitely worth trying out, since all of my accounts’ passwords are almost the same, except to those that are really important or semi-confidential to me.

    1. I’m sure you’ll like it if you give it a shot.

  8. I am so glad you have written a post about this. I started using a password manager called 1Password not too long ago. It took some time to fill it up with all my sites and information, but once that was finished, it’s a piece of cake to use. This way I can make crazy passwords that are incredibly hard if not impossible to crack. The only downside is when I’m on the run and need to check something on my phone and don’t remember the password. Other than that, it’s great and everyone should be using it to help avoid fraud.

    1. Reckon that could be a problem Sarah. I actually store my my important passwords on my iTouch so that even when I’m away from the computer I still have access to those sites I need when I’m out and about.
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  9. Internet security is no longer an option. Activities like online banking, purchases, mortgage payments, and bill payments are becoming the new way of doing personal business. Unfortunately, this new way of doing business can lead to hefty identity theft problems. CBS News reported that every 79 seconds a thief hacks into a computer, steals a victim’s identity, and then goes on a buying spree. One in four U.S. households have already been victimized by some form of identity theft!

  10. It is very important o have different password for different accounts.. If you have a single password then if any hacker hacks into one of the password, your entire online life becomes susceptible.. Thanks for this free product.. Will surely give it a try..

  11. Sire,
    I like your Halloween Decorations!
    I’m one of those who used to use the same password everywhere for memory-sake. Then my husband upgraded my virus protection with Norton. They have a password protection progam that is simple to use. Do you know anything that I don’t know (that I should know) about Norton?

    1. Thanks Linda. I’ve also got one for Xmas and Easter and when I get time I’ll cover the other main holidays or celebrations. The fact that it’s so easy to do is why I like this theme so much.

      As to Norton, I used to have it and it was fine until I tried to remove it. That took some doing. Hopefully they’ve fixed that problem.

    1. Thanks Brian, this theme makes it so easy to change the way it looks.

  12. Today it so easy to crack other people password from email account to bank account it quite dangerous. It is good to have your password protected because you can got caught for something that you not do..

    1. Yep, and getting caught out with a weak password is the last thing you want to do.

  13. I use LastPass myself, something similair to KeePass. It’s awesome: you’ll need to remember one (difficult ;)) password. You can autogenerate passwords for your online accounts. These are impossible to guess, but LastPass (or KeePass) will store them. I can’t imagine logging in everywhere by manually enetering my username and password

    1. Is LastPass also free to use?

  14. I just using random string password and using one software to storage all of my password to using when I need. That’s protect my online life safe from hackers.

    1. That’s exactly what KeyPass does, only it makes it so easy to fetch the right password for the right site.

  15. LastPas will allow you to save your master password in all its different applications, browser plug-ins & extensions, but I recommend that you don’t do that, at least for a while, until you feel the password you chose is engraved in your mind, and won’t be forgotten.

    1. Sure, the ideal thing is to remember the one password that unlocks them all because failing that you really be in deep shit :smoke_tb:

  16. The solution is based on you having a master password to unlock your password vault, containing all the login details of your online services. This password should be complex, but I recommend using something that you can remember. Make sure the password you choose has both alphabetical characters and numerical characters, plus special characters such as ‘@’, ‘$’,’ !’, ‘?’.

    1. Thanks Dan, I mean you never know if someone is going to break in and steal your computer right? Therefore your main password should be a good one.

  17. Password managers are certainly a good idea, but the only problem is that they’e only as safe as the website which you download them from. If they increase in popularity then I can see some software being edited for malicious purposes (e.g. reporting the passwords to a third party). This is the one thing which really does concern me – who can be trusted?
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  18. Sire,

    I want to share a tip with regards to KeePass. Firefox users can use the auto-fill function of keepass just by installing the ‘hostname in title’ addon.
    You simply have to enter in the domain name (ex. as the title of your login info in Keepass and you’re good to go.

    Anyhow, I commend you for being generous with your time in allowing followed comments. I came across today and with it you can monetize all those ‘nice post’ comments. Might be of use to you to somehow compensate you for the time you spend on moderating comments.

    1. Thanks for that link Dan, but KeePass is so easy to use I don’t think I need that Firefox addon. Also I’m not sure it’s advisable unless recommended by the program author.

      I also had a look at adscaptcha but I don’t think I will join because it seems one of the requirements is that they have the rights to the content on the blog and that isn’t going to happen.
      Sire recently posted…Three Things The Probloggers Have That We Don’tMy Profile

      1. Thanks for pointing that out. It seems that they’re trying to pull a fast one on their publishers. Good thing i haven’t sign-up yet.

  19. Since Mitch is off on holiday I’ll point out this minor typo in paragraphh 2:
    “The Net is the perfect took”

    I’ve always used remembering my many passwords as a means of warding off altzheimers, but now that that malady seems to be gaining on me, I guess it’s time to look at a password manager and this one looks to be worth a try. Thanks for the recommendaton!

    1. Hey Allan, I reckon I’ll have to have a word with Mitch as he wasn’t on holiday when this was posted :furious_tb: :guns_tb: :laugh_tb:

      Thanks for catching that one for me. I’m sure you’ll love it Allan, and it’s not all about remembering the passwords, it’s also about increasing your security whilst online.

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