If you were to look procrastination up on dictionary.com, the first meaning is to defer action; delay: procrastinate until an opportunity is lost. This post is all about lost opportunities and how it can cost you money.

I know all about being ripped off, that’s why I started up my BS blog, to warn people about all the scams that are out there. I personally think that way too many people are overly cautious about being ripped off and that causes them to miss out on many opportunities. Opportunities that could be making them some extra income. I know this is true, and I’m sure many of you will agree with me, because there are so few readers who are willing to click on a link these days.


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Personally, I will try anything, especially if it’s free. After all, what could it cost me except a little time. Once I’ve tried a product or a service I will then write a post telling others of my experience. In essence I’m doing all the leg work so that my readers don’t have to. If the trial is a good one I’ll say so and if the reverse is true then I’ll tell them that as well. I won’t give a positive review of a crappy product because it would ruin my credibility and as I stated in the post about why the Three Things Probloggers Have That We Don’t, credibility is a very important factor.

So, I have to ask myself, why aren’t people clicking on those links?

  • My credibility still sucks
  • It’s all too hard, because they’ve been clicking that mouse all day and one more is just too much bloody effort.
  • They’re scared that they’ll get sucked in to some scam or something
  • Not enough time to check it out, but they promise themselves they will come back later.
  • A fear of failure because it all seems too hard

Well, I sure do hope it’s not because my credibility sucks, because I’ve tried so hard to build it up over the years. There’s no reason of being scared, probably the number one reason for procrastination,  because I’m the one that’s put myself in harm’s way so that you don’t have to. If I can survive an experience then you will too, and if I’ve made money from it then there is every chance that you will too.

The not enough time aspect could also be a major cause, especially these days when everyone is so busy. So many people leave things for another day and then never get back to it. Once again, lost opportunities and if you think that lost opportunities aren’t costing you money, well let me tel you, you’re kidding yourself.

There’s also no need to be worried about being scared of taking something new on. That’s how we learn, and if it’s free why not give it a shot.

OK, I think this is a perfect opportunity for a poll

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In summary I would just like to say that clicking on a link won’t kill you, especially if it’s from a trustworthy site, and the failure of doing so could actually stop you from increasing your income, either directly, joining a new adsense alternative like Chango or indirectly from the use of software like Market Samurai.

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