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ProBlogger Plea To Amazon Associates Program

Darren Rowse
Image by BenSpark via Flickr

I was pleased to read Darren Rowse’s letter to the big boys at Amazon, not because I think he will get non-US affiliates a better deal, but because it has galvanized me into promoting Amazon products a whole lot more. I never thought that there was that amount of money to be made. Sure Darren is able to bring in the big bucks because of the amount of ‘pull’ his blogs have, and maybe one day I will be close to being in the same league but for now I will take every dollar that comes my way, even if I have to wait 6 weeks to get it.

In regards to the post itself, I reckon that Darren is starting to forget his original roots. Like us, he started off as a small time blogger who was quite happy to get whatever income came his way through his blogging efforts. With consistent hard work he has been able to fulfill the dreams of most of the bloggers out there, that of being able to make blogging their career where they can work from home and be their own boss. So you have to wait 6 weeks for your check, so what, at least you are getting a check. If Amazon decided not accept foreign affiliates, like a lot of other US companies, you would be $70,000 worse off so perhaps it would be best to accept things as they are.

Personally I would be quite happy to wait 6 months for that kind of money let alone 6 weeks. Whilst I hope that they take heed of your letter I can only imagine their response upon receiving it.

Amazon CEO: Hey Bill, check this out, now that Darren Rowse is a member of the million dollar club he reckons we should treat him better than the rest of our affiliates.

Bill: Your kidding? The cheek of these damn Aussies. And check out the bit where he says we should be paying him more ‘personal attention’ because of the size of his account!

Amazon CEO: (Laughing out loud) Yeah that’s really rich isn’t it? Damn Aussies are lucky we let them in on the program at all. Don’t think they realize the hassles of dealing with foreign affiliates let alone the extra costs of changing the system, especially now with the current economic crisis. The nerve of some people.

Bill: Say Boss, are you going to reply to the letter?

Amazon CEO: Are you kidding? That’s Darren Rowse we are talking about, of course I am going to reply…… about 6 weeks or so.

Hey Darren, I would have left you an actual comment on the post but it’s been getting so that I never know if you get my comment or not and I’m feeling like I talking in the wind. Still, it was a good excuse to do a post and so I took that option instead. All the best of luck with your letter mate, I honestly hope that the big boys sit up and take notice, but I don’t like your chances.

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  1. Amazon is supposed to be the best affiliate program followed by Yahoo (small business, personnel) affiliate, orbitz etc. No wonder why Darren is after it :)


    Ajith Edassery´s Last blog post..Free blogging platforms – Blogger v/s Comparison

    1. I haven’t made a cent with Amazon yet but that is only because I haven’t tried. I think it’s time I give it a good bash. Who know, maybe one day I will be in the ‘million dollar club.’

  2. I applaud his success with the Amazon Associates program, although, I’m very curious if the open letter was written after trying to personally contact Amazon himself. I personally wouldn’t want to bite the hand that feeds me so well.

    PuReWebDev´s Last blog Develops New Amazon Associate Website:

    1. As do I and he has definitely put in a lot of effort to get where he is and he deserves everything he gets. Somehow I don’t think that Amazon will jeopardize their relationship.

  3. I didn’t read Darren’s article because I wasn’t all that interested. I don’t think 6 weeks is really that big of a deal.

    I don’t think it’s possible, though, for Darren to respond to every comment. And I’ve always thought he was pretty nice. He’s answered me on twitter, helped me get a freelancing job, and emailed me back when I offered to guest post on his twitter site. But how can he possibly keep up with everyone wanting his attention?

    But boo-hoo on the 6 weeks.

    Kim Woodbridge | (Anti) Social Development´s Last blog post..Thankful for My Friend Jim

    1. Hi Kim, there is no way that I would expect Darren to answer every comment, I just thought I would get more traction for this post than from leaving a comment on his blog. As for the six weeks, heck I’ve waited a lot longer that for a lot smaller amount.

  4. well if he starts a chain of 6 week payouts, in 6 weeks he will start getting the monthly :D do not forget one more thing. he makes a living out of it so imagine if you had ti wait six weeks to get paid for a job… anyway not unfair in my opinion and by someone amazon will definitely listen to.

    stratosg´s Last blog post..WordPress Categories for hardcores or… masochists!

    1. Sure he makes a living out of it and so he by now the checks should be coming in quite regularly. If you were to take a job and they put you on a salary, normally you would have to wait 4 weeks before your first pay check and your boss is right there. An extra 2 weeks for receiving money from overseas is neither here nor there.

  5. Stratos, I did not mean to say that he was provocative, far from it. I’m just saying that he can afford to be patient. Heck I waited up to a year for my first check from Google, and that was for a measly $100. Like I said I wish him luck as he is not the only one who will benefit.

  6. anyway i still feel that since he earned them he is entitled to get them as soon as possible. also, i read his letter. he is not provocative at any point he just suggests that the payment system is ancient and they should change it, one thing that could bring in more people.

    stratosg´s Last blog post..Member Of The Month: November

  7. I remember reading this when he first wrote it, and though I understand your side of things, I also understand his. In the same fashion that he’s making good bank and many people signed up because he wrote about them, he could easily say “Amazon will rip you off” and the number of affiliates would drop drastically because, probably like you, many of them might not have made a cent. As for having to wait six weeks,… well, Adsense was the same way until they decided to allow you to set up automatic deposit to one’s bank account. I understand both sides of that issue.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..Is Gold The Safe Haven It Used To Be

  8. I don’t think he would say that ‘Amazon will rip you off’ because that would hurt his own earnings. In regards to the six weeks, sure it would be better if you could get it a lot earlier but if you can’t you can’t.

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    1. You see? This is the perfect example of a SPAM comment. It is entirely unrelated to the post. except to say ‘I love your page?” What the heck is that. The whole purpose was to leave a link to a survey page.

      Rather than delete the comment I left it up as a lesson as to what not to leave. I also replaced the link with one leading to my own survey page :devil_tb:

  10. Darren has a blog and he posted about a subject that is close to his heart (and pocket book). It’s the same thing millions of other bloggers do every day. I say good for him and good luck influencing Amazon toward his opinion.
    I agree with Sire that 6 weeks is not a big deal. I would think Darrens’ time would be better spent increasing the size of the checks he gets every 6 weeks. But it is his time, his blog and his opinions and may he be blessed for sharing them with the world.

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